How to Heal and Move On

After an Emotional Breakdown

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Let me tell you this: There’s not a single soul in this world who hasn’t felt the devastation of a heartbreak at some point or another. Emotional pain is a part of life. When we are going through pain we think that life and that the Higher Power we believe in is trying to punish us.

In reality, pain is a good thing. It is an indicator that we are alive. Imagine what would happen if our fingers could not feel any pain. We’d probably end up damaging or losing them. You must understand that pain by itself is not something negative. Negativity comes from dwelling on the pain and turning it into a form of suffering.

The irony of human suffering is that when we are in the midst of it all, we think that it will never end. Think about any major disappointment or heartbreak you have had. Maybe you badly wanted a job or a particular person as a romantic partner. For some reason or another, things didn’t work out. Initially, it hurt so bad that you thought you’ll never experience happiness again. However, over time, your wounds started healing. The intensity of the pain slowly started diminishing. Then one fine day, you looked back and the trauma of the past had become a distant memory.

Pain Has a Purpose

Believe it or not, the human spirit is truly unbreakable. Pain is simply the Universe’s way of redirecting you to something better. You had a plan but the Universe knows that another plan will work better for you. Hold on and have faith. Trust that what is meant for you and it will come to you in perfect divine timing. Nothing is over until you accept it is – don’t hold on to people or things but always hold onto your dreams.

You must let go of everything that no longer serves you so that you can become the person that your Higher Self wills you to be. Every emotional breakdown is a rebirth into a new life because real transformation happens only at the point when the past falls apart completely. Let go of the old and allow the wisdom of the Universe to unfold through you – be like the Phoenix that emerges at its glorious best from the ashes of yesterday.

Get Up and Get Going

One of the easiest ways to sink deeper into depression and pain is to remain in inertia. You must take action and do something to feel better. Physical movement is critical for gaining control over your emotions. Emotions are really just ‘energy in motion.’ When you don’t move your body, you also end up creating energetic blockages that further increase the problems in your life. Therefore, this is the first thing you need to do to come out of your pain.

Get up and get some exercise now!

Perform a Release Ritual

Write down everything you are feeling – allow yourself to cry through this and to feel the pain in all its intensity. You must assign a sense of finality to it – like you are writing a final goodbye letter to someone who is dying. You won’t get a second chance to do this and you have only a limited time to write everything down. Therefore, do this with a deadline (no longer than one day).

Once you have poured your heart out, burn the letter. You can flush the ashes or discard it in a flowing water body.

Every time you get reminded of the past, take your memory back to this ritual – you have discarded the past and left that old life behind. You are no longer the same person and your life is also no longer the same.

Align Yourself with the Rhythms of Nature

Whenever we are going through heartache, the natural instinct is to allow ourselves to completely lose balance. We don’t eat on time, we don’t sleep on time, we hardly get any exercise or fresh air. I would urge you to force yourself to build a schedule that is in sync with the rhythms of nature. This is very important because simply following the cycles of day and night has a powerful harmonizing effect on our system.

I would suggest that you wake up around sunrise or earlier. Do some form of gentle exercise (like yoga, tai chi, etc.). Follow up with breathing exercises, prayer, and meditation.

Having this ‘me time’ every morning is essential for maintaining physical, mental and emotional health in both the long and short-term.

Eat on Time

After your holistic morning rituals, nourish your body with a wholesome and healthy breakfast. Eat in peace and quiet – never in front of the television. However, you can play some calming and soothing music in the background.

Eat your lunch at noon. This is because when the sun is at its peak, your digestive ability is also at its strongest. Whatever you eat at this time is likely to be well-digested and assimilated into your system.

Also, plan your most challenging task of the day in the early part of the day so that you would have taken care of it by mid-afternoon. This will give you a natural sense of accomplishment and exhilaration.

A Calming Evening Routine

After coming back from work, spend time relaxing. By this, I mean doing something that nourishes your soul. Here are a few ideas and suggestions: take a relaxing bath, listen to classical music, read an uplifting book, light a few candles and have a healthy dinner with gentle soothing music playing in the background.

After your dinner (keep it light and wholesome), spend some time with loved ones. You can also curl up with a beautiful book or cuddle with a beloved pet. The point is to do something that you truly enjoy (but try to stay away from the TV and other electronic devices).

Before sleeping, again, spend some time meditating and praying.

Shift Your Focus

Resist all temptation to think about everything that is causing you pain. Every time you focus your energy on the negative, you are turning that negativity into reality.

Therefore, invest your energy in thinking only about what you truly want. Paint the picture of your dream as vividly as possible in your mind’s eye. Live as if everything you ever wanted has already happened.

Lastly, never forget – this too shall pass!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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