Justice and Liberation

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

These last few years, I have dug quite deep inside myself and outside myself. I’ve been looking for absolute TRUTH – medically … and spiritually. I have questioned things that don’t make sense, and the things I have found are interesting. I’ve been upset with “Christianity” for a while, but what I experienced was just deception to keep me from looking at deeper Truths there as well.

I have found that there are surface truths to many things, and then there are deeper Truths. For example, there’s modern Patriarchal Christianity, which is turning people away from the church in droves because it follows the negative passions of a distorted, unbalanced masculine. This is not about love, community, kindness or anything positive that the “Church of Christ” was intended to Be.

The Church can Be anywhere God Is. God is not limited to a building and is certainly not limited to speaking through the mouths of mortal men – especially mortal men who’s hearts are filled with greed and devotion to leaders who love power.

What gives ME the Authority to Speak to you about such things? I am merely a vessel. I speak with a voice borrowed, but have no doubt it is Truth.

There is a better way to reach your Divine Self. This soul has been a shield to those in protection. She has been the sword, but abuse followed its use and buried her deeper. Her Guardians abandoned Her in the darkness … that may have been the plan …

Yes, I can channel, and sometimes it’s difficult to write now without Her speaking through me.

Jesus and Mary planted the seed, which has now come to Harvest. The Queen can Liberate and seek Justice. The way is open.

I followed the way of the Goddess, though that also circled back to the Divine Father as well. By connecting with different Divine Feminine Avatars, I found parts of them within me, and it helped to heal me. With their strengths, their journeys, I found my own strengths and finally began to see that I would have a future. There was once a time when I only saw pain, when I thought death was my only way forward. It was in a way, but death happens in may forms.

Death of a way of thinking was required for my growth to my next level. I had given up so many parts of myself for the benefit of others. I did it because I thought that was the way to do things. I thought that was the way to love and be loved. I was the shield to some, but I took it so far as to wear the pain of almost everyone I met … and even those I only heard about. My empathy had me bleeding all over the place.

Finally, I was able to stop doing this by connecting with Kali Ma. She is not simply a Goddess of Death, as many misunderstand. Kali brought me the death of illusions that needed to be broken, and I can see more will come. If it’s happening to me now, it’s possible it will happen on the world stage soon. Blessed Mother, let it be a gentle cleansing breathe as was this one you have given to me.

Daughter, BREATHE!

For the ones who ask it of Me, I will give unto them, but this world forgets the Mother.

This world has NOT forgotten the Mother! Most only know Her by Mary, Mother of Christ. Hear ME, Guardians, Blessed Ones, Light Beings. So many are here. You are not alone. If you have been called by the Magdalene, listen! Hear with your Sacred Heart!

You are not the Magdalene Herself. However, Avatars are being called now to awaken. The Elohim can save Humanity!

I saw how I connected with the Magdalene and then the Mother as I became my own Mother. In fact, I did that part five times! I actually had a vision where I gave birth to a baby girl that I was then holding and knew it was me. In that same vision, while holding the baby, I then gave birth to a full grown young woman version of myself covered in blood. I saw all the pain she had been through, and my empathy for her gave me a Gift that has not yet been given to me. (Someone else is holding it?)

This world can be liberated, healed and given justice if only it could remember the Love of the Mother. Mary Magdalene was not just an Apostle of Christ. She was his Twin and reached Christ Consciousness as well. She wrote books that were kept out of the Bible.

For years, I’ve been talking about how I believe that when Christ does return, there will be more than one, and they will help others to reach this consciousness. There have been other times i have written things only to learn later that some other spiritual master, like Buddha or Rumi said it as well. This is the first time I’ve had something I’ve said later be discovered to have first be said by Mary Magdalene. But, I guess it does make sense when you think about it. I’ve spent a lot of time focused on connecting with the higher realms – for the purpose of helping others and making the world a better place. (Marys words have also been hidden for a long time.)

I’m not saying than I’m the reincarnation of Buddha, Rumi and Mary. I am saying that I’ve touched the higher realms and received Truth. I’m also saying that I believe we can make the world a better place. I believe we can liberate ourselves from all the lies and lower vibrations and rise into Truth, Light, Love and Justice. <3

Love & Blessings,


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  1. Shani
    Shani says:

    Thank you so much for this wisdom Re! My life experience truly confirms how the integration of feminine, mother energy guarantees the healing our realm desperately needs. Reading this also helps me better understand what is meant when I receive the Mother Healing card. Blessings to you angelic one.

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      We do definitely need the Mother. However, I also believe we need balanced Father energy as well. Basically, as a world, we are in desperate need of a balanced HOME. <3

      I'm personally sad that things are not Sacred anymore. So many are sad and depressed and alone. If we could come together, I know we could make a difference.


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