10 Tips to Help You Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

During these globally challenging times, it’s not easy to remain positive and happy. However, challenges present unprecedented opportunities for growth. We are facing a time in history that can be described as nothing less than apocalyptic. This literally means ‘lifting of the veil.’ Everything that was previously hidden and subtle is now becoming conspicuous.

All the issues that we had previously managed to duck under the carpet at both the individual and collective levels are coming to the surface. There is no escaping the truth anymore. We must face what has already manifested in our lives at both the individual and collective levels. To change anything we must begin by accepting what has already come to exist in our reality.

All this is not easy. We must face what’s in front of us but we can’t allow ourselves to be bogged down by any of it. Hence, you must take steps to consciously protect yourself from all forms of negativity.

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Here are our top 10 tips to help you ward off negative energy:

  1. Take a Salt Water Bath

Salt baths are excellent for purifying your energy body. You can run a bath and add a cup or two of Epsom salt (Himalayan or rock salt will also work). Soak in it for some time and visualize all the stagnant energy and blockages in your body leaving through the skin dissolving into the saltwater.

To set the mood, you can also light some candles and play soft music in the background. Be sure to tell your family that you need some time for yourself so that you won’t be disturbed during the bathing ritual.

  1. Meditate Every Morning and Evening

The cause of much suffering in life is our disconnection from the Source. Meditation is the process of recharging and rejuvenating ourselves by connecting with the Source energy. (It’s how we refill our spiritual gas tank.) Hence, it is helpful to meditate daily.

Meditate first thing in the morning and immediately before going to bed as these are the two times of the day when the doors of the subconscious are wide open. By changing the programming of your subconscious mind, you can completely alter your reality.

  1. Create a Protective Shield Around Your Aura

After your meditation, visualize a golden pyramid surrounding your body. You are inside this pyramid as it covers you from head to toe. Set the intention that along the edges of this golden pyramid there is an electric blue energy that doesn’t allow any impure thought or intention to reach you.

If any negativity comes your way, this electric blue light bounces it and sends it to pure Source energy so that it may be transformed.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

We are at our strongest and most powerful when we are fully present in the moment. Whatever big or small tasks you undertake, do everything with total mindfulness. Feel your body by being fully present inside it.

  1. Connect with Your Breath

One of the most important ways in which we absorb life force energy from our environment is through the power of breath. The more life force energy you have, the less likely it is that any negative energy will affect you. I would highly recommend that you practice breathing exercises like pranayama on a regular basis.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, perplexed, or low, focus all your energy on your breath. Observe with full attention the inflow and outflow of breath. This simple practice is immeasurably therapeutic.

  1. Define Your Boundaries

Stay away from people, places, and situations that leave you feeling depleted. Don’t allow guilt or a false sense of obligation to get the better of you. Sometimes it is better to say no and disappoint others than give them what they want while it makes you miserable.

Fill your cup first because no one can pour from an empty cup.

  1. Spend Time in Nature

Nothing is more therapeutic and deeply healing than spending time in nature. By connecting with Mother Nature, you can build up higher reserves of life force energy. This will keep negativity out of your life.

I would highly recommend going for a daily morning walk. Walking barefoot on the earth for a few minutes every day is an excellent practice.

Being out in the sun not only builds up your immunity but also cleanses your energy body so make sure that you are making time to enjoy some sunshine every day.

  1. Use Crystals and Gemstones

There are many crystals and gemstones that can protect you from negative energy. To find the best one for yourself, you should ideally consult with an expert or spend time researching to learn more about the properties of different crystals and gemstones.

Also, when picking a stone, use your intuition as a guide to find the most compatible one for yourself.

  1. Remain Committed to Self-Improvement

By constantly working on yourself, you raise your vibrations. The higher your vibrational frequency is, the less likely it is that any negative force will be able to intrude your energetic space. To increase your vibrational frequency, practice unconditional love at all times.

There is no energy more powerful in this Universe than that of pure unconditional love. Remain committed to constantly becoming the best version of yourself. You will attract people, situations, and things in your life that will support your ambitions.

  1. Practice Detachment

This world is only a passing dream. The things and events of this world are real only as long as you are observing them, putting energy into them. Live each day as if it’s going to be your last. Leave nothing pending – give love and receive love as much as you can. Forgive everyone and everything as much as possible. Let go of the past.

Also, make an effort to not accumulate unnecessary karma. Negative karma is accumulated when we do anything with impure intention. Hence, keep your heart and your intentions pure.

Keep your spiritual and energetic bags packed, so that whenever your time comes to fully step out of this world, you don’t have any pending work left here.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips. I’ll end this article with a bonus tip. If there was only one thing you took away from this article, then let it be this one: Get rid of the idea that anyone can spiritually or energetically harm you or affect you negatively.

This world is what we create it to be. Whatever you believe to be true is what you’ll get to experience in this ‘reality.’ Do not allow the energy of others to bring you down. Create a world for yourself that is beautiful, with love and unbound creativity that can accomplish great things.

Make yourself so positive that no negativity can stand in your presence just like darkness can’t persist in the presence of light. Make the choice to believe that the Universe is conspiring in your favor at all times, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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