Worthless Religion

by J. Kip Givens

posted from the Magical Buffet

I don’t have a lot of patience for religion or religious people! Frankly, religion makes me ill and religious people bring out the worst in me. Religion is filled with hollow ideas that don’t seem to be followed by her hypocritical followers.

Now let me explain. I am an ordained Protestant minister. I have planted two churches in 2 different states and have pastored at another church prior to that for 8 years. I have studied at religious institutions, attended conferences, written manuals, and taught people around the world. In the midst of all that, I can’t stand religion or religious people.

Why? Because religion has it all wrong. Not necessarily in what they say, though some are missing the mark there as well, but in how they live out their religious lives. And it’s not just the Christians; it is all of these religions filled with their hypocrites and lives filled with double standards. Worldviews that are filled with doctrines and dogmas and traditions that have nothing to do with the stated main purpose of their existence or of their Supreme Being. Structures that are built, not for service of others, but rather for their own boasting and comfort. People who are card carrying members to heighten their social status and feelings of elitism and not for the worship of a Creator and Supreme Being and then fulfilling the ultimate purpose of helping others throughout the journey.

Am I opposed to faith and spirituality? Absolutely not! In fact, I think they are the most important things in life and should be the cornerstones of our existence. But let’s be clear: Religion and spirituality are two different things! Some might say…

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