How to Begin Healing Yourself

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

Over the last several years I’ve done a lot of personal healing, and there have been many things that I have learned. There are things that I just knew or was told by God/Goddess/Spirit, but many of those are things I was also told were wrong or was made to feel like I was crazy. For example, I spent quite a long time trying to explain to an endocrinologist that migraine headaches can be triggered and/or exacerbated by hormones and weather. He told me how impossible that was and that he would know because his mother-in-law suffered from migraines, and he would know what could help her.

Well, I left feeling very badly for his mother-in-law and very confused and frustrated about myself. I knew those things were true, so I never went back to that doctor. Now, there is a commercial on television that mentions weather affecting a migraine as if it’s common knowledge.

That is frustrating, isn’t it? It was several years ago I saw that doctor, and now my knowledge has been confirmed. Though, this is only one example. There are several other ways this has happened, so I’m starting to think maybe I should start talking about the other things I know and see if maybe they help people. So, let’s start at the beginning.

How We Are Similar

Especially for empaths, this world can be complicated. Many of us had difficult childhoods, though thankfully not all. Sometimes I read about a younger version of what we are and see what they have become with an awakened supportive family, and I realize … well, that’s another example of what I know, but that’s jumping ahead.

We are similar in the way we process pain through our bodies. For many years, I felt like I was less than because the ways I was taught by those in the spiritual community to protect myself didn’t work. I thought I was broken. I always feel the pain of others, and now I finally understand that my body processes that pain. Yes, I do realize this has something to do with my illness.

What To Do About It

So, if you are an empath, that means you are a type of being that has come here for an important purpose. You have come here, and probably have in many lifetimes, experiencing human pain so that you could process the darkness and transform it into light.

I know, that is a BIG thing to ask, and some of you might be thinking I’m crazy. That’s okay; I’ve been called worse. But, what if this thing inside you that has felt like a curse your whole life is really a GIFT!?! What if it is a Super Power? What if we all have the ability to heal the world? Would you choose to use that Gift to help people?

I’m guessing most of you just whispered yes inside your hearts. Why? Because you know what it’s like to be hurt, and you don’t want others to feel that way. So, what do we do about it?

Well, first, you have to heal yourself. Then, we can work on healing the world.

If your heart is racing because you’re panicking, just breathe. (You are not alone!) I am here with you, and several hundred thousand people visit this website every month. I’m convinced they are drawn here for a reason.

If your heart is racing because you’re excited, then AWESOME! I’m SO HAPPY about that!!!

If you’re calm or not sure what you’re feeling or any number of emotions, that’s all good too. Empaths should honor their emotions, but we also need to learn whether or not those emotions belong to us or someone else that we are feeling. 😉

Where Do We Begin?

We begin by healing ourselves and learning how to use our body, this vehicle that we drive around our unique sensitive souls in. Healing happens on many levels, but we’re going to focus on the three basics … body, mind and soul. And, I’m going to ask you to only focus on one thing a week to make the changes and the growth easiest. Do one thing for the next three weeks.

Choose One:

Body –

When I began my physical journey of healing, I could not exercise due to my illness but lost 65 pounds by becoming aware of what is in our food and adding positive things into my diet. If you choose body, I would like you to begin reading labels of the food you eat and upgrading to the best because you deserve the best.

Many people drink milk, with many drinking skim milk thinking its the best because its no fat, but skim milk is really a sugar water by product of the milk making process. If you look at the label of your skim milk, you’ll see all kinds of bad stuff in there. However, if you look at the full fat real milk version, all you will see on the label is Milk and maybe Vitamin D. If you drink regular milk, I challenge you to look at the milk labels and understand that milk fat is not your enemy. Full fat milk is healthier than the chemically laden lower fat versions. (This also applies to other milk products like yogurts, sour cream, cream cheese, etc)

If you drink nut milks, these are a great source of protein. However you should also be aware of potential allergies. When I did my allergy test, almonds were listed as high on the inflammation list, so I definitely cannot drink too much almond milk. Many people cannot eat too many almonds, however, so just be aware. Coconut milk may be good to mix in once in a while.

Mind –

We often find that our world is in some kind of turmoil, though it has been getting more and more stressful it seems. At times like this it can be very helpful to take a break from social media – especially when reading the opinions of others is only adding to the stress. If you’ve chosen to work on mind this week, I challenge you to take a Social Media Sabbatical. Stay off all forms of social media, and possibly even internet news, for at least 1 week. See if that eases your stress a bit.

Soul –

There is much more to why I believe this works and why I believe in using Angel cards even though some don’t believe in that any more, but that conversation is too big for this space. For now, I just want you to understand that a lot can be done with intention.

If you choose to heal your soul, I’m going to challenge you to heal the soul of the world. Heal the same pain that you have but in the world. For example, my Pit Pals project helps shelter pets get adopted faster. I raise money for three different shelters and offer toys, treats, collars, food, cash, etc. I do this because I love animals, but I also do it because I know what it is to feel unloved, to be afraid and unwanted. Donating to these causes doesn’t erase what I went through, but I do this …

I talk to that part of myself, the child within and show her that she is safe, loved and wanted. I tell her that she doesn’t need to be afraid anymore. She sees herself in the innocent. So by helping them and helping to make better those heartbreaking feelings of being unloved, afraid and unwanted that is real in their world, she heals some of that heartbreak energy from our world, and that helps her to heal. It helps me to heal.

