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Amazing Angelic Communication –

How Playing Harp Came to Me

by Heather Poole, a guest writer for Angel Messenger

NEVER had I imagined or even thought of playing the harp.  One morning while meditating I saw myself playing the harp and my body became electric.  At the time I was in a small town, visiting my mother.

Oh no…I don’t know about that, that’s the whole angelic thing.  I don’t know if I can do that.  It seemed so unlike any vision I had of myself.  Alright, if I’m supposed to play the harp you need to bring me one and make it happen, saying this aloud to spirit.

The next day after swimming at the community center in another town, Ocean City, I walked over to the art center to find out if there was a piano to use while visiting.  Inside there was a class schedule of what they offered and on it were music lessons for piano and coincidentally…yes, the harp.  It said students needed to have a harp to take lessons and the receptionist told me this as well.

I called anyway, how could I not.  Stephanie, the harpist, and teacher shared she’d decided to leave one of her harps in the music room for students who didn’t have one for lessons and to practice.  We made an appointment and within three days of seeing myself play the harp, it was happening. The universe does work in mysterious ways is a cliche, yes and it’s true.

I only had four or five lessons before leaving.  It was winter, very cold especially for a body used to the sunshine. I’d swim in the morning, have granola and a cappuccino at a local cafe and then go play.  During one lesson Stephanie came early and found me playing the piano.

“I didn’t know you could play the piano?”

“It’s only recently, I don’t know notes or the keys,” something I was trying to learn with her, “it comes through me,” I said.

We got on with the lesson.  The songs were very simple, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Amazing Grace, and the likes.  To me, they were monumental works.  I’d practice all week, getting nervous even when by myself.  Learning notes, timing, about music was all intense and even now I’m still at a beginning stage.  If I played the song all the way through it felt as if I’d climbed Mt. Everest.

It is still very humbling to be a beginner, start something new and something never imagined.  I am in my forties and this direction is not anything I would have conceived of when I was younger yet it’s been living inside me growing at its own pace.  It’s never too late to learn something new, you have to be gentle with yourself, let go and go for it. Stay light and laugh at yourself.  When I find myself getting ‘serious’ about it I step back and remind myself, hey this is fun right? Lighten up your thoughts and everything feels much better.  We’re not going anywhere anyway, we are life itself, living and evolving in perfect timing.

In the practice room, there were music, piano and guitar books along with Stephanie’s harp books.  One of them, Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp, always drew my attention.  On the cover was a woman playing the Celtic harp, long hair, and it looked folksy in a 1970’s way.

At the end of my last lesson, Stephanie gave me a gift.  A notebook of empty sheet music.

“This is for your music.  You need to write it down.”

Tears filled my eyes and my heart was beating with gratitude.  I couldn’t imagine how to do it yet and she believed in the music and thought I could which felt like an overwhelming gift.

The next few years things were again bumpy.  Becoming settled has been a huge growth opportunity for me, one I’m still working on. I moved to Kaua’i, continued to practice the harp but felt I needed more direction.  One day I thought, I needed a mentor to help me with the music and didn’t think about it again.

A couple weeks later at the gas station, a sign was posted for a missing cat.  For over six months a brown siamese with blue eyes, like the one in the picture, had been coming to the yard where I lived.  It was definitely well fed and had another home but preferred our yard for sunbathing and after months allowed me to pet it.   No one answered when I called so I left a message.  Later, Mike, called.  His cat, Sweet-Pea had been missing for ten days since he’d moved from Princeville.  Ah, not ‘our’ cat.  We continued talking, he played music, I shared that I played the piano and harp.

“You play the harp? Do you know who Sylvia Woods is?”

“Yes, of course.”  Sylvia Woods is the harpist instrumental in reintroducing the Celtic Folk harp during the 1970’s and, yes, the woman who was pictured on the harp book in the practice room where I had had lessons with Stephanie.

“She plays with us once a month at Kore. It’s this Sunday, why don’t you come and I’ll introduce you.” Mike said.

“Yes, I will, thank you.”

Additionally, earlier that week I’d seen an announcement at the Princeville library that the harpist Patrick Ball was going to be giving a concert and had been amazed as it’s a very tiny library.  The harp was popping up everywhere.

Sunday I went to Kore, a once a month volunteer funded event that assists people with physical challenges to get into the ocean, food and music are donated as well.  Sylvia wasn’t there and I was guessing she may be at the harp concert which I was on the way to.

Patrick gave his performance, mentioned having Sylvia in the audience, and at the end of the concert I, along with another woman, made our way to Sylvia and asked if she gave lessons.

“Yes!” her blue eyes lit up, “and I happen to have only two cards with me.” Giving one to each of us.

I was going away for a week and in the process of moving.  When I returned called and set up a lesson.  It turned out we were in the same complex I just moved into.  All I had to do was put the harp on my shoulder and walk to another building and enter her door.

I’m still learning to read music notes, my timing is getting up to speed, which is a challenge, and I get nervous but I play anyway. I have to trust that things are working out even though I’m not entirely sure how.  It makes me continue to let go of ideas about myself as I expand and marvel at how life can be when you listen to the gentle promptings inside yourself.

Whether you receive direct guidance through impressions, auditorily, a sense in your dreams, or out of the blue the universe and the angelic realm, which has taken me a while to accept, is actually there to help all the time.  It takes some effort and stick-to-it-ness to change thoughts and belief systems. Try something new, have as many new thoughts a day as you can, if something is in you that wants to grow, listen and nurture it.

Trust the wisdom of the heart, even if you are scared, do it anyway.  You may have some undiscovered dream, talent, gift inside of you that’s waiting to emerge that you never thought of.  If there’s something calling you, move in that direction and let spirit guide the way.  You can ask for ease and grace all along the way, it’s possible and you are worth it.  Remember, LOVE, ( as in Big Love) feels really really good and only wishes the best for you.

In Beauty, Heather

About the Writer:

I have been involved with the healing arts for over twenty years which began as an interest in creating greater health, well-being, harmony and vitality for myself and has blossomed into sharing with others so they too can experience greater well-being in their lives. To learn more about Heather and her work you can visit and

Photo Credit: Heather Lea Poole

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