The Day I “Googled” the Angels

& My Surprising Results

by Michelle Lynn, guest writer for Angel Messenger

The shadows that loomed inside of me, were beyond a darkness for which I could see no light.  My life had no life.  The pity party was in full swing, and I was it’s hostess.

I had gone where a good portion of us go in our desperate time of need; I dug deep into my relationship with God.  I partnered with a ministry, read every spiritual, God-centered piece of material, and faith and hope eluded me because I allowed a 5-year past relationship, to steal whatever good piece