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Transformation & Enlightenment

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

“In order to save myself, I must destroy first the me I was told to be.” ~ Anonymous

Did you know there is a Goddess devoted to transformation? Though many misunderstand and believe her to be simply the Goddess of Death, Kali is the Goddess of Transformation. Kali is an aspect of the Divine Feminine; she is part of our Divine Mother.

Kali is a great Goddess of Transformation. She is considered a Great Mother and protector. Yes, some things do have to fall away in order for the new to appear, but that is what transformation is by definition. A metamorphosis must take place. As the caterpillar form dies, the butterfly emerges. The soul is the same, but it is renewed.

Personally, I have been aware of Kali’s energy working with our world for the last few years. Each time I think we are close to the emergence, the destruction phase goes deeper. The old and worn-out ways must fall away for the new, enlightened ways to be revealed.

I can see the new coming in now, though, so there is hope. The emergence has begun. Hope is in leaning on and learning from each other. Hope is how France has developed a clean water system that everyone has access to … one that can be implemented in other places. Hope is how Iceland has developed a clean way of producing electricity from their environment. Hope is how other countries worked together with their citizens to overcome the viral threat. The U.S. (my country) can learn from other countries … “can” being the important word. There is hope out there.

Why It’s Worth Praying

A few years ago, I had several alarms set on my cell phone that would go off during the day. One was “just breathe”, which would remind me to take a few moments of silence to just breathe. Another was to remind myself that “I am worthy”, and I would place my hand over my heart and say a few things that I am worthy of … “I am worthy of love. I am worthy of kindness. I am worthy of joy. I am worthy of a healthy body.” At one point, I stopped all the alarms. Maybe part of it was that I didn’t feel I was worthy; I don’t know. It is difficult to feel worthy of anything when you have a body that does not want to cooperate with your plans to save the world. 😉

But, then one day, one of those alarms turned itself back on. It was the “I am worthy” one. My phone is very old, and it does weird things sometimes. I have wondered if it may have a mind of its own. One thing we do know is that Spirit can affect electronic objects, so I took that as a sign I was supposed to be telling myself I am worthy … even if I didn’t feel like it because of my broken body.

Every day at 2 pm, the “I am worthy” alarm on my phone goes off, and I hold my hand over my heart and list a few things I am worthy of. Then, I start praying for those I love. I pray for my friends and family. I pray for all the innocent and all those who help the innocent and those who can help this world. I pray for the rise of the Christ energy in this world. I pray for the rise of the warriors and the visionaries. I pray for the final transformation … for this world to be lifted out of all the ugly and lower vibrational energies and lifted up into wisdom, love, beauty, grace, peace, good health, sisterhood/brotherhood and enlightenment. I pray for a new Dawn; a new Golden Age.

Why is prayer important? Because even if words are the only thing left in our power, words do have power. I see warriors rising. I see visionaries rising. Humanity must make a conscious choice to either live in darkness or in light. We are being shown all the darkness that is still in our world. In the United States, there is still a shocking amount of darkness … racism, hatred, bigotry, people using the name of Christ to hide behind dark and terrible actions. There is ego and greed. There is so much illusion. It breaks my heart to see it.

We must choose love. We must fight for Truth. We must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Help people to understand what is True with kindness and understanding. Our voice is a powerful thing … and it does have power – especially when used in an intentional prayer.

Ceremonial Prayers

I do the best I can to create intentional prayers in my own made-up ceremonial way as well. I use a combination of Christian and Native American knowledge to perform important prayers. I have tried to create a rainbow of energy around the Earth, calling down the sanctuary of Heaven on Earth.

The space I do this is on the back deck at my home. This is also a space where I sometimes work or simply relax and enjoy nature. I had been getting more and more upset about the things going on. I’m very cut off from the ones I love, and the emotional pain and stress of world events increases my pain level. Things have been difficult. I prayed to God and Goddess, Father and Mother, for a sign that I would understand.

