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Thank you for wanting to know more about me. I’m a lot like you – a soul on a journey. My husband and I created Angel Messenger as a way to help others learn how to connect with the Divine and to discover their own spiritual journey.

My own journey has been a long one and has taken me on a winding road through the challenges of a chronic form of PTSD and chronic nerve and muscle pain. I’ve taken quite a journey with all kinds of doctors, specialists, integrative, alternative and herbal practitioners … and that journey is not over. The pain remains.

I’ve gone so deep inside myself, inside the spiral of finding ME, and the person I found there was so badly hurt and ashamed … it’s no wonder I carry this pain. I have done quite a lot to heal myself. I’ve learned a great deal about nutrition, the human body, life, pain, Truth, Faith, reality, spirituality, what my family did to me … and didn’t do. This world has so much pain, and it just keeps getting passed on. Someone has to be strong enough to both bear it and stop it.

Several years ago, I asked myself a question, “If the wound is where the light enters (when we ascend), what if the light is where the wound enters we descend (when we are born into this world)?

That is why I see the need to fight or repair or accept our own shadows, our own pain or darkness, in order to find our highest self. Even when that pain is not our fault, we still have to rise above it and/or heal it. I have found that love is the greatest of all healers, and love is the reason I still breathe today.

I have learned that I am descended from two powerful Shamanic cultures. My ancestors are Native American (Chippewa/Sioux) and Romani Gypsy, both on my maternal grandmother’s side. Though I was drawn to Shamanic concepts long before I learned this information. I believe our souls remember, and I was just naturally drawn … or I had help of course. 😉 Let’s not forget the importance of the fact that none of us walk this road alone.

Still, I have been apprehensive of embracing this energy publicly … I tell myself it’s because I am worried how those cultures will react to someone who appears to be an outsider, though it may be my own sense of generational trauma still lingering. It’s just …

I do see why people get upset about cultural appropriation. It does make me upset to see people acting like “gypsies” rip people off or are only cool for their “Bohemian style”, especially when those same people have no clue how many Romani were murdered in Nazi death camps or how horribly they are still treated in parts of the world today.

However, I do believe there is a reason that society is being drawn to Shamanic cultures. On the surface, they might call it “New Age”, or maybe they are only consciously aware of the uniqueness or some superficial idea of the Truth … but, I think it’s really about the desire of the collective universal soul wanting to become enlightened. Maybe humanity is simply being drawn to what their souls know deep down is True … even if they only understand it on a very unconscious level.

Imagine what could happen if humanity could become conscious of that desire. I believe that now is the time for those ancient teachers to rise and teach their forgotten knowledge. There is great wisdom among the Shamanic races that humanity needs to remember, and now is the time to remember. There will also be challenges. Any time light rises, darkness will try to fight it. It must be like the law of gravity or something – happens to me every time.

I cannot watch or listen to a story about Nazis without getting upset, and I’m painfully aware white people have committed unforgivable crimes against Native Americans. Learning that history that we were not taught in school made me sick and angry. However, those white people are likely not the same people who are white today. Though, there are still shadows of hatred and ignorance that replay throughout history and in every generation. But, I also feel a deep down knowing that now is the time for us all to remember all the parts of ourselves, and we are going to need the help of those who currently stand in the wisdom of the Creator.

Please also consider, how many “white people” have had past lives in a Shamanic race or are descended from at least one now? How many people have white skin and blonde hair, yet have Native American blood? (I do …) We can’t tell just by looking at each other who we are anymore, and we were never meant to. Remember the old saying that, “We cannot judge a book by its cover.”

Maybe our Creator separated the races in the beginning until the time when we would be grown enough to truly come together and “see” each other as the one race we are.

There are reasons more can sympathize and empathize with the pain of others; we have been others. We have lived so many times … maybe as men and women, to find all the parts of ourselves and to bring balance within our own selves. This is part of our own individual enlightenment. Those who cannot sympathize or empathize may be those who still have great pain or karmic debt.

