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Rainbows Around the World Giveaway

Most of all, our goal is to have fun and lift everyone up! Hold the intention of experiencing joy. Hold the intention of raising the vibration of the world. Even hold specific intentions for each color as you are coloring. Imagine healing energy surrounding the Earth, or even Archangel Raphael himself, as you are coloring the green of your rainbow.
Sacred Lotus ImageID 113293019 © Nikki Zalewski | Dreamstime.com
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Transformation & Enlightenment

Did you know there is a Goddess devoted to transformation? Though many misunderstand and believe her to be simply the Goddess of Death, Kali is the Goddess of Transformation. Kali is an aspect of the Divine Feminine; she is part of our Divine Mother.
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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Beacons of Love

I love creating Beacons of Love and Hope. Actually, I truly mean this ... I paint my little stones with blessings and intentions for love and hope. One thing I had not expected about my art is that it wasn't just a healing experience; it was also a spiritual experience.
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Freeing Athena (Trapped in A Land of Mist)

Maybe that's how she ended up in the Land of Mist ... if She really is a part of me? Athena? Can you hear me? What I am about to share with you is one of the weirdest things that has happened to me in a while. It's not the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Basically, I'm admitting publicly ... finally ...
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Lady of Avalon (Keeper of the Flame)

She is the Lady of Avalon. She will not yield to those who cannot see Her. She will not yield to those who cannot hear Her. For this world has chosen a deaf, blind darkness. It is a Promise; the Children of Heaven will Rise in Grace.
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How to Rise with Broken Wings

I've been wanting to write this piece for a while, but now that I sit down to write, I'm at a loss for words. How can I help others rise when I can't do it myself? My own wings are still broken.
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Signs From Heaven

Hi Everyone this is Kathi from Angel Messenger thanks for coming and listening and/or reading my blog Signs from Heaven. It has been an interesting month this month as it is the anniversary of my mother’s passing. On the day that was the…
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Signs From Heaven August 2015

Hi Everyone, it’s Kathi from AngelMessenger.net. Thanks for joining me today and reading my blog, Signs from Heaven. It was interesting when I started to think about what I wanted to write about this time. I have so many continued blessings…
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Signs from Heaven - July 2015

Hi everyone! It’s Kathi from Angel Messenger and I am excited, excited, excited about this month’s signs from heaven. I have had the most amazing June! I’ve had more signs than I can share this month so I want to get right to it. I have…
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Signs from Grandpa

I met my biological father just hours before my grandfather died ... that may sound like the beginning of a really sad novel, but it's unfortunately a very sad true story. My paternal grandfather passed away just before midnight on Wednesday,…
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Signs From Heaven - June 2015

Hi everyone, this is Kathi from Angel Messenger. Thanks so much for coming and reading my blog Signs From Heaven where I share and talk about the signs that I received from my spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, and the universe. This month…
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Signs from Heaven

Hi everyone this is Kathi from AngelMessenger.net thank you for coming and checking out my blog, Signs from Heaven. Today I would like to take you on a sign meditation. What this entails is I will guide you through a meditation and we will see…