I had been doubting myself. Anxiety and depression is something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I go through phases where I wonder if maybe I’m wrong about everything. I had a theory … well, I have several theories. I was really looking for an answer to tell me if I was on the right track or just plain crazy because people tend to misunderstand me a lot, and I get hurt from those misunderstandings, which is why I connect with Kali and understand her.

I know what it’s like for people to only see you as bad because that’s how they choose to see you. I have been treated with fear, suspicion, jealousy, hatred. It’s really difficult to know who is real with you when they are constantly seeing what they want to see, hearing what they want to hear. It’s one reason I prefer solitude. I feel bad for Kali. It must be difficult to be the one dragging this world into a New Eden; I can only imagine the burdens She must bear.

A Sign From Heaven

There is sort of a funny story in our family that I sometimes have the power to keep the lights on when the power goes out. It all started many years ago at my husband’s parent’s house when the power went out. I don’t remember what we were doing or why I was frustrated, but I remember my husband, mother-in-law and I were there when I stood up and proclaimed “And God said, ‘Let there be Light!'” No kidding, the lights immediately came back on. We joked about it and moved on.

A few years ago the power went out here, and I was retelling that story, and as I said, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light.'” The lights came back on again, and this just became part of my weirdness that we already accepted about me.

In my town recently, we had been dealing with some irritating power surges. I’d been using my keeping the power on ability quite often. Maybe it is only a coincidence, but it works … that’s what I’d been telling myself. I had to use it right before dinner one night (July 7th).

When I walked into the kitchen/dining area, a storm had kicked up a crazy scary wind. Riley (my fur baby) was scared. I did not like what I saw. I put my hand over the sun mandala that I made on the back glass door and looked outside and spoke to the storm and just told it to calm down. I said it three times and then sat down to eat dinner. My back was to this window now.

A few moments later, it still looked scary and was now raining sideways, but the sun was shining too. I made a joke about if Jesus was standing out there or something, and my husband joked, “Yeah, there he is.” As he turned toward me, his eyes were huge because he could see what was out the window behind me. It was the biggest, closest, and most beautiful rainbow any of us had ever seen. It was there for a few moments, faded, and then returned like four or five times at least. It got really bright. We took pictures, but they do not do it justice. I thought God must be playing some kind of practical joke on us. It felt like we were in the presence of something Divine, if only for a few moments. I even ran out into the rain and begged it to come back. It was an answer I had been waiting for, but I could not believe what I was seeing.

Rainbow at Home imageWas Heaven sending me a personal message that everything was going to be okay? I pray every single day for everyone I love, for all my friends and family, and for all the innocent in the world. I pray this world will be lifted up out of violence, ignorance, hatred, prejudice, illness, and lifted into love, peace, beauty, wisdom, and a time of enlightenment.

I have performed blessings and called upon my ancestors for help to save humanity on the deck that you see pictured here.

I sent prayers to Heaven here. Maybe this is the answer!?! That is really Beautiful! One of the theories I was asking for guidance on is about the rainbow within us, which is why so many of the newer coloring pages I’ve added to our website are rainbows. The sign is amazing … God’s promise, perfectly centered and pulsing in my back yard!

Transformational Voices & Guardians

Luckily, Kali’s transformation energy is not doing all this on her own. She has the help of other Divine beings. There are three specific Archangels that I work with in my ceremonial prayers that I know are working in this world right now, though I also know there are others.

Archangel Michael wields his Shield of Protection and the Sword of Truth. Sometimes, I can hear when people lie, and I know this is because of Archangel Michael’s influence in my life. I call him into my work for protection and to help me see and hear Truth, to help me know Truth when it is spoken. When I call for Micheal’s protection, it’s almost as if I can feel him standing behind me now. Although, it does get stronger when I call in my ancestors. (Ancestors are a very powerful thing! So much of what is going on now is the past repeated – a chance for humanity to heal what has been done.)

