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My Mother Earth Experience

I am Re and She is ME! I have chosen to honor the Earth Mother because she called out to me to do so, and I have bonded with Her. I have co-created with Her, honored Her.
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Fawn's Meditation on Doreen Virtue

In order to fully experience the expression of a particular spirituality or chosen ritualistic practice, a soul needs to have the freedom to explore and to experience the fullness of that system of faith.
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Reasons Why Bad Things Still Happen to Me when I Do Good

The beginning of one’s spiritual journey is usually the hardest part which is why many people are not able to persist and they abandon their chosen path as quickly as they had adopted it.
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Question of Personal Belief - What Should You Believe in?

Even though religion is a collective concept, faith is a very personal subject. We can be part of a collective whole, a school of religion, that believes in a certain way of life, and yet have our own very unique ideas about what accounts for a fulfilling existence.
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Let Go and Let God

To Let go and Let God- I learn to trust again. Without meditation and a spiritual connection, I would struggle more to learn how to pay attention to what is necessary to experience and learn on my journeys ...
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An Inspiring Little Seed

This summer has been very wet - and cold; most of my plants are almost overgrown and not blooming well. But, I had one big surprise ... one of the tiny little flower seeds I planted last summer finally popped out of the ground and out came this ...
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Don't Stop Believing

Last night before I went to sleep, I had a little chat with my angels. After much convincing on their part, I realized it was time to let go on the house. For a long time, I've felt responsible for what has happened to my family, and I had…

A Struggle with Myself

I hadn't realized that Boy Scouts is actually a religious organization of sorts. If you don't believe in God, you're not allowed to be a leader. I do believe in God, but I don't really like some of the ways they alienate and reject some people.
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Faith of the Innocent

I wrote this some time ago but ran across it and decided to post it here ... Faith of the Innocent As I looked into my son's eyes one night, I saw something amazing. I saw absolute trust, absolute faith . . . in me. He knows that I…

Finding Grace

This is a very sweet story that I found on Beliefnet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  ~ Sheri Finding Grace by Bob Perks If you want to learn the meaning of faith, get down to a child's level. "What could this possibly…