Angel Messenger Charity Projects

Angel Messenger Charity Projects

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

Current Projects:

Summer 2024: Our current project is making craft kits for low income and foster children in order empower them to create. Using their creative energies is very important for so many reasons. To learn more about this, to donate to the project, or to get the free kit, click this link.

Just recently, we donated to help the St. Joseph’s school for Native American Children renovate their Rec center. We also made a donation to EVE. (April, 2024)

Our Compassion in Action Giveaway helped us raise money for four different projects. Learn more here.

Our Gifts of Grace Charity Auction was our first auction. It was fun though did not raise much revenue. We may try it again in the future.

We have not had many sales but have been keeping track of donations. When we have enough to make a donation and make a difference somewhere, we do.

For July 2022, we are going to have to pause in sending out our donations. We still are making our monthly donations that we have committed to, but we made so many donations in June that our account is low and needs to recover. Donations are greatly appreciated.

In June 2022, we donated $200 to Covenant house, which is more than we made in purchases. Those donations were tripled, which means we ultimately raised $600 for supporting homeless children through Covenant House. We also donated to a few different places for our PitPals project. Actually, we donated to several places for several reasons in June.

In May 2022, for our Intentional Creation of New Hope for the Ukraine and our world, we donated $150 which was double matched (so $300) to Project Hope. <3 We also donated $20 to Detroit Dog Rescue for our PitPals Project.

We now make monthly donations to Sandy Hook Promise and we “adopted” a 12 year old girl in Ecuador who lives with her grandmother and two younger sisters that we send monthly support to for her and her community.

As you may know, we at Angel Messenger work to give back to our world in different ways because we want to make the world a better place. While we do give money personally, there is a limit to what we can give. So, we try to sell conscious products where part of our sales are donated to worthy charities. You can also donate to help with our projects.

We also have our own charity projects that we have created, though we are not a “non-profit”. We just want to do something that matters. There are five charity projects we are working on now in addition to the other charities. We will list more here as we remember, though sometimes help is needed and I forget to add the place here. Where you see somewhere you can help, please do. <3

1. The Guardian Angel Project

Our original goal was to raise money to pay off school lunch debts for elementary and middle school aged children, so that kids don’t have to be shamed or embarrassed when their school lunch money runs out, as every debt paid is one less child who is shamed. We have also donated to a Native American school, and currently donate monthly to help provide healthy meals to these children. (I want to do more with this project.)

2. Pit Pals Charity Project

We love our “Pit Pals” Charity Project, and this project is dedicated to supporting no-kill animal shelters and rescues who are doing great work. We purchased new collars, food, treats and toys for shelter pets … because studies have shown that these things make shelter pets happier pets and happier pets get adopted faster … meaning those poor little babies in cages spend less time there. We hope to be able to afford beds at some point in the future. We have also helped by making cash donations to these charities, and I made cute little bow ties for dogs and some cats at two shelters. <3 Currently, we are saving money to purchase treats and toys for shelter pets. With winter and Covid, adoptions are down … and so are the hearts of fur babies in cages.  Donate to this project here.

3. Fur Friends Project

The original idea for this project was to provide a stuffed animal and a book to young children. My plan was to connect with teachers in order to do this, and the idea was to improve reading as well as to foster early compassion and relationships with animals. Our next generation needs to understand the importance of our environment and our fur friends. (A fur friend can be an important companion for a lonely child.) Recently, we donated animal coloring books to a classroom who completed a charity project of gathering food, toys and supplies for a pet shelter in their area.  Currently, we are saving money for our next project.  Donate to this project here.

There are also other charities that we support. Here are the ones we currently support …

4.  EVE – Ending Violent Encounters

The Eve organization is new to me, but I believe in what they are doing. Eve was founded in 1977 and is dedicated to Ending Violent Encounters. They’ve been doing this for a while. <3 As someone who has been a victim of violence, I felt an immediate connection to this cause. Since my illness limits my physical activity, I dedicate projects to help raise whatever money I can to worthy causes, and Eve definitely qualifies! (Donate to EVE on their website.)

