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The Free Online Angel Card Readings at Angel Messenger really are the Best Free Angel Card Readings Online. This program was created by Re and her husband as a rosetta stone to help you communicate with your own angels, spirit guides and loved ones in Heaven. Re was offering sessions at the time, but it was impossible to meet the need, so creating this online communication device was a way to help people learn how to communicate with the Divine on their own.

Working with colleagues, we wrote our own descriptions for each card in the program based on how we personally experienced each card, in effort to teach you how to interpret them. We used 88 cards blended together from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Card Deck and the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card Deck, both originally authored by Doreen Virtue.

Doreen no longer believes in her work. However, we do believe in the work we do here. We took a tool and essentially remade it into what could have been the first Angel Card Reading App, but online. This creation was made with love, and we still keep this work alive for the same reasons we created it – and more. Humanity must learn how to communicate with and recognize the Divine, or too much will be lost. This work is too important, not evil! Help us by donating here.

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Basic Angel Reading

Ask your angels and spirit guides about a specific person or situation.
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Message From Your Angels Reading

Ask “What do my angels want me to know?”  They will give you the message you need right now. Or, ask for a message from a loved one in Heaven.
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Looking Ahead Angel Reading

Find out what’s coming up for you in the next few months or if life will flow a little smoother soon.
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Soulmate Reading

What is the purpose of this relationship?  Find out if he/she is your soulmate, where your relationship is headed or how someone feels about you.
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Simple One Card Reading

Ask any question for which you need a simple answer, or use this as a daily/weekly message.
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Life Purpose Angel Card Reading

Ask your angels and spirit guides about your life purpose. Are you progressing on your path? Is there a challenge standing in your way? What advice does Heaven have for you on how to move forward?
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Live Psychic Reading

Talk to a Live, On-Demand Psychic! Reputable spiritual practitioners are available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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Sometimes the online readings are just not enough and what you really need is to talk to a real live person.

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A good rule of thumb is to consult the cards no more than once a week for the same question. It would be better yet to wait a month or longer. Repeating this service for the same question over and over can be self defeating or cause inaccuracy. If you receive the same card more than once in your reading, pay special attention to the message.

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