11 Ways to Connect and Work with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

No matter who you are or where you’re from, angels and spirit guides are ready to support you. But they don’t step in and take over. We need to ask for their help and guidance first. So, if you want to connect and work with your angels and spirit guides, it’s essential to know-how.

This article shows you 11 ways to get started so you can have greater peace, love, and light in every area of your life.

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Who Are Spirit Guides?

Some people differentiate between spirit guides and angels. Others say that angels are one of the many types of spirit guides. We take the latter approach here.

Spirit guides are not physical beings; they’re spiritual. Some have always been spirits, like archangels and guardian angels. Others have lived as humans, but are now crossed over.

Because spirit guides are spiritual beings, they are not bound or restricted by natural laws. They can transcend them, but they will never infringe on your free will or force you to do anything. And in many cases, they will not take action on your behalf unless you first invite them in and ask them to do so.

As we’ve already seen, spirit guides can include archangels and guardian angels, but they can also include people who have crossed over, too.

Spirit guides can include ascended masters, like Buddha, Mother Mary, or other revered individuals from religious traditions.

Spirit guides can also be family members or loved ones who have left their earthly experience, but who continue to support you in yours.

Why Do We Need Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides might just feel like an *extra* – just one more thing you need to learn about in order to evolve spiritually. While spirit guides aren’t mandatory, they certainly can help us. Take a look.

Spirit Guides Support YOU

Spirit guides don’t discriminate. Whatever your background or calling is, they are there for you.

They will help you act in a way that honors your sovereign individuality. They will help you live from a place of love and compassion, rather than from fear and unworthiness. And they will help you take actions that align with your true and authentic self.

Sometimes, the plans we make for ourselves don’t match our highest calling. So, don’t be surprised if your spirit guides hold you accountable, or invite you to step out of your comfort zone. They’re not doing it to be mean. They’re doing it because they are love and they are wise, and they want what is ultimately best for you.

Are spirit guides mandatory for your spiritual evolution? No, they’re not. But now that you know that you basically have a team of guides, rooting for you and devoted to the Universe’s beautiful plan for you, why not connect and work with them?

Here are 11 ways to do that.

1. Ask for their guidance

Spirit guides are always available to support you, but they will not step in unless you invite them and ask them to. The one exception to this rule is when we are in grave danger or have hit a huge rock bottom, and we need divine intervention fast.

You don’t need a fancy prayer or ritual to ask your spirit guides for their guidance. If you know their names, or if you’ve chosen names for your spirit guides, simply say to them:

“Thank you [name], for giving me the strength to break free from this difficult situation. I gladly accept your strength and protection.”

You’ll notice that this simple prayer starts with the words “Thank you.” There’s a reason for this. First, it communicates gratitude, which elevates your frequency. Second, saying “Thank you” reminds you that the spirit guides are already supporting you.

2. Get quiet and listen

Life can feel like a whirlwind of events and activities. If you want to connect and work with your spirit guides, you need to get quiet and listen to them. You can turn down the outside noise and turn up your own inner speakers by meditating, doing breathwork, or practicing present moment awareness.

3. Journal

What do you feel conflicted about? What’s weighing you down? Tell your spirit guides. You can be frank and open with your spirit guides – your secret is safe with them. Then, get quiet, open up your journal, and write freely.

Don’t overanalyze, second-guess, or censor what you’re writing. Just let the words flow through you, allowing your spirit guides to send their messages through your writing.

When you’re finished, reread what you wrote. You may find precious pearls of wisdom.

Guardian Angels Inspirational Quote

4. Practice gratitude

Your guides may show up right away by helping you experience fast, intuitive knowing, or by sending an unmistakable sign. But they are not genies in a bottle, ready to grant our every wish.

So, instead of having demanding or entitled energy toward our spirit guides, allow yourself to practice and feel gratitude toward them. This gratitude can strengthen our belief that they can and do support us. This gratitude also elevates our own frequency and allows us to vibrate higher and tune into what is true and right for us.

