Roger Lawrence passed away on December 1st, 2017

Roger was a wonderful psychic medium and spiritual teacher. He was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and a contributing author to our Free Online Angel Card Reading project here at Angel Messenger.

“Thank You Roger for being such a wise, kind-hearted and compassionate teacher here on the Earth plane. You will be dearly missed, though I know you will continue your work from Heaven because that’s just who you are. Love and Blessings to you my friend.” ~ Rev. Sheri, Founder of Angel Messenger

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Spiritual Teacher

If you have drawn the card spiritual teacher card, know that you teach in a way that brings healing blessings to all those around you whether you consider yourself in the spiritual teaching field or not.You are a shining light that signals out to others that you are trustworthy and are a natural born spiritual teacher. Friends, family and even strangers are drawn to you because they know that there is truth in what you say and trust your insight, opinions and guidance.
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It is time for you to be alone in nature, even if it's just for a short while. Your life is been too noisy lately and you need to escape into a place of natural tranquility.
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When Chantall shows up, she indicates that romance is in the air. Your prayers have been heard for the desire of more romance in your life. As you look at the card you can see the fuchsia, pink color which automatically warms up your…
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I have noticed that in my own experience when receiving this card and working with this Angel that this card shows up when I'm trying to run the show myself and forgetting to ask for help. I've also noticed that it shows up when I have tunnel…
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A Night with The Angels!

Join Rev. Sheri and Roger as they connect with with Angelic Realm, bringing through messages from Heaven. The evening will begin with a powerful healing meditation led by Roger, and messages will be delivered to those in attendance by both Roger and Rev. Sheri. Registration is required for this event.
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Roger's Synchronistic Event

As Doreen virtue's "Synchronicity" Oracle Card explains, synchronicity is "those ‘chance meetings’, information that you just ‘happen’ to receive."  Sometimes these events take place in order to guide us in a particular direction or…
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An Evening with Heaven Event Replay

Everyone seemed to really enjoy Roger's event last night!  I know not everyone had their question answered, but even so there was a lot of information shared.  I've been seeing some wonderful comments and messages from those who attended,…
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New Year, New Energy

We're on the verge of a New Year & New Energy!  Allow the energy of 2012 to wash away now as we embrace the illuminating energy ahead!  Our practitioners are offering a special package rate to help you with this ... This unique appointment…
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Weekend, Email & Overnight Appointments

He is trying this overnight option to see if it's helpful to anyone. It's only available for one night ... October 27th 11pm - October 28th 8am Eastern.