Increase Your Luck with Heaven's Help

Increase Your Luck With Heaven’s Help

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

Turning into the luckiest person you know is really simpler than you’d imagine!

Societal and family conditioning makes us believe that luck is merely a roll of the dice, or, at best, a play of random chance. We are told that some people are just born lucky while others have to fight for their bread and butter. But how true are these beliefs that have been deeply ingrained in our minds?

Believe it or not, we live in a universe of infinite possibilities. If you don’t have enough, it is not because you are not one of the “lucky” ones. Instead, it is simply because you haven’t yet learned how to tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe.

Nothing happens by chance – not even luck! Now, the real question is this … How do you transition into becoming one of those “lucky” people who seem to have no problem getting anything and everything they wish for? The only way you can make this possible is by connecting with the Universe, the Matrix, God or whatever other word you like to use.

Imagination and Emotions

First of all, you must understand that one of the greatest gifts we humans have been given is the power of imagination. Imagination combined with emotions forms a formidable combination that can translate any seed of thought germinating inside our minds into physical reality.

Therefore, the thoughts that float in your head aren’t just distractions. In fact, they are your conversations with the Heavens. If you allow these “distractions” to grow like weeds, then your life will probably look like a major mess. It takes work, dedication and persistence to create a beautiful garden inside your mind.

Think only what you want and feel only what you want. Imagine what you desire as if it has already happened and allow the matching emotions of joy, gratitude and happiness to arise in your being. By doing this, you will vibrationally align yourself with the fulfillment of your desire.

Try these techniques to improve the power of your imagination.

Think Positive

Ask the angels to take away all your fears by replacing each fearful thought with a positive uplifting one. The only real roadblocks on your path of massive good luck are your own fears and limiting beliefs.
A Course in Miracles says that a miracle is a shift in perception. Pray for a “miracle” (and feel that miracle coming true) every time you find yourself getting bogged down by negative thinking.

Send Love

Love is the very fabric of the Universe. By sending love to your past, present and future, you can heal your life from the inside out. When you send love to your fellow beings, you send a powerful message to the Heavens – one that proclaims you as a representative of its infinite unconditional love.

Every time you find yourself stuck with piled up bills, debt, relationship issues or any other problem, instead of fretting and becoming fearful, sit back and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a large ball of pink light surrounding you. Sit in it and enjoy the love and warmth you feel inside your protected space. Now, send this pink ball to settle around the aura of the thing that is bothering you.

For instance, if you are in debt, then you can see yourself happily paying all the money you owe. However, make sure that you don’t visualize the problem but only the solution to it. After this, every time your mind wanders back to the problem, take the conscious decision to only see the solution inside your mind’s eye ensconced inside an aura of loving pink light.

Do this meditation every morning. Send unconditional love in a pink ball of light to your entire day as soon as you arise in the morning. At night, send it to the day that has gone by. Before any important event, like a job interview, an important date, a client meeting, etc. send love using this same method.

Turning into the luckiest person you know is really simpler than you’d imagine!

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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