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Am I Praying Correctly?

Let me tell you a little story. Long ago, you walked up to your Heavenly Father expressing a desire to experience life on planet Earth. Your father was reluctant to let you go – what if you wandered too far away and couldn’t hear him call out your name anymore - what if you lost your way back Home?
September 19, 2016/by Angel Messenger Creative Team

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now open. This page has been recently updated. It has been a long time since we have allowed guest posts, but we keep getting requests, so we’ve made it available again. Please read the full post before sending your submissions.
September 12, 2016/by Angel Messenger Creative Team

Love or Fear: Which Lens are you Looking Through?

When looking through the lens of love, we become more gentle with others and ourselves. The lens of fear is dark and depressing. Which one do you look through and which one do you want to look through? You can easily change the lens you are looking through, here are some easy tips to do so.
September 5, 2016/by Heidi

Angelic Astrology – September 2016

The numerological vibration for the month of September is 18/9. This is significant, especially for 2016, as we are in a 9 Universal Year energy and now we will be in a 9 Universal Month energy. The 9 vibration is about the ending of a cycle. It is a time of purging and letting go of the old, in preparation for the new! It is a time to “go with the flow” and have faith and trust in the Divine Plan, as circumstances are unfolding before us without a sense of being able to control them. In this month of September, a 9 month in a 9 year, we are surely in an important time as situations in our lives and the world around us come to some sort of completion.
August 29, 2016/by Rev. Colleen
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