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5 Ways You Can Work With Archangel Michael And Feel Closer To Him

Archangel Michael is a powerful and popular angel, and you may feel like you need his love and protection now more than ever. In a world that might feel unsure and unstable, you can regain a sense of safety under Archangel Michael’s wings.

This article will help you discover this glorious Archangel, and five ways you can start working with him on a daily basis to transform your earthly experience and how you feel.

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Who is Archangel Michael?


Archangel Michael is one of the seven Archangels within the Hebrew and Christian traditions. The name “Michael” means “Who is like God.” When we are in his presence, we are invited to consider what we need to do to be more “like God” too.

Archangel Michael is said to govern all the guardian angels, which is why you might have heard him referred to as the “Prince of the Heavenly Host.” Michael is also recognized as the protector against evil and a fierce warrior of God, coming to our aid and fighting on our behalf.

Can I Work With Archangel Michael If I’m Not Religious?


While we can learn much about Michael through religious traditions, you don’t have to be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim to invoke this powerful angel and draw closer to him.

Just as God does not belong exclusively to one religious group or another, the angels are not limited to specific faiths. They are divine and surpass our earthly organizations.

So, if you call on Michael – or any of the angels, for that matter – he won’t check an inventory first to make sure you’re part of one group or another. If your intentions are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, trust that he will show up for you, and help you grow in your spiritual journey.

How Can Archangel Michael Help Me?


Michael is revered for many different reasons, and here are just a few ways this Divine Being of Light can help you.

  • If Archangel Michael had a “life purpose”, you could say his calling is to help humanity grow in awareness and consciousness.
  • Michael is committed to lifting our energetic vibration. This, in turn, helps us tap into our supernatural potential and immerse ourselves in Divine Light.
  • Michael is known to help cut energetic cords that keep us tethered to low-vibrating energies, whether they come in the form of toxic relationships, commitments thought patterns, or habits.

What You Need To Know Before You Work With Archangel Michael


You should not feel afraid or intimidated by Michael. He is a loving Angel of God, and his purpose is to help you grow spiritually and grow closer to God. That being said, there are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind when you want to work with him.


  1. Cultivate respect for Archangel Michael

Imagine a spiritual teacher who you revere and admire today. You would probably approach them with respect and humility, and it’s important to approach Michael from a place of deep respect and awe, too.

You should not feel afraid or intimidated by him. But he is a highly evolved spiritual being, and he can sense low-vibrating energies, like arrogance or apathy. And his Divine energy simply cannot lower itself to accommodate these energies.

Yes, he will help us overcome low-vibrating energies, but he will not lower himself to match ours. So, if we are attached to negative thoughts or emotional frequencies, it may be harder for him to help us.

  1. Be committed to growing and changing

Michael is ready and willing to support you in changing for the better. But he cannot do the hard work for you. You must be willing and ready to work with him. What does this look like in real life?

It means making a conscious decision to work with Michael. It might mean walking away from lower-vibrating energies that are dragging you down. He will help you and he would love to help you. But he can only help you. He is not going to perform magic tricks and voila! Everything is easy peasy.

He is a warrior of light and love, and he will help you fight your big and small battles, too. At times it may take you out of your comfort zone. At times, you will have to question old beliefs and outdated paradigms, but he will help you. All of your efforts will help you graduate into your soul’s purpose.

5 Ways You Can Work With Archangel Michael

Are you ready to place yourself under Archangel Michael’s protection and feel supported by his strength? Let’s explore five ways you can start working with him today – and any day you choose – to step into the light of God, evolve spiritually, and reach your highest potential.

  1. Call on Michael

One of the most powerful ways to start working with this Archangel is to call on him by name and state your intention. Traditionally, his name is pronounced “Mee-Ka-El”. And you can call on him – either in your mind or out loud – and tell him that you would like his love and support.

This conscious communication sends a powerful message to him. And while we may be limited in time and space, he is not. Therefore, don’t worry about whether or not he has many souls to take care of.

You are just as important to him as everyone else. Trust that he hears you, and trust that if his help his correct for you at this time, he will assist you.

  1. Stay with Michael

Michael has been depicted throughout the centuries as a strong, masculine angel with armor and swords. This representation may resonate with you, but it might not and that’s okay.

Michael is not human, but sometimes we need to depict him as such because it’s hard to comprehend angelic beings. That being said, you can envision the energy of Michael as well.

He is said to have an energy that is light and the color blue – similar to the blue color you see at the bottom of a flame. And because his energy is fiery, his energy may appear red as well.

When you call on Michael, stay with him and place yourself in his light. He may be represented as a fierce warrior, but his energy is peaceful, silent, and still. Remember, Michael means “Who is like God”, and his energy is godlike.

Simply taking time to sit in Michael’s presence can help you connect with this deep stillness that runs through all of life. It can be a source of strength and peace for you, too.

  1. See the truth clearly

Sometimes, things seem muddy and it’s hard to see the truth of things. At times, fear, biases, misunderstandings, or emotions can cloud our ability to understand the true nature of what’s going on.

Michael’s divine light is so bright and searing that it can dispel the darkness and erase shadows so you can become aware of the truth. The truth may not always make us feel comfortable, and it might take courage to see the truth and continue facing it.

In fact, seeing the truth may make us afraid and want to run in the opposite direction. Remember that the same Michael who helped you see the truth will not abandon you once you’ve seen it.

Ask him to give you strength and support so you can stay grounded in the newly-discovered truth.

  1. Break free from lower-vibrating energies

You’ve probably seen Michael depicted wielding a sword. One of the ways you can work with Michael is to start releasing yourself from the things that are dragging you down and pulling you away from your divine purpose and calling.

Michael can cut through energies that are keeping you locked into unhealthy situations, limiting beliefs, and lower-vibrating emotional experiences, like fear or anxiety.

  • What’s tethering you and enslaving you right now?
  • What do you need to release and let go of?
  • What is no longer serving you?
  • What are you doing or believing that prevents you from aligning?

Michael can help you break free from these.

  1. Find your courage

Michael can illuminate the shadows in your life and bring the truth to the forefront. He can also sever the chains that are keeping you from living the life you’re meant to live.

And although that sounds great in theory, it can feel like riding a bike for the first time without trainer wheels. It was scary and you were probably afraid that you were either going to fall or that you wouldn’t be able to ride without training wheels. But as you probably discovered, you could ride without training wheels and without falling, but you had to find your courage first.

The things that intimidate and scare you today might look different than riding a bike as a child. Now, they might look like stepping out of your comfort zone, stepping into your worth, creating boundaries for yourself, having difficult conversations, etc.

Michael can help you find your courage and honor your intuition, even if your rational mind is afraid and would rather you didn’t. Sometimes, our rational mind thinks it’s protecting us by holding us back, but usually, it’s limiting us and keeping us small. You can ask Michael to help you find your courage and take action with resolution and strength.

Archangel Michael is a powerful warrior and he’s ready to help you. Now that you know how to work with him and feel closer to him, don’t hesitate to seek his light, love, and guidance. One of his Divine purposes is to help you grow and evolve spiritually so you can enjoy a life of joy, lightness, and peace.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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