Archangel Michael Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen VirtueArchangel Michael is the “Guardian of Guardians”.  He is the leader of all guardian angels and protector of all.  Michael is also known for helping lightworkers with their Divine life purpose, whatever that may be.

Sometimes I find that people misunderstand what being a lightworker means.  One can bring light to any work environment.  Being a lightworker doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and move to a third world country to help people.  Being a lightworker means you are meant to bring light to the world in whatever way you can, and Archangel Michael is here to help you do that.

Whether you are an actor/actress, a healer, lawyer or banker, you are in a position to bring light into our world.  Michael asks you to have the courage to be who you are.  Spread your wings without fear, knowing you are enfolded in the wings of a powerful archangel.

Michael’s colors are royal purple/royal blue and gold.  To many people, he seems to appear as a purplish-blue light.  These visions occur most often just before sleep or immediately upon awakening.

St. Michael is known to protect us from our fears and works very closely with Jesus.  He is a source of strength for all those who serve and protect.

Michael is connected with asters, blue cornflowers and blue mulva as well as the stones amethyst and sugilite, a stone used for reminding us of our truth and our reasons for incarnating.  Sugilite inspires our soul, bringing about deep spiritual awareness and aids in spiritual channeling.

When this card appears in your reading, you are being reminded that you are not alone.  You are protected by Archangel Michael and all of Heaven, though no one can help you without your permission.  Free will is a very big deal in Heaven.  Ask Michael to surround you completely with his protective energy, giving you the courage to accept who you are and to live your purpose.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Though Doreen no longer believes in her work, we do believe in the work we have created here and hope you will find it helpful. If you enjoy our Free Online Angel Card Readings, please consider making a donation. May you be blessed.

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  1. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    I deal with depression on a daily basis and feel I am such a failure in my life. I really don’t know why God created me and what my purpose is here on Earth.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    I feel your presence although sometimes I forget to welcome you in . Help me during my time of grief to heal and protect me from fear based thoughts that do not serve me . Protect my children as they leave home and strengthen my marriage during this transition. Take away anger and resentment and replace it with serienity , patience , compassion and love ! May it be matched with equal validity . Thank you in advance .

  3. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    I’m not sure who I am, what my purpose is or what I can offer anyone so I’ve asked Michael to protect me and enlighten me.

    I do find the cards helpful as they get me thinking about different things and teach me which angels are best suited for assisting with different problems.

  4. Danize Diaz
    Danize Diaz says:

    Archangel Michael , I pray that you continue to wrap your shield around all my children, Satya, William Daryn,Christopher William Diaz from all our enemies. Yesterday and today several enemies have tried to hurt and attack my children because we do exist. They have attack me with their emails because they are born with hate and deep greed. Protect me as their Mother, Danize and give me the strength to protect them from the enemies of barren women who are filled w deep hatred, bitterness and those that thirst for greed in power in DC.

  5. Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman says:

    Hi, i could be seen as a light worker, my job as an electrician involves constantly repairing light fittings and making them shine their again in blocks of flats and stairways, i am doing this for a few years and i get the lights lighting up their areas where they did not work before i got to them

  6. Timothy
    Timothy says:

    I enjoyed the angel cards and the free readings. They are beautiful works of art and just wanted to say thanx. I am a lighthouse a beacon in the dark to lead those into a safe harbor. I am also an eagle leading my army. Thanx and gratitude to all helping heal this world of life.

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