How I Met My Angel

by Linda Rostron, guest writer for Angel Messenger

I am 52 now, and for many years I have believed in Angels. I thought I would write about how I met my Guardian Angel and learned her name. I say her, but I now know that Angels don’t have particular genders, as fundamentally they are beings of energy, of light. Thinking of an Angel as male or female is for the benefit of humans, not necessary, but if it helps us to open up, to connect, then they are content with that.

I am a spiritual soul, but not very good at formal religion. I always felt judged and very lacking in the Methodist Church of my upbringing. I was usually identified as my Mum’s daughter, I love my Mum so I didn’t really mind, but it meant I hid away and was rarely Linda.

As time went by I moved away from my Lancashire home to live and work in London. I planned to stay for a year, it is now 28 years later! Anyhow, relationships and jobs came and went, but my curiosity about spirituality grew. I studied for an Open University degree, with religion being my main subject -this included Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamic, Judaism and Sikhism. My studies gave me a grounding of basic knowledge from a scholarly, not spiritual point of view.

Personally, I explored my spiritual side in many ways – from formal religion to Shamanism; from a retreat with High Anglican Monks to past life regression at a Mind Body Spirit exhibition; from learning about Islam at a Mosque in Libya to attending a talk about living a cloistered life with the Nuns of Tyburn. I was and still am fascinated by the idea of Universal Truth which is based on Love, not judgment. I am also very sadly aware of all the fear and horrors that occur in the name of religion throughout human history.

Angels were a small part of my spiritual exploration and my formal education, but for many years I thought no more of them. There were images and names, some vaguely familiar, such as Gabriel and Michael and some I had never heard of, such as Uriel and Metatron.

The Angels were thinking of me, however, and they were trying to get my attention. I started to become aware of strange and interesting things that were happening to me. I found pennies all over the place, feathers kept floating in my path, I saw orbs and flashes of light, and I was more aware of nature, especially birds. (I had my eyes checked and even laser surgery but I still had a growing visual awareness.) Another strange coincidence/synchronicity was two friends of mine, who didn’t know each other, bought me books on Angels as gifts for the same birthday!

My curiosity grew. I started to wonder about Angels, were they really real? I was led to a magazine article that explained I could sit quietly, peacefully, and ask for the name of my Guardian Angel. I decided to give it a go. I sat quietly, no music playing, relaxed my body and breathing the best I could, closed my eyes and asked for the name of my Angel. I said if you are real, tell me your name.

I was very surprised as I got a reply. I had a strange, unusual name come into my head. I didn’t know what it meant, so I looked it up online! WOW, it was the name of an Angel, my wonderful and very kind Guardian Angel – Barbelo.

For over 10 years now she has been my friend, my teacher, my guide. I don’t want you to think, dear reader, that my life has somehow been easy or perfect, because it hasn’t. I stumble and fall, I struggle with redundancy, money, physical problems, mental illness, the death of friends and family, and feelings of despair, hopelessness and loneliness.

I am also filled with wonder as I continue to learn and experience my connection to Spirit, and the presence of Angels in my life.

I have connected with many Angels now and I continue to learn about them, about how they are here to help us. We are not alone. We are loved and cherished. I have been encouraged to develop my focus and attention as an Angel card reader. This helps me concentrate as it uses my primary sense of sight to help me connect to them and their messages. They also communicate through dreams and daydreams, scents, nature and music. I am a bit slow at understanding at times so occasionally they like to shake me up a bit to get my attention. Gabriel, for example, often sends a loud bang or noise my way. They have also comforted me and held me when I have been in despair. I feel we are somehow developing a partnership, a partnership that we can all be part of through our interconnecting energy. A partnership that will help lead us all to the greatest joy of Divine Love and oneness with Spirit.

They also tell me that each soul is filled with Divine Light, a light that no other soul in exactly the same composition. Each and every one of us is so very precious. We are free, though, free to choose. Sometimes we choose good and sometimes bad. Sometimes we are so exhausted when life has been tough, that our light has been pushed down into the depths of our being. Our Divine Light will never go out though and the Angels are here to help us shine.

In Light and Love,


About the Writer:

I am 52, a Taurean, I was born in Manchester, England, grew up in Lancashire. For 28 years now I have lived in central London. I was a public servant until redundancy two years ago. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love animals but am allergic to cats! I enjoy art, cinema, sci-fi and fantasy books and TV, spooky things, exploring and traveling.

Since redundancy, my life has been a mystery. I believe in Angels!

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  1. Linda Rostron
    Linda Rostron says:

    Hi Monica,
    A bit about Archangel Ariel for you:
    Lion of the Divine. Strong and steadfast. Helps control fears, helps us to persevere and fight for what is right, for the good of all. Helps with money. Connects to nature, water in particular. Helps with feelings, especially releasing them and coming to terms with them. Likes music. Encourages fun. Absolutely LOVES to be connected to you. Wonders await.


  2. monica
    monica says:

    i have tried to ” hear” the name of my angel but…. one night i asked and at some point a R.E.O song kept playing in my head.. now i had no idea why but i kept repeating R.E.O and it started to blend and sound like Ariel. so when i got up the next morning i said ” well if you’re saying your name is Ariel then while i’m online , give me a sign, confirm it”.. well on the aol. home page i was scrolling thru news articles, etc. and at the bottom was a “on this date” fun facts thing and there was pic of Disney’s Ariel the mermaid… so i mean was that it? kinda funny that it happened to be there the same day i was asking for confirmation. wishful thinking ?


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