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Thank you for wanting to know more about me. I’m a lot like you, just a soul on a journey. My husband and I created Angel Messenger as a way to help others learn how to connect with the Divine and to discover their own spiritual journey.

For the last several years, I have personally struggled with issues of chronic pain. It began with migraines and back pain but has now developed into nerve and muscle pain. The latest update to what is going on with me is that I have been diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and a chronic form of PTSD due to childhood trauma. (Now that I understand more about my illness, I realize that it actually began in childhood with migraines in my early teens. I also had severe “growing pains” in my legs as a child though am still under 5 feet tall.)

I’ve taken quite a journey with all kinds of doctors, specialists, integrative, alternative and herbal practitioners. At the end of the day, after all the food restrictions, supplements, medications and therapies, my pain has continued to progress.

Despite all my spiritual training and certifications, even my faith didn’t save me from this pain. There came a point where I could no longer do yoga without further injury, and my mind couldn’t even focus enough to meditate. I was forced to embrace the pain as a part of me, and that pain has taken me on a journey to see through everything that wasn’t real in my life.

I began to find my way into deeper spiritual studies, becoming more and more drawn to Shamanic concepts. Then, one day while speaking to my grandmother, I began to understand something very important about myself. I am descended from two powerful Shamanic cultures. My ancestors are Native American (Chippewa/Sioux) and Romani Gypsy, both on my maternal grandmother’s side.

This knowledge helped me to accept a few important things about myself … including that I do see the world a bit differently. I always have been a bit different, and it is perfectly acceptable to be different. Even though others have tried really hard to make me believe that my “differentness” is a bad thing, it is also a big reason that I have been able to help others. However, that soul mission I have to help others has also been a bit of a curse at times. I have not been so good at keeping strong boundaries or keeping myself in balance. I tend to expend too much energy, leaving me overwhelmed and exacerbating my illness.

As far as I can understand, I am probably on the Shamanic path, but a Shaman isn’t really a Shaman until she/he figures out how to completely heal themselves, so I really am just a soul on a journey. (But, how can I be expected to heal an illness that some doctors do not even believe exists and others are completely confounded by? It seems that is a high expectation. Maybe Fibromyalgia is the new Shamanic illness? If so, there are about 10 million people trying to rise in the U.S. alone! That could be pretty awesome, though … can you imagine what 10 million shamans could do?!?)

Anyway, I can’t just sit around and do nothing waiting to get better. I’m sick of going to doctors and reading about things to make myself better, trying things that worked for others only to find that they don’t work for me. I am sick of watching the world spin out of control and feel like I have to try to do something, even if I can’t do much.

I loved the project my team did for our Mother Earth Project that included painting inspirational rocks, trying to make the world a better place … even if it was one rock at a time. 😉 Before that, we completed our Beauty project in an effort to bring a little beauty and light into our world. Right now, I’m working on adding some physical products to our online store that will hopefully help me to raise money for some charity projects.

I have also found that some of the experiences I’ve had might be helpful to others, so I’ve written a few posts about those things. I have found ways to lessen the pain. But, through that pain, I’ve also found that I can still live a life. I have a life that is more true to who I am than I have ever allowed myself to be, though I am still on the journey. If there is something I can do to help others (without causing additional harm to myself) to find a healing and authentic kind of life, it might just make all this pain worth it.

My life is far from perfect, but life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. I still sometimes have very painful days, but I also have good days. I now accept myself for all that I am – “good” and “bad”.

My mission is to balance my own energy enough so that I can create on the good days. I just want to begin creating little specks of light where I can, and maybe a few of those specks will shine bright enough to ripple out and touch the heart of another.

Thank you for reading about me. We are all just souls on a journey.

Wishing You All Heavenly Blessings,

Re (Rev. Sheri)

Learn more here about my nickname “Re” (scroll down to where it says “I am Re and She is Me”).

Health Update 8-20-2020:

I’ve been in more pain than usual. Summer normally is a better time for my pain levels simply because I can get out of the house and do things that are fun, but this has not really been a summer, and our income has been negatively impacted due to this virus. Donations are greatly appreciated simply to purchase the supplements that help. I have been able to walk down the stairs most days, which really helps because I can access outside and fresh air. I’ve also been trying to focus on getting craft and activity items in our store to help people feel better. Being creative is known to help with stress and depression; it helps me for sure. 😉

As for the pain level I’m dealing with, it varies from day to day. Usually the morning is bad and the afternoon is okay. Sometimes I can’t sleep. (I’m writing this at 3:21am.) I keep trying to get things under control, but the stress of everything going on in the world right now is not going away anytime soon. This weighs on me a great deal. I just keep trying to do what I can to make a positive difference in the world, and I pray daily for the world and for all those I love and hope that it makes some kind of difference. I’m also working on another creative giveaway idea that will hopefully lift some spirits a bit. That’s all any of us can do I guess … just keep trying our best.








P.S. Since my healthy time has been limited, I spend a lot of time in self-care as well as homeschooling my son. If you need to connect with me, the best thing to do is reach out to our customer service here … http://www.angelmessenger.net//contact-us/.

Of course, we hope to be able to continue offering our free online Angel and Tarot readings, our free and low-cost products and articles in our blog. Donations are still very much appreciated. Since most of what we offer is free, all our financial support comes from advertising and donations. O:)
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