Archangel Ariel is the Lioness of God. She is deeply connected with Gaia and protects nature’s creations, great and small. She is also considered to care for the elements, so she is helpful in my ceremonial work. As the Lioness of God, Ariel shows me what needs to be changed and made better in the world. She has seen nature beginning to repair itself, though humanity has taken much. She is also helping me to learn to receive as much as I give. (Thank you to those who have been donating.)

Archangel Gabrielle is the Voice of God and works with me in ceremony as well. Why is it that people today so often believe that Angels cannot speak to humans or that it is unnatural? Angels are at work in the world today. They Speak Truth through those who know how to listen, and then those who listen Speak Truth only to be called liars and crazy. So, I use this Truth to work in private. I am speaking what I know to be True here, and I will keep working and praying. This is not the only world I can work in. (By the way, no … Angel Cards are NOT EVIL. My purpose in creating the online angel card readings was to create an online Rosetta stone (communication device) for all people to connect with Heaven. No, I do not think you need a priest to connect with God. That is just man’s ego! My ancestors have been communicating with Heaven since the beginning of time. Intention is everything. Connect with Spirit in Love, and Miracles can be Birthed.)

The Guardians are an interesting group. Some of these souls exist here in human form. I’ve met a few of them. Father God and Mother God have called the Guardians to Rise, but I’m not sure they have heard the call. Some have, though. I know some that work behind the scenes in their jobs, keeping their communities safe. I need to make it very clear that a Guardian’s job is to do what is right for the safety of those they are sworn to protect. Political allegiances are of no consequence. The Divine calls you to your Highest Calling!

It is a Spiral

You’ve probably heard that spiritual growth is more like a spiral than a straight line, and that is true. There is a wound in humanity’s past that keeps repeating and very much needs to be healed for our transformation to take place. It is the wound of Eden.

The Wound of Eden in Modern Times

In modern times, this wound shows up in unfair differences between men and women. Women having to fight for the right to vote and simply being thought of as less than men are both examples. Women who are in abusive relationships are on the extreme end of this wound. A woman who has given up her power to a man for some reason or Sharia law are both examples of this wound.

Consider a woman who is asked to do something by her husband. She does this thing he has asked of her, but he becomes upset about this thing he has asked of her. He then treats her as if his being upset is her fault, even though she did exactly what he asked. Time goes on, more things become her fault. She can never seem to do the right thing. Over time, she learns to just do what others want. Not rocking the boat is what makes her life easier … until the day comes when there is little life left in her. She may stay stuck in this role to protect her children or because she feels there is no other choice. This is the tragedy of modern Eve – a story I have heard many times.

The Origin Story

To understand Eve, we must discuss Adam’s first wife. Did you know Adam had a first wife? Lilith was Adam’s first wife, but many don’t know that. Lilith is supposedly a demon who steals and murders children, but she is yet another misunderstood form of the Divine Feminine. In fact, there are some modern Jewish women that consider Lilith to be a model for independent women.

Why would women look up to someone who murders children? They wouldn’t … that’s simply a lie to make her look bad. Again, I’ve been there and feel bad for Lilith. I know what it’s like to feel like God has abandoned you because those who pretended to speak for God did something wrong. This is not the first time angels have been bad, and the story makes it sound like they were jealous of Lilith. That’s a story I know well, too. When people are jealous, this emotion can bring out some of the most cruel darkness … apparently even in angels.

This world has spent thousands of years blaming women … burning, drowning, torturing, shaming, and forcing power over women. That’s why the Divine Feminine is in such imbalance; it’s why this world is so lacking in compassion and love. It’s time for love and compassion to be a light in this world again.

Let’s review … Adam and Lilith were made at the same time, in God’s image. Some say Lilith was made first. Either way, they were equals. However, Adam was upset that Lilith would not submit herself to him and lay under him during sex. So, Adam got his fig leaf in a twist and complained to God that his wife was not to his liking because she would not obey him. Lilith decided this partnership was not for her and “flew away”. (She had wings!!!) Lilith was given free will by God, the same free will the Creator gives to ALL WOMEN.

