How to Get a Live Psychic Reading Without Getting Scammed

Are you afraid of getting scammed at your next live psychic reading? It’s a legitimate fear. Lots of people seek a wise seer and end up sitting across from a scammer. This can shatter trust, tear down our self-esteem, and make us wary of giving psychics a second chance.

If you want your next psychic reading to be supportive and authentic, this article is for you. You’ll discover nine red flags to look out for, and how to find psychics you can trust.

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The Energetics Of Psychic Con Artists

Have you ever been scammed? You probably felt really crummy, and maybe even criticized yourself for “falling for a scam.” But now’s a good time to give yourself some grace.

Looking back, you might say you saw a psychic, but it’s safe to say, you saw a very skilled con artist.

Of course, he or she could have been a genuine psychic, but some choose to misuse or abuse their natural gifts and take advantage of other people.

Individuals who scam through psychic readings are often very adept at reading energy and can dominate and manipulate individuals – especially people who are already in a vulnerable state.

Many times, people seek out a psychic because they’re worried, concerned, or unsure about something. They hope a psychic reading will provide guidance, clarity, or reassurance. So, they approach psychic readings with a trusting and open energy. The only problem is, if you go to a scammer, they will cash in on this vulnerability.

You don’t need to approach every psychic with skepticism or suspicion. Instead, learn exactly how to differentiate a potential scammer from an authentic one with these nine red flags.

1. Your Gut Says “No!”

A lot of the time, when you look for a psychic, you check out their website or read online reviews. If at any time during the research process, your intuition says “No”, trust it.

You may not hear the word “No”, but you might feel unsettled or anxious. You might feel your energy rise up and feel chaotic or muddled. What you’re feeling is the dissonance that this potential decision is creating inside.

Compare this to when you make a decision that aligns with your highest worth; it feels calm and correct, right?

The only trouble is, listening to your intuition isn’t always easy. A lot of the time, if we’re seeking a psychic, it may be because we feel lost or unsure. In other words, we’re not as in touch with our intuition as we might be. Therefore, it might be hard to notice your intuition and trust it.

But this guideline still stands. If you feel any dissonance or intuitive resistance, keep looking. Trust that the Divine will reveal the right psychic to you.

2. Check The Location

Where is the psychic located and how do they advertise themselves? In general, scammers will have a sign on their house or apartment. They might also situate themselves on a busy street that gets a lot of foot traffic to draw in new and unsuspecting clients. To play it safe, avoid flashy signs – especially when they’re in a busy area.

3. Do Some Research

In this day and age, we usually head to the internet to find what we’re looking for. It’s no different when you’re looking for a good psychic. And although professional con artists can hide online, it’s also a great place to separate the chaff from the wheat.

You want to avoid online networks like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and instead head straight to tarot associations, like the American Tarot Association or the American Association of Psychics. Yelp is also a great spot to find a reader via virtual word-of-mouth.

Act like a detective and look around.

  • Does their website look reputable?
  • How much information does the psychic give about her/himself?
  • Do they have reviews?
  • Are they part of a program that verifies their readers? (psychic access)
  • Are they invested in this field?
  • Do they have any training?
  • What about a license or certification from a trusted establishment?

Have they studied with other psychics? Do they have a blog? What about a YouTube channel, or social media accounts? Do they have a real photo of themselves?

In other words, when you’re trying to decide if a psychic is a real deal, look for specific information and details about their process and personality.

Then, ask yourself: Is this a brand new site, or does she have hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews? The more reviews the better because it shows a longstanding history of reading for others. Then, see what the reviews say. You want an honest mix. If a site only has 5-star reviews, that can be a red flag as those reviews may be paid for or fake. However, this isn’t always true, and we are not saying that a psychic that is new to the online world cannot be a “good” one.

Although the internet is a good place to do your research, don’t forget about old fashioned word-of-mouth. Ask your friends or family, or your social media community if they have any recommendations. Similarly, visit your local spiritual shop and ask for their top psychic readers. And remember, this is just a guideline … not all great psychics are tech savvy.

4. What Is Their Psychic Method

Before booking your reading, be sure you have a clear understanding of their psychic method. If it’s a genuine psychic, they’d be more than happy to share their background and how they work. Scammers will probably not want to go into details with you.

