A Dedication to the Earth Mother

by Re, founder of Angel Messenger

If you’ve been following our work, you know that we have been working on bringing awareness to and dedicating work to Mother Earth. This work brought to us the attention of someone special. You may have noticed that we have been adding some unique coloring pages to our online store over the past couple of months. These beautiful pages were gifted to us by a new friend and colleague, C. Pensky.

Ms. Pensky is the creator of the Hidden Worlds Hidden Words coloring book for which 10% of every sale is donated to Water.org, an international nonprofit organization that brings safe water and sanitation to millions of people around the world. She was kind enough to create six new coloring pages for our online store because she felt our Mother Earth Project is in line with her own mission. She believes all life is sacred, and has a mission about bringing clean water to the world and spreading a message to respect the Earth and all life.

The coloring pages she created are a celebration of the beauty of the Earth and explore Indigenous perspectives from a Manitoba artist. We at Angel Messenger dedicate these works of art to Gaia, our Earth Mother.

Below are quick links to the new coloring pages created by Ms. Pensky:

Gaia Butterfly Coloring Page (pictured above)

Gaia Earth Mother Coloring Page

Seven Teachings Dream Catcher Coloring Page (pictured right)

Orca Spirit Coloring Page

Little People Coloring Page

Boomali Dolphin Spirit Coloring Page

I hope you will enjoy these new coloring pages. Coloring is a great way to calm your energy or even to meditate. They are all free, or you can choose to make a donation to help support our work. 🙂

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Pamela Scott
    Pamela Scott says:

    These are great! How generous of Angel Messenger and Ms. Pensky to do this. I’m going to download them all! Thank you. Love and blessings to you all!!!


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