Everyone is Intuitive – Including YOU!

Albert Einstein referred to the intuitive mind as a “sacred gift” and intuition as “the only real valuable thing”.
Intuition is YOUR sacred gift and using that gift is immeasurably valuable!

Not everyone is meant to be a professional psychic, but intuition is for everyone. Intuition is something you already use every day; you just need to learn the language and how you uniquely experience it.

We have created this space online as a sanctuary, a “safe space”, to find your highest self. We write articles to help you think outside the box and host online events and giveaways. We also have an online store that works to help make a bigger difference in the world through not just the quality and use of the products themselves but also by supporting our charity work. We hope this space becomes a catalyst for real change; it’s our goal to make the world a better place.

Learn more about Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger was created by Rev. Sheri and her husband, who feel that helping others to connect with Heaven and to grow on their own spiritual journey are really important aspects of aiding the world in raising vibration and creating a society where love and compassion are highly valued.

This website is filled with wonderful tools meant to aid you in connecting with Heaven for yourself – without the need for an intermediary.

Angel Messenger offers free online angel card readings using mostly the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins and Angel Messages Oracle card decks by Doreen Virtue. These are the two decks we recommend to anyone who is just beginning to use angel cards as well as advanced readers.

For each card, we have included extended descriptions that were written either by Rev. Sheri herself, or one of her colleagues, in order to provide more of an explanation for each card and to help you connect with the energy/message your guides and angels wish to convey to you.

A couple of years ago, Rev. Sheri acquired a new site (FreeTarotCardReadingsOnline.com) that offers free online Tarot card readings. These cards all have video descriptions – again to help you understand and connect with the message.

You’ll also find our online store that currently offers free and low cost eBooks, meditations, coloring pages, etc. We have more plans for our store in the works.

We do partner with several affiliates, including psychic reading services. If you need to talk to someone, you’ll find psychic and spiritual practitioners available here. (An affiliate partnership means we promote a product, and that particular company gives us financial compensation when we bring them sales. We only promote products and services we feel are beneficial to our audience.)

Be sure to check out our spiritual blog/articles as well; you’ll find some great information by Rev. Sheri and her trusted colleagues.

Our Staff & Creative Team

Riley - Rev. Sheri's furry co-worker

Riley, so tired from watching Momma work. 🙂

We are a small family oriented team … Rev. Sheri, her husband (William), Paul & Bear.

Rev. Sheri (RE) oversees all projects, writes articles, works on different projects, graphic design, making jewelry and artwork, etc.

William, Rev. Sheri’s husband, is our in house professional web designer, SEO and marketing expert. (This is why we are not interested in outside business from website companies.)

Paul‘s focus is on organizing, editing and posting our content as well as handling all our customer service inquiries.

Bear is Rev. Sheri and William’s son and graphic artist in training.

We also work with a couple of great writers who work with our ideas as well as submit their own. They are a vital asset to our team. <3

Please note: Rev. Sheri no longer offers personal appointments. Click here for free online angel card readingsYou can also choose to get an on-demand reading with one of our affiliates here.

We no longer schedule appointments for practitioners, but you can still connect with our old team by checking out our blog. All of our previous practitioners have pieces they’ve written that we still promote. Each piece includes an author bio with information on how to connect with the practitioner. For your convenience, here are quick links to posts written by those practitioners … Rev. Colleen, Heidi, Kathi and Fawn. (To connect with one of these practitioners, simply click on one of their posts. The bio at the end of the post includes a link to their personal website or scheduling system.)

Roger Lawrence, who was also one of our wonderful practitioners, passed away on Dec. 1st, 2017. (More about Roger here.)

If you are interested in writing for us, please check out our submission guidelines.

Learn more about Rev. Sheri here.