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Why Simply "Being" Is The Best Way To Be Your True Self

We are told to be authentic and to be true to ourselves. But even the authentic self-needs to be reigned in sometimes.
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Question of Personal Belief - What Should You Believe in?

Even though religion is a collective concept, faith is a very personal subject. We can be part of a collective whole, a school of religion, that believes in a certain way of life, and yet have our own very unique ideas about what accounts for a fulfilling existence.
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I'll Tell You Why

I asked God why so much has happened and why so many are struggling. I asked God why the people of Haiti have seen so much devastation and why their government is unable to accept all the help that has been offered. It's frustrating to see help just sitting in boxes, unable to reach those in need. I also asked why we are able to send help to those so far away while yet so many are suffering in our own country - in different ways but still unaided and crying out.

A Struggle with Myself

I hadn't realized that Boy Scouts is actually a religious organization of sorts. If you don't believe in God, you're not allowed to be a leader. I do believe in God, but I don't really like some of the ways they alienate and reject some people.

The Secret that Religion Doesn't Tell You

The Secret that Religion Doesn't Tell You by: Richard Blackstone Your spiritual growth reveals the secret that religion rarely talks about. “You are an eternal being.” Most spirituality information leads you to this conclusion because…
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America Believes in Guardian Angels

Hello everyone!  My husband just sent me an interesting article that he found regarding the beliefs Americans have when it comes to guardian angels.  The article talks about how most Americans believe in guardian angels, and many believe to…

Worthless Religion

Worthless Religion by J. Kip Givens posted from the Magical Buffet I don’t have a lot of patience for religion or religious people! Frankly, religion makes me ill and religious people bring out the worst in me. Religion is filled…