How to Know that You Have

Completely Healed from the Past

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

How do I know that I have completely healed? This is a question that occurs to almost every person walking on the spiritual path. In order to answer this, let’s first try to understand what healing really is. Thereafter, we’ll dive deeper to comprehend where we stand in our own journey.

The Need for Healing

There’s not a single soul in this world who doesn’t require healing. Even the ones who think they are completely free from any traumatic experiences require healing. This is because ours is the dimension of duality where light and darkness are constantly playing hide and seek.

As long as you are seeking happiness, you’ll have to deal with sadness. As long as you are seeking pleasure, you will have to deal with pain. This is the nature of the human condition on this dimension of existence.

The ultimate purpose of every human life is to move beyond this game of light and shadow. There is a state beyond happiness – where nothing except pure divine bliss remains. The only way one can get there is by fully realizing the dream-like nature of this world.

After all, in a dream, you can be a beggar or a king – but when you wake up, you realize that you were none of the things you thought you were in that dream. The truth is that everything that you currently perceive to be ‘real’ is just a dream. In a flash, it can all be over.

What is Enlightenment

You must understand that it is impossible to live trauma-free until one has attained enlightenment. Now, you’ll ask, what is enlightenment?

Enlightenment implies living in this world and experiencing everything that it has to offer without any attachment. One realizes that this world is only a play of consciousness. Nothing is ‘real’ because what was real yesterday is no longer real today. In order for something to be ‘true,’ it must be changeless.

If our reality is constantly changing, then how can it be real?

The World is a Cosmic Drama

The enlightened ones are fully established in the knowledge that everything that is happening around them is simply a divine play. Just like people pick certain roles to enact in a play, everyone around us has adopted a certain role in this grand drama of human life. Would you hate your best friend for playing the enemy’s role in a play? Certainly not!

In the same way, when you reach the realization that inherently it’s the same Divine consciousness present in every being no matter what role they are playing on this magnificent stage of human life, there is no longer any space for grudges or negative feelings to take root.

When You Have Fully Healed

Our healing becomes complete only after we have attained self-realization and become fully established in it. How will you know when this has happened? Here are the clear signs that you have either fully attained or are close to the end of your healing journey:

  • When you can look back at your past as if you are recalling incidents from a movie you had watched. You can recollect everything without being emotionally affected by anything.
  • When you can think of the people you perceived as your wrongdoers and feel nothing but unconditional love and compassion. Everything that has happened to you is part of the life script you wrote for yourself based on the lessons your soul has chosen learn in this life. Certain souls who were special to you offered to play the most difficult roles in this play. You must forgive them because everyone you think has wronged you is simply playing a role you wrote for them.
  • When you constantly remain in a state of Divine bliss no matter what is happening around you. Both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ incidents might happen in your life but you neither get overly excited about the positive nor do you get disheartened by the negative. You are simply present – witnessing the drama of your own life as if it were a play being performed on stage.

How to Continue On This Journey of Healing

Even if the statements mentioned above are not yet true for you, do not become disheartened. You will get there. However, you must continue on your journey with persistence and faith. Even though the ultimate goal of every human life is the same, each one of us has a unique syllabus based on the lessons our soul has to learn in a particular lifetime.

Continue with your meditation and spiritual practices in order to heal completely. Meditation takes our consciousness to a higher level – a dimension where there is no duality. When we become fully established in the consciousness of this dimension, that’s when the happenings of this world of duality cease to affect us at a psychological and emotional level.

Practice forgiveness and unconditional love. You might think that there are certain people who you just can’t forgive but you have to understand that you can either hold the divine nectar of bliss or the poison of anger in the chalice of your consciousness. Let go of the past by surrendering it completely to the Universe.

Healing Meditation

Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful pink light at the center of your heart – feel the deep unconditional love that resides within this light. Breathe deeply to completely relax your body.

Now, watch this pink light expand – your entire body has become engulfed in it. As it expands further, your home, your city, your country, the entire planet is now engulfed in this beautiful pink light. Watch your past, present, and future bathed in this pink light of unconditional love. Feel the love – feel the gentleness and the bliss – relax in this feeling.

When you are ready, come back gently by first moving your fingers, then, slowly open your eyes. Do this meditation daily (as many times a day as possible). It will accelerate the healing process for you.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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