Learn more about Angel Messenger

Angel Messenger is a website created by Rev. Sheri, who is absolutely dedicated to helping people learn to communicate with their angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side.  This website is filled with wonderful tools meant to aid you in connecting for yourself, without the need for an intermediary.  However, you’ll also find some wonderful spiritual practitioners available here.

The practitioners who offer their services at Angel Messenger have been extensively interviewed by Rev. Sheri personally.  We also conducted reference checks and had them tested by our clients.  They are good at what they do.  Appointments can be made online in real-time 24/7.

For On-Demand Readings, Angel Messenger has partnered with Psychic Access which is a large company who offers a free six minute reading for new customers.  We feel good about partnering with this company because they are also dedicated to offering quality services.

Our current projects include: 

~ Adding extensive descriptions to the cards in the free online angel card readings.

~ Creating an online store for downloadable goods, including free eBooks

~ Researching and implementing a new advertising program that will allow us to move away from using Google ads to support our website and instead connecting with more quality companies, offering our clients even more quality products and services.

~ And lots of other ideas that are constantly rolling around in our heads! 

Thank you for visiting Angel Messenger. Please feel free to browse around, but don’t forget to check out the Free Online Angel Card Readings! :)