Psychics can use tarot or angel cards; they can tap into western or Vedic astrology. They may listen to guides, use rune casting, crystals, pendulums or other methods.

5. Protect Your Privacy And Payments

If you’re planning to pay online, snoop out any hidden conditions that might not be obvious. Make sure your credit card will only be charged for one reading, rather than for continued payments. And before making any transaction, read the fine print and confirm the site uses secure payment methods.

If you ever receive an email offering psychic reading services out of nowhere, don’t reply with your name, number, or financial information. This may be a scammer and it’s better to protect your privacy and personal information.

How to spot a scammer during your reading

Let’s say you find your psychic and you’re having a reading. Hopefully, they are ethical and trustworthy, but just to make sure, use these tips to stay grounded and safe during a potential scam.

Observe how they talk with you

Once the reading begins, observe who’s doing most of the talking. Hint: it should not be you, and the reader should not ask more questions than you. They certainly should not ask for financial or intimate information either.

So, if it feels like they’re fishing, they probably are, and you’re probably getting a fake reading.

Pay attention to what they say about you, too. If they disclose something specific and something they could never know, you may be on your way to a positive reading. However, if they say vague and non-specific things about you, it’s an indication they’re not genuine.

One way to understand the difference is to do a basic Google search of yourself before your reading. What can everyone see if they were to do the same? A scammer may do this prior to a reading, and that’s something to be aware of.

Finally, does the reader mention other clients, and disclose private information about them to you? This is never a good method, and a sign you might be dealing with a scammer.

Look Out For Threats And Curses

While negative energy is a real thing, curing curses is one of the oldest tactics in the book. If a psychic tells you you’re under a curse, they usually promise to lift the curse for a fee. Often, this fee is exorbitant and far above the cost of the original reading. If someone tries this with you, stay in your authentic worthiness and don’t let them manipulate you this way. The negative energy in your life may be the psychic …

Threats work in much the same way. For example, the reader may warn that something terrible is imminent *unless* you take steps to avoid the trouble now. Although natural disasters and God’s wrath are scary threats, trust that you are safe and that there’s no need to pay up for your safety.

Say No To Limited Time Offers

Curses and threats are the most obvious type of “limited time offer”. But there are subtler ones, too. A true reading is valid at any time, so you should never feel pressured to buy one “now” before it’s too late.

If you see marketing that wants you to buy multiple readings upfront before you’ve ever had your first one, steer clear. You also want to avoid “specials” that are time-sensitive. This marketing is tapping into something we’re all vulnerable to: a scarcity mindset and the belief that there isn’t enough to go around.

Don’t worry. If you are meant to have a psychic reading, you will and when you do, the price and timing will be perfect. While even the noblest psychic will offer sale prices from time to time, don’t feel pushed into buying a service you cannot afford or are not ready for.

Do They Make Unrealistic Promises?

Look out for bold claims or unrealistic promises, like “100% ability to do x, y or z.”

A true psychic cannot control you or anyone else. So, if your reader promises to make someone fall in love with you, give you a promotion or winning lottery numbers, it should be a red flag – especially if you have to pay more for this service.

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

These nine guidelines support you so you can avoid a scammer. However, if you’re reading this and you’ve been a victim of a con artist, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask for a refund
  • If a refund is denied, contact your bank or credit union and report the scam
  • Report the scammer to local authorities
  • Leave a review on their website (if possible), on Yelp, on Google, or wherever it is possible to do so
  • Share your experience on social media platforms to help protect others and rebuild your trust

If you’ve been scammed in the past, it really can shatter your trust and confidence in this wonderful practice. But rest assured: there are many genuine and ethical readers out there, and you can find one. Our goal here at Angel Messenger is to help you to connect to your higher self; to help your soul grow and to achieve your soul’s life mission. We know that a great psychic can aid you on that path, but a bad one is simply not helpful, which is also why we are dedicated to helping you connect on your own.

Use these guidelines to protect your privacy, personal information, and your energy. When you do, you can really enjoy the search for your next psychic and relax into trust, knowing that the universe has the best match for you.

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Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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