Friday, August 1st, there is a New Moon in Leo and a Solar Eclipse!  What does this mean?  Check out the info below …

From AstroWisdom:

This year the New Moon in Leo falls on a total solar eclipse which is talking a decidedly northern path, best seen from China. However, no matter where you are, NASA is setting up a live webcam broadcast of the eclipse! Here is the link to the NASA eclipse homepage for all the info:

Astrologically, this eclipse is a metaphor for the personal ego at it’s most selfish, greedy and narcissistic, overshadowing the critical needs of the many. This is a New Moon to look deeply at the nature of desire and how it feeds the most destructive aspects of human life. So before we launch into the most negative aspects of Leo, let’s first relish in the positive.

Leo carries an inner vision sourced in a deep desire to powerfully express personal creativity. More than any other sign, Leo rules creative actualization of the self; the ego. Ego is the self, knowing and creatively actualizing itself, in all its complexity and beauty… yes, complexity and beauty. The more we know about who we are the more complex our view of self becomes and consequently we begin to become more adept at skillfully dealing with a wider rage of experience. This is what I call creative mindfulness: opening awareness to a deeper, yet broader experience of the ramifications of action.

This New Moon is conjunct Sun/Mercury/Venus/South Node in Leo. So almost all of the personal planets rest in the sign that rules personal power. In our world … read more here.


From CelestialSpace:

Which Astrological Signs will it directly energize?

This Solar Eclipse/New Moon directly influences and activates the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio at 9 degrees, yet if a Planet is situated anywhere from 6-13 degrees of a fixed sign it will still be stimulated. Generally speaking; Fire signs; Leo, Sagittarius, Aries may feel an added burst of energy or vibrancy – get all fired up. Air signs may have the opportunity to be stimulated and excited. Earth and Water signs may not be too thrilled with the changes or spontaneous shifts. However, how exactly will you experience this Solar Eclipse/New Moon energy will all depend on your natal chart and its configurations.


SpaceWatch Viewer’s Guide:

Viewer’s Guide: Aug. 1 Solar Eclipse

By Joe Rao Skywatching Columnist
posted: 25 July 2008
12:35 am ET

Friday, August 1 is a red-letter day for eclipse enthusiasts. On that date, the sun will be partially eclipsed over an immense area that includes western and central Asia, parts of northern and central Europe, all of Greenland and even a small slice of northeastern North America.

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