It’s Time for Intentional Creation

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

We just had a powerful black moon on April 3oth. I had actually never heard of a black moon before, but it’s when there are two new moons in the same month, like a blue moon for full moons (two full moons in the same month). Black being the color of creation, I could see the power and potential in this moon, but I have also not been feeling well. Part of it is the illness around me, I’m sure, but there is also so much going on in the world. All empaths out there are affected by the trauma and pain, even if they’re not consciously aware of it, but things are changing.

Look at what’s going on with Johhny Depp. I really want to hug that man, and I don’t mean in a sexual way but in a “give me your pain” kind of way … like I hug my son. I feel soooo bad for him. I see it. Do you? Do you know women who are imbalanced in their masculine energy? I saw a video of Johnny talking about how his mother used to beat up his father. He is fighting to break the cycle of pain in his family – a cycle I have broken in mine, though in his case, it’s the other side of the balance. I needed the protective love of the Father, and he needs the protective love of the Mother.

Johnny’s story is happening on the national stage, but I can help him, and so I did. You can help with intention as well. Send him the love of a mother – protection, calm, compassion, understanding … everything a mother should be. This is a time for Intentional Creation. I do understand that some may say I am wrong.

Some may say I need to ask Johnny’s permission to perform this healing, and that is true … sort-of. I have talked about this in a video before … somewhere, don’t remember which one. I see connections, especially how connections are related to the people in my circle, and Johnny Depp is part of those connections. I believe his soul shares energy with one of my loved ones who happens to also be fighting a battle right now (and that I am helping). As I understand this, as I help one, I help the other and vise versa.

This is not about ego at all; it is only about love. Actually, my ego has made me afraid to talk about this. This is not the first celebrity connection I have seen. In fact, it is not the first celebrity healing I have worked on. I think the way it is working for me is that Spirit is showing me where the connections are and where the healing needs to take place. Because Johnny’s healing is happening on the national stage, in front of so many, he can be a “poster child” of sorts for the healing of many men and women.

The last time I did this, the celebrity healing was also connected to a worldwide disaster that was avoided by healing. The healing was verified by the media, and the disaster did not happen. It is difficult to share this as I have avoided it, but the intention must be shared now because it is more than just me that must see it.

If you consider the most abusive use of masculine power going on in the world right now, I might say that has something to do with the war in the Ukraine. So many are being abused by a man who is so full of hate and only wants to hurt people. It’s possible healing Johnny could help this situation. Maybe you can’t see how this connects, and that’s okay. Honestly, it’s not as clear as the previous world stage connection, though it could be because of my own doubts. But, wouldn’t it be great if healing one man with love could also end a war? (I would love to believe that is possible.)

I would like to continue in creating Intentional Creation. I’m not sure exactly how it will be yet, but I know I’m on the right track. So, on this black moon, I understand that it was Johnny’s own Heavenly helpers that reached out for help. I answered the call with love and healing for the innocent and for the lost. I used flying wish paper as a physical representation of sending my prayers to Heaven.

Also, using the energy created by the purchases in my store, I healed the Earth by planting 50 trees and sent a representation of Light and Lotus to Arizona with prayers of healing and love to travel from Michigan and across the country to Arizona. I intend to use this site as an intentional form of Creation. If you would like to be part of that, join our mailing list to keep up to date with what we’re doing. (Working together as one focus will form Intentional Creation!)

You can also purchase from our store or donate to help support our work (and get a chance at winning our next giveaway so that you can be part of our next Intentional Creation)!

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I hope you’ll consider joining in on our Intentional Creations and enjoy shopping from our store because you will make a difference! O:)

Love & Blessings,


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