The Question of Personal Belief

What Should You Believe in?

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Even though religion is a collective concept, faith is a very personal subject. We can be part of a collective whole, a school of religion, that believes in a certain way of life, and yet have our own very unique ideas about what accounts for a fulfilling existence.

The question of faith becomes truly gut-wrenching in those moments of life when it seems like we are walking through an endless tunnel of darkness with no glimmer of hope for a reprieve from our predicament. It is these moments that turn all our beliefs upside-down making us question where we should go for warmth and comfort in the darkest nights of our soul.

There is really no right or wrong answer to this. Whichever spiritual path or religious belief system feels good to your heart in the hardest moments of your life is your only true path. The ultimate destination of all religious paths and spiritual practices is God-Source Energy. This energy is not a person sitting on a cloud in Heaven – but within us. This light beats in our hearts – it is the essence of who we are once the trappings of the ego have fallen off.

Some people find consolation in chanting, some find it in dancing. There are others who find comfort in attending the Sunday service. Every path is the right one as long as it brings out the best in us and provides us solace when we most need it.

Always remember that true religion is the religion of love. When you live from a place of love, everything begins to fall in place.

Lack of love is the primary cause of all suffering. To love unconditionally is the purpose of our existence. Pure unconditional love is who we are at the core of our being. The further we move away from our true nature; the more things start to fall apart.

The Difference Between Faith and Superstition

Faith is based on love and superstition is based on fear. When we are fearful of something, we emit negative vibrations. This, in turn, attracts negative experiences and people into our energy field. Faith is based on unconditional love. When we live from a place of love, we trust that the Universe is putting everything together for our highest good. Even when things seem to be falling apart, they are actually being rearranged to serve our growth better.

Therefore, I urge you to never fall for quick fixes. Don’t believe those who tell you that they can change your destiny or foresee your future. You are the creator – you have the power to change your future. You are not a slave to your destiny but you are the master of it. Yours is the power to create, and you are truly powerful when you are living from a place of unconditional love.

Love is All There is

No matter which religious or spiritual path you choose to follow, the only thing you truly need to believe in is love. Real love is not about what you have received, it’s what you have given and what you choose to give every day. Love is the brilliance of your soul – it can illuminate the darkest moments of your earthly existence if you choose to remain connected with the Divine within.

The light at the center of your soul is the Truth of who you are. It does not matter whether you call it God, the Buddha, the Universe, the Matrix, Allah or anything else.

This light, the essence of who we are is a state of consciousness. This can be realized only by practicing love and connecting with your own Divine essence. The more Divine qualities you develop in yourself, the closer to your true essence you become. When you become one with God-Source Energy, you truly free yourself from all limitations. The question of what you should believe in does not even exist anymore because who or what you believe in is not something outside of you but something within your own heart.

Yet it’s important to have a path until you get to this point of sacred enchantment. Your path serves as a beacon of light calling you back home. “Which path should I take,” you ask – It does not matter for all paths of love lead to that One cosmic beloved!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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5 replies
  1. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Completely! You have described my personal beliefs about life and spirituality exactly. Yes, when people ask what my faith/belief/religion is I say it is the ‘religion’ of LOVE- namely that it is simply being one with this principle, intention and lived reality. I embody it as much as I can, but it is a journey to the soul, a journey to learn how to love and be a truly unconditionally loving being. Thank you for sharing this and for the reminder that we can choose anyway to get there, there is no right or wrong, and it is available to us we just need to tap into it in a way that works for us individually. 🙂


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