So your challenge is to find a charity to donate to that can help heal some of your pain. <3

I hope you will work on one of these challenges, and I hope you will do one each for the next three weeks. Let me know what you tried in the comments. I would love to hear from you. Tell me what worked for you and even what didn’t work for you.

Much Love,


P.S. I do wish to clarify that I am in no way excusing abusers. There will come a time when they will see who and what we are, and they will want forgiveness. That will be the time when they will need to find healing, but that does not automatically excuse them from abusing the innocent. They will see that on their own path.

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  1. Brigitte
    Brigitte says:

    I loved what you wrote about healing the soul. I have been trying to forgive myself and heal my soul for the last few years and most times I feel like I cant, I just don’t know how to and that I don’t deserve to. I volunteered in our animal shelter, called the RSPCA, for a year and it made me feel, like I was making a difference. I now have a full time job and I am training new recruits and guiding them through their journey and I feel very blessed and honoured to be able to guide them on their new journey. I still struggle everyday with my self healing and forgiveness but finding joy in what I do and the connections I have made at work, have given me some peace.

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Brigitte, I’m happy to hear you are finding joy and some peace. Animals are wonderful healers and are always worth saving; a wonderful way to make a difference.

      I do also understand the difficultly in forgiving the self. Sometimes even the kindest soul can have difficulty finding worthiness, knowing they are worthy of forgiveness, love or even life itself. Sometimes life can be so unkind that we have a hard time seeing the truth of situations as well.

      I’ve known people who have blamed themselves for all kinds of things that were in no way their fault. Even if you do feel that you need to earn forgiveness, here is something Heaven has helped me to understand about those who ARE worthy of that forgiveness … people who earnestly seek forgiveness are either worthy of it or will soon be worthy of it. (Just the desire for that forgiveness puts the person on the road to finding it.)

      Personally, I’ve experienced some major things in my life that I should expect people to apologize for, though I don’t expect apology. I’ve also blamed myself for so many things that I should never of blamed myself for. I blamed myself for being a child. I blamed myself for surviving.

      What I have learned is that those who want to be different, those who want forgiveness, they are the ones who rise into a higher vibration and are able to accept the energy of forgiveness and move forward in their lives. When these people see what they did was wrong and how that affected the person they wronged, it triggers the soul to find and create balance.

      This works in a similar way for those who are harmed and needing soul healing, the soul needs to find and create balance. In both situations, finding or creating balance in a way that affects the pain in a positive way can bring that balance and soul healing.

      I hope this helps you. Wish you healing and blessings. <3

  2. Ruby
    Ruby says:

    All I really wanted to say was how beautiful and wonderful this message is and how perfectly worded. I’ve been working on all of these for some time now and I truly feel like personal healing is in the air because more people are talking about it. I gotta admit I nearly lost it in tears when it came to the soul part of it, so I’m thinking this is where the most work is needed. And I absolutely love the p.s. message you left. Well said!!! Thank you so much for this message! So much love and hugs being sent to you!

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Ruby, I’m happy this post was helpful to you. I also believe more people are opening up to healing, and that’s partly because of the timing of events in the world. People are ready for healing and for things to change.

      Your reaction to the soul part does sound like that’s probably a good place to begin. 🙂 Just remember to be patient with yourself, especially if there is a deep pain there.

      Regarding the PS message, if this helps, I see it this way … Even those who have created greater pain than necessary for others will one day reach for enlightenment. To achieve enlightenment, they will have to make peace with what they have done and why they’ve done it. Truthfully, I believe people are the way they are because of the things they’ve been through. That doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to continue hurting people, but it does mean that they were likely once hurt themselves.

      This is something I’ve really struggled with myself because so many preach forgiveness above all else, so I gave forgiveness, and the people I forgave went on to harm others … because they took my forgiveness as absolution of future harm. But, when people are not sorry and go on to be the same harmful people, that’s when you have to keep strong boundaries. Forgiveness is not always something that should be expected but at times something that should be given to those who are more enlightened and can understand what their harm has done. Those who continue to abuse are probably not ready to be forgiven.

  3. L Jones
    L Jones says:

    Empathy are here to transmute other pain, etc. Then uplift. we as humans should not be reverberating fear, anger, pain back at one another. that is just sending those emotions back and forth. as much as i am reluctant to do so i believe empathy are here to transmute it for others and start reverberating our light

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Jones, empaths are certainly NOT here to vibrate negative emotions out into the world. Actually, I am saying that they must first heal and then echo that healing into the world …

      “So, if you are an empath, that means you are a type of being that has come here for an important purpose. You have come here, and probably have in many lifetimes, experiencing human pain so that you could process the darkness and transform it into light.”

      We must first process our pain, whatever darkness we have gone through … and sometimes we have to process it may times as healing does happen in a spiral. But once we have come to that healing space, we can be there for others in our lives in the way we wish others had been there for us. We can also make a difference in the world in an effort to vibrate that healing upward and outward. I hope this offers you clarity.


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