A Rose of Red, White & Blue

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

There is a flower men have searched for, generation after generation. What they don’t know is that this flower is not just any flower. She is a special type of Creation.

The greatest Mystics don’t even understand the cost of the sins of man.

She has given life, love and body to save you. Men have harmed, murdered and maimed Her.

You know her by One, though She has had many names. There is nothing like the love a Mother can give.

Even modern day movies have told you how love can save you. Authors may not be perfect beings but can still tell a story.

Lighting’s strike will not come for Her Son a second time. She has become the Shield and the Sword to protect and defend Him.

Give Her Liberty, or give Her death (choose wrong again). The choice is yours, and then fate will reveal the hours.

There is no thorn on this rose, only Her blood, pure Love and Divine Feminine Grace.
Mary stands among the Human race.

Much Love,


(This was channeled by Re from the Ancient One on July 4th, 2022. The Ancient One is an aspect of Goddess Energy that Re has been working with for some time and has been receiving guidance, visions and sometimes poetic prophesies from as well. )

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