5. Ask your spirit guides for a tangible sign

Because spirit guides are spiritual, it can be a test of faith to work with them. Are they really there? How do you know if they hear you or not? If you find yourself struggling with doubt, or you’re just curious about their presence, ask them to give you a tangible sign – something you can recognize in the physical realm.

You might ask them to surprise you. Or, you might have a favorite color, crystal, song, or image that they use to make their presence known. Let yourself be open to their style and sense of humor. They may surprise you.

6. Engage with the guidance your spirit guides give you

Nothing is more disheartening than giving someone a special gift, watching them unwrap it and toss it aside carelessly. It hurts, doesn’t it? Consider that the messages from your spirit guides are special gifts.

Whatever you do, try not to receive their gift and set it aside. Try to engage with their guidance with sincerity and an open mind.

Their gifts may not be what you are expecting, or what you want to hear. But always trust that your spirit guides will never give you any wisdom that isn’t meant for your highest good.

7. Surrender a difficult issue to your spirit guides

Does it feel like you’re treading water and going nowhere with a specific issue? Sometimes, when we can’t find the right way to move forward, it can feel like we’re stuck in an eternal traffic jam.

This is a good time to hand over your troubles to your spirit guides. Thank them for taking this on for you, and trust that they can bring it back to you with their wisdom, advice, and love.

Energetically offloading a difficult situation also gives you a chance to take a deep breath, decompress, and return to the issue when you’re refreshed and ready.

8. Name your spirit guides

Wouldn’t it be special to know your guides by name? It isn’t difficult to name your guides or to ask them to reveal their names to you.

If you would like to name your guides, you might choose a name or word that holds a special place in your heart. Then, simply calling on your guides would be uplifting.

You can also ask your spirit guides to share their names with you. If your spirit guides are ascended master or loved ones who have crossed over, they can share the names they were known by when they lived on earth. Angels may also choose to share their titles with you, too.

There are several ways you can go about asking your spirit guides for their names. The simplest way is to sit in quiet meditation and ask them. Allow whatever comes through to come through.

You can also ask your guides to leave their name for you to find throughout the day or week. How will you know? You can expect to feel a deep, inner knowing, or a sense of joy that confirms that this is their name.

9. Trust yourself

No matter who you are or where you come from, you have the ability to connect with your spirit guides and work with them. Trust that you can do this. Yes, there are spiritual teachers, intuits, and individuals with special gifts, and there’s no question they can help you connect with your guides.

But don’t discount your own psychic abilities. In other words, don’t wait until your next healing session to connect with your spirit guides. You can do so right now if you want to.

10. Create moments of joy

Have you ever noticed that children love to play and have fun? They always seek out ways to enjoy themselves. This playful nature is something we lose as adults. Another thing we lose is a connection to spirit – something young children retain.

So, a fun and enjoyable way to open up the pathways between you and your spirit guides is to play and engage in activities that light you up. This doesn’t mean you have to revert back to old childhood games. It simply means doing things today that make you feel alive, light, and joyful.

For some, that’s cooking. For others, it’s swinging in your hammock or kayaking in the lake. The important thing is that you allow your inner child to play again.

11. Practice using your intuition

One of the main ways our spirit guides communicate with us is through our intuition – our own, inner knowing and wisdom. Everyone has intuition, but some of us have stronger forms of intuition. Take a look.

  • Clairaudience is when you hear loving voices in your mind
  • Clairvoyance is when you see guidance as images in your mind
  • Claircognizance is when you understand guidance as mental imprints or downloads
  • Clairsentience is when you feel guidance in your physical body, energetic body, or emotional body

You may already recognize your dominant intuition type. If you do, that’s great. Take time to engage with it more often. For example, if you’re clairvoyant, can you practice more present moment meditation to see imagery?

If you’re clairsentient, how can you pay closer attention and pay heed to what your body is trying to tell you about a given situation? By fine-tuning your intuition, your spirit guides will have a clearer channel to communicate with you.

Spirit guides are your own special spiritual team. Their ultimate goal is your highest good. Use these 11 tools to connect with them on a daily basis and receive their love, light, and truth.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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