God sent three angels to get Lilith but to not force her to come back. According to the Bible, these angels took it upon themselves to curse Lilith. Because she did not want to return to Adam, these angels cursed Lilith’s children with a death curse, which was absolutely not part of God’s orders. She must have felt so betrayed by God, by her Heavenly Father.

I felt betrayed by God for many years after those who pretended to speak for God hurt me. They made me out to be a whore. Everyone in the church family I loved believed the lies they told about me … even though I was completely innocent, a virgin who had never even heard of such things before. They all accepted the deception, and it cost me greatly. The deception of the origin story cost Lilith and her children far more … for millennia.


Now that Lilith was gone, God made Eve. He took from Adam and created Eve. This sounds like a Twin Flame, does it not? He took one creation and split it into two, and then Eve wasn’t good enough for Adam either. At the first sign of trouble, Adam threw Eve under the bus. “It was all her fault, Dad, I swear!” But, was it? It was just fruit, and Adam ate it as well. Or was it?

It is said that the tree was the Tree of Life and the fruit Eve took was an apple. The Tree of Life is also known as the World Tree, Tree of Souls, Tree of Knowledge. The symbology of the apple can mean love, wisdom, joy … maybe the real problem was that Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Did Eve know too much? Did Eve know about what Shamans call the Upper World and the Lower World of the World Tree? Maybe Eve was the first Shaman? A woman with power and intelligence? That would not have been welcome in the story of the early patriarchy … just ask Lilith!

For millennia, Eve (and thus all women) have paid the price for the original sin. Women are considered the cause of the original sin as we are all “daughters of Eve”. This is what some are taught in their Christian upbringing. If we can be perfect enough, eventually God might love us enough to forgive us for being born a woman. Many religions still believe that women are unholy and must be made clean in the eyes of God. In some religions, men see their wives as property. In others, women are not “property” but are disciplined by their husbands. This is because men blame women for God throwing us out of Eden, but I have a different theory.

Maybe what upset God was the fact that Adam couldn’t love Eve enough to share her fault. Adam and Eve were twin souls, but Adam still saw himself as separate and better than Eve. Adam failed to rise above his ego and love. A loving father would not hate His children. In fact, it is only in the West that we believe the idea that Adam and Eve were actually kicked out of Eden (Gobekli Tepe), but that’s a whole other topic. Maybe God simply pulled back to allow His creation to grow.

Maybe Adam and Eve’s souls have incarnated over and over again, in many different ways, learning how to love and be loved … until the day comes that the origin wound is healed. Adam would have to love Eve enough to see that he was “at fault” too. Eve would have to forgive Adam for acting like an ass. They would have to realize they are the same soul.

In a way, all masculine energy is a part of Adam, and all feminine is part of Eve. In this way, we can all work toward healing the origin story within ourselves. We can all work on healing the masculine and feminine within ourselves, as we all do have both within. Balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves will lead to our own personal transformation and enlightenment.

Healing the masculine and feminine within ourselves will also show us our own shadows, which will have to be healed. We will learn to have compassion for ourselves, which will teach us to have compassion for others. This is how transformation happens. It must first happen within, then we will know how to create it in the world.

I have seen the missing parts of those who have hurt me the worst, and I understand that those people need healing. They were hurt as children themselves. In order for those people to be healed themselves, and for them to understand what they did to me, they will have to first find the missing parts of themselves (which I know how to find) and then begin to heal those parts … which are only children. This is partly why I know that saving the children can save the world.

She Has Returned

The Divine Feminine has returned to this world 1000 times, and I know She is in this world now for our final transformation. She has reached Christ consciousness in multiple lifetimes. Once upon a time, there were many who taught enlightenment, and there was peace on the Earth. But, years fade and teachers don’t live forever. Humanity forgot Her … so she kept trying to get them to remember who they are.

