Rainbows Around the World


by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

Giveaway has ended. Thank you to all who participated. 🙂

Our first winner is Brett from Tennessee! Congrats to Brett!
Brett chose our Feather Dream Catcher Diamond Painting Kit as a prize.

Stacy from Georgia is our second winner. Congrats to Stacy!
(Stacy chose the Decorative Designs Coloring BookFEARLESS (blue) Journal and the Style B Chakra Bracelet)

Jamie from Florida is our final winner. Congrats to Jamie!
(Jamie chose the Stained Glass Coloring BookLet all that You do Be done in Love Journal and the Style A Chakra Bracelet)

If you read my most recent post on Transformation and Enlightenment, you know that a rainbow recently came to me as a sign from Heaven. One major thing I was asking about was the rainbow that we all have within us. I believe part of God’s promise is found within us … the rainbow is inside each and every person.

We are God’s hands on Earth. We are God’s voice. We are the Goddess. We are God. We are created in the Creator’s image, but only in finding our truest self within (Christ Consciousness), can we be who God promised this Earth he was sending us here to be. So, will you help me do something?

I want to raise the vibration of the world! Even if you can’t do much, I’d bet you can do this! It’s going to be fun for all of us, too. Get your kids involved even. 🙂

You may know that we have downloadable coloring pages available in our store. Many of the ones I’ve added recently have rainbows because our town was coloring rainbows to put in windows so that everyone could see rainbows as they walked by. I thought this was a beautiful idea, so I purchased coloring pages with rainbows and shared them for people to color, and I think we should take this world wide. Our audience here is worldwide, and these coloring pages can reach you where ever and what ever time you are. Let’s get rainbows in windows for people to see! Let’s get rainbows around the world!!! <3

To make it even more fun, please share your pictures with us as well, and we might even give you a prize in return. If you have not yet figured out, I love giving gifts! 😉 Once you have colored your rainbow coloring page, you can upload your completed coloring page here. We may share your coloring page on our website or social media, ect. with the intent of promoting an increase of vibrational energy and Rainbows Around the World.

Also, if you would like to give a donation when you download your coloring page, we are very grateful. Donations are not required to win, though donating does count as an extra entry in the giveaway. We really try to make positive changes in the world, so your donations are important to us.

Ways to Enter Giveaway:

1. Make a Donation (even $1 counts) when you download your rainbow coloring page. (There are pages for young people as well.)

2. Upload your completed coloring page here. (If person is under 18, please have parent/guardian upload.)

* The winner(s) will be randomly selected.

Stuff You Can Win:

1. One of our new Diamond Painting Kits!

2. Your choice of our new Coloring Books – did you see the Unicorn Coloring Books?

3. Your choice of our new inspirational journals.

4. Your choice of our Chakra Aromatherapy Bracelets to help you balance the rainbow within.

* What and how much we can give away will depend on the number of entries and donations.

Most of All:

Most of all, our goal is to have fun and lift everyone up! Hold the intention of experiencing joy. Hold the intention of raising the vibration of the world. Even hold specific intentions for each color as you are coloring. Imagine healing energy surrounding the Earth, or even Archangel Raphael himself, as you are coloring the green of your rainbow. Visualize wisdom being given to the doctors and those looking for a cure as you color the violet ray. Visualize a rainbow surrounding the Earth itself. Pray about what feels needed, what feels right. Use your mind, your voice and your hands. These are gifts.

If your country is doing okay, any extra positive energy you can send toward the United States (or other areas in need) is very much appreciated. <3

Much Love,


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