If my family’s generational trauma can hurt me, then it should also be able to help. Just because I may not look Native American, why can I not call upon my ancestors? Just because I was never taught about Romani beliefs, is there anything wrong with finding my own eclectic path? If the path of the wound can hurt us, that same path should also be where light can be found.

I may be physically limited in what I can do, but I’m not going to just sit around and wait for things to get better. Both Gaia and her inhabitants need help. Sometimes I do feel like it will never be enough to make a difference, but I keep reminding myself of the Starfish Story …

A boy was walking along the beach where thousands of starfish had washed ashore, and he was picking them up one by one and tossing them back into the sea. A man walks up and asks the boy why he bothers with his task as there is no way he can possibly make a difference as there were so many washed ashore. The boy answered by bending down, picking up another starfish and tossing it into the sea. He looked at the man and said, “… made a difference for that one.”

I do not offer public readings anymore, but my spiritual guidance is like a constant filter most days. It’s often too much. Lately, I’ve been hearing the words “edge of glory” or just “glory”.  At first, I thought it was a song. I Googled the words and found an actual song called Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, but it didn’t feel like quite right. I felt like I was missing something, and that kind of “glory” is just not interesting to me because I am NOT interested in fame. I would be perfectly happy living in a secluded cabin in the woods (by a lake, of course … where it never snows). 🙂

Then I just happened to see that there is a different definition in the Bible where “Glory” seems more like a diamond with mesmerizing facets. It can carry a heavy significance, but it is considered LIGHT personified. It is palpable, maybe even visible; it is meant to be seen. It is DIVINITY. “GLORY to GOD in the HIGHEST!” Yeah … that is a less materialistic definition that bothers me less. I’m always praying about calling the Sanctuary of Heaven to Earth, so maybe I’m doing something right …

Something inside me just says to keep going because you never know what can happen. Maybe the starfish I help will make a huge difference, or maybe …. maybe our prayers joined together will create a miracle.

My life is far from perfect, but life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. I still sometimes have very painful days, but I also have good days. I now accept myself for all that I am – “good” and “bad”.

My mission is to balance my own energy enough so that I can create on the good days. I just want to begin creating little specks of light where I can, and maybe a few of those specks will shine bright enough to ripple out and touch the heart of another.

I work on creative and Charity Projects. My biggest project lately has been adding physical products to our online store in order to raise more money for those worthy projects, and we do giveaways to help lift up others. My hope is that the store will grow enough to also help support my family and hopefully to replace some of the ads on our website as well.

Thank you for reading about me. We are all souls on a journey.

Wishing You All Heavenly Blessings,

Re (Rev. Sheri)

Learn more here about my nickname “Re” (scroll down to where it says “I am Re and She is Me”).

Health Update 4-30-2021:

I have gone through several new tests, including two MRI’s and an EMG. Thank you to those who donated to help my family pay for those expensive tests. I am seeing a new Physical Medicine Doctor and a new Neurologist.

I start working with an Osteopathic Medicine person on Monday where they do muscle manipulations, sort of like a more gentle version of a chiropractor I think.

The Neurologist does agree with us that it does appear I have some sort of small fiber neuropathy, though unfortunately he said about 30% of people never figure out what causes their issue. I’m trying not to get frustrated as I’ve spent so many years with people telling me I’m wrong … so many years with this getting worse and irreversible.

For those who also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I urge you to keep researching your condition. I believe this condition is many times a “catch all” for patients doctors just don’t know what to do with. I know these things about my condition, so maybe this will help you … Exercise can and usually does make it worse, so I have to be very careful with gentle stretches and walking. I do have several food sensitivities, things that cause inflammation in my body. (However, going overboard and never being allowed to eat anything while also never being allowed to leave the house or even go outside proved extremely not helpful.)  It does help to do creative things, like painting and working on projects that make a difference in the world. Rest, massage and warm baths are all very helpful.

I will keep trying to do what I can to make a positive difference in the world, and I pray daily for the world and for all those I love and hope that it makes some kind of difference. It is getting more difficult to keep up with my work here, though. I will keep doing what I can … even though people still find reasons to write me and complain I’m not doing more. 🙁








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