She once birthed herself within a warrior who tried to lift this world up by teaching us through bravery, peace, and the teachings of Mother Earth, but this world was not ready.

The Divine Feminine rose up in a brave woman who saved 2,500 children during the Holocaust. Thankfully, Irena listened to what the Great Mother cries out as one of the most important messages still today. “Save the Children!” We also have a new spark in the civil rights movement, and the Divine Feminine played a role in that as well through Rosa Parks.

It is no mistake themes from the past are repeating. Humanity is being given the chance to rise above the ego. Humanity is being given the chance to allow the Divine Feminine to rise this time, to help her rise. Will you help? Will you rise with her? Will you save the Children (young and old – all the Children of Heaven)? Will you embrace Mother Earth? Are you Brave Enough? Will you balance the Divine within yourself?

Will you honor the Divine Feminine? Will you stand up for positive changes for the environment? Will you protect the innocent? Will you protect those who protect the innocent? Will you care for the elders? Will you stand up for the visionaries? Are you a visionary? Are you a warrior? Does She rise in you? Does He?

Saying the Divine is rising in you does not make you crazy, by the way. We all have a spark of the Divine within us; it is up to us what we do with that spark. Do we grow that spark into a flame, into the phoenix SHE is? Do we do something that makes a real difference? Or, do we let the spark fizzle out and die?

It just seems there are other parallels between my own life and the Feminine, so I wonder … Maybe the reason She has not yet risen is because she’s still blaming herself for things that were never her fault. Maybe She was still believing the lies others told her about herself. Maybe she’s still heartbroken from the lies others told about her. Maybe She needs to realize she no longer needs to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve, Masculine and Feminine, that She is the Phoenix. Maybe it’s time for the Sacred Flame to Rise.

My thoughts

What I’ve shared here are my thoughts on where I am in my own personal spiritual journey. No one has to agree with me. It is not my intention to offend your religion. I’m just sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned. If my thoughts help you to grow or process your own thoughts, emotions, or journey, that’s great. If you vehemently disagree, go have a snack and take a walk in nature. 😉

Personally, I believe what we are seeing in the world at present is a desperate need for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to come into Harmony and Balance. It has grown more and more out of balance over the last couple thousand years, and it will end in destruction if it is not repaired. Hope is not lost, but the Guardians must Rise … as must the Warriors and Visionaries. I keep trying to ignite a spark, but maybe some of us just don’t have enough strength left to keep doing it all on our own. We need to work together. The tide must begin to turn.

Blessed Be,


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  1. Shani Wade
    Shani Wade says:

    Hi Re. I just want to thank you for your courage to share your insights. They are very comforting to me, and encouraging. Healing tears have flowed just hearing someone else echo some of my own personal (and most heartfelt) reflections. I am determined to be of universal service and protecting children is such a deeply ingrained devotion within me. I find your stories illuminating. Where could I learn more about Lillith? I send you infinite love and light, and to all. Blessings, and many, many thanks for this wonderful sight that aids me almost daily. I trust your body is NOT broken, but simply different to give you further unique insight into our human and spiritual natures. Much healing and unconditional love!!

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Shani, thank you for commenting. It is taking a bit more time for me to respond to comments lately, but I’m happy to connect with you. I myself am looking for more information on Lilith. What I know is simply what I’ve picked up over the years, though unfortunately did not save the specific articles or information I learned from. I’m constantly reading, throwing out what does not fit or feel true and saving in my mind what does fit/ feel true. I’d like to find a specific book I could refer people too, though. Even between different scholarly articles I’ve read, however, there are differing opinions on the matter.

      I know what you mean about the deeply ingrained devotion toward protecting children. I’m also glad this article helped you. It is difficult to share sometimes, but knowing what I share does help others makes overcoming my own insecurities worth it.

      Yes, even though I sometimes do get frustrated with my “not broken” body, it has given me great insight into some important things.

      Above all, we all find our own path, our own journey. I just hope to help people find their way. <3

      Wishing you peace, love and blessings,


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