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Are you Spiritual or Religious?

I believe the masculine aspect of God healed my pain. However, the Feminine was definitely in there with me as well, and She saved my life when I was a child. There was also a time when I’m pretty sure my guardian angel saved my life as well. All of this, and I’ve had this long standing feeling of things I’m supposed to do.

I guess it’s time to get started, though I would like to know your thoughts. How do you view religion and spirituality? How could a service be different; how could it be more helpful? I want to create something different that actually makes a difference.

It could be beautiful to include all faiths, to learn about and integrate them together as one. It could be useful to host different groups. What if we included different types of musicians, not just religious music? Please share your thoughts here: https://bit.ly/4bULwL0

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100 Comforting Activities for Managing Depression and Anxiety: Finding Joy in Every Step

Dealing with depression or anxiety can feel like trudging through a tough journey, but there’s hope and help along the way. We know it’s not easy to find activities that lift your spirits when you’re feeling down, but even small steps can make a big difference in feeling better. Whether you’re into solo adventures or prefer a friendly face by your side, there’s something out there to make you feel a bit brighter. This list is all about finding what clicks for you, offering ideas to spark joy and ease during tough times.

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A New Year; A New Beginning

Last year was a difficult year for my family, and it ended horribly. On December 22nd, my Riley passed away from cancer.  You may already know how hard we fought, but we fought hard as Riley wasn’t just any typical “pet”. Most pets are “more”, but Riley was like my child because I could not have more children, and he helped me (and our family) through so much loss and Dad’s cancer and recovery. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this publicly, but Riley had golden eyes as a puppy. He was always a special baby.


Justice and Liberation

These last few years, I have dug quite deep inside myself and outside myself. I’ve been looking for absolute TRUTH – medically … and spiritually. I have questioned things that don’t make sense, and the things I have found are interesting. I’ve been upset with “Christianity” for a while, but what I experienced was just deception to keep me from looking at deeper Truths there as well.

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A Rose of Red, White & Blue

There is a flower men have searched for, generation after generation. What they don’t know is that this flower is not just any flower. She is a special type of Creation.

The greatest Mystics don’t even understand the cost of the sins of man.

She has given life, love and body to save you. Men have harmed, murdered and maimed Her.

You know her by One, though She has had many names.

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How to Begin Healing Yourself

I know, that is a BIG thing to ask, and some of you might be thinking I’m crazy. That’s okay; I’ve been called worse. But, what if this thing inside you that has felt like a curse your whole life is really a GIFT!?! What if it is a Super Power? What if we all have the ability to heal the world? Would you choose to use that Gift to help people?

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It’s Time for Intentional Creation

I would like to continue in creating Intentional Creation. I’m not sure exactly how it will be yet, but I know I’m on the right track. So, on this black moon, I understand that it was Johnny’s own Heavenly helpers that reached out for help. I answered the call with love and healing for the innocent and for the lost. I used flying wish paper as a physical representation of sending my prayers to Heaven.

Also, using the energy created by the purchases in my store, I healed the Earth by planting 50 trees and sent a representation of Light and Lotus to Arizona with prayers of healing and love to travel from Michigan and across the country to Arizona. I intend to use this site as an intentional form of Creation. If you would like to be part of that, join our mailing list to keep up to date with what we’re doing. (Working together as one focus will form Intentional Creation!)

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Finding Me (Soul Retrieval)

Essentially, the idea behind soul loss is that parts of our soul will go and hide somewhere deep inside us when we experience painful things like trauma, abuse, neglect or prolonged grief (which are all things I’ve dealt with). When we are not our whole selves, we become more likely to experience things like chronic illness and depression. However, we can get the parts of us back!