5. Saving Trees

Why should we save trees? Because too many are being cut down, and WE NEED THEM TO BREATHE! Trees are a natural way our Mother Earth cleans the air we breathe. Trees breathe in our carbon dioxide, and they breathe out oxygen … so, yeah we really do need trees! Other animals need them as homes, and even the orca need them to survive.

I have always felt a strong connection to trees, have always loved them … so much so that my first digital camera was filled mostly with trees .. lol. It is crunch time now … Mother Earth can save herself, but she could use a little help from humans, and she could definitely do with some humans pausing in the whole killing the planet thing. A great website that makes a big difference is this one … I do most of my donating through this website because my money goes pretty far here, and they seem to really know what they are doing. If you follow us on Facebook, I also usually share a code to plant a free tree on this website whenever we make our donations. (They always give a “Plant a Free Tree” code to share with friends when you donate.) Donate to this project here. Our latest donation to this project was in April 2022 of 50 trees!

6.  My Own Health Care Needs

As you may or may not be aware, I have been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder, Fibromyalgia and a chronic form of PTSD. Some days are better than others, but this is a difficult illness to deal with. I try to do what I can to make a difference in the world. Partly, I think it’s because, even though I can’t end my own pain, I want to do what I can to help end the suffering of others. In another way, I think this work makes me feel like my life is worth living even though it is painful … sometimes too painful.

I do have a great medical team, and that is very helpful. However two therapies that used to really help my pain are massage and acupuncture, but I can no longer afford to go. Donations would help me afford at least a massage when the muscle pain gets really bad. Donate to this project here.

7.  Raices – Envisions a society where all people have the right to migrate and human rights are guaranteed.

These are some of the warriors successfully defending the rights of immigrants and refugees. They “empower INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITIES, AND advocate FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE”. (Donate to Raices on their website.)

Some of my ancestors are Romani; some are Irish. Part of me is an immigrant, and some of my people are still facing horrible things in the world today. Some were brutally slaughtered in the Nazi death camps. Luckily, my great grandmother and her sisters made it into Norway and then travelled to the United States.

I am also deeply connected to the Native American people, especially the Sioux Grandmothers. Even though our history books do not teach our children the truth of what our government did to my people, I know and remember … and what is happening now is repeating the past and is so very wrong! This is a betrayal of everything Christ stands for.

This land is NATIVE land! Anyone standing on “U.S. land” and saying that another does not have the right to stand here is a hypocrite. Yes, I know that may make some people angry, but I’m not wrong, and I’m speaking Divine Truth! You have a choice – LOVE or HATE!?! (Remind yourself that it is Christ asking you this question!)

I know there are those who disagree with my thoughts on this, and that is fine, but I will always fight for Liberty and Justice – especially when the innocent are involved. Despite my own pain, I will always stand against evil, and I don’t care who stands against me.

AND … We have begun adding new products in our store from several Faire Trade companies. I am so excited to have found these places because, not only do they sell great products, but they make a difference in the world too! Like me, they saw a need and did something about it. So, by selling their products in my store, I’m helping their projects and raising money for my own projects at the same time. That is a major win for everyone! <3

We’ve also donated to the The Homeless Angels, Covenant House, Arbor Day Foundation, Sierra Club (We are a Wilderness Guardian) , the Environmental Defense Fund and others. We simply donate yearly or when a need arises, when we can. As I said earlier, we are just trying to make a difference when and where we can.

Going forward, we are not going to assign specific products to projects because it’s getting complicated to keep track of. However, we are keeping track of donations coming in for those specific projects, and we will be donating to projects on a regular basis. I’m hoping to think of some fun ways to raise money for these worthy causes.

Thank you for reading about our charity projects. Wishing you blessings in all good things.  <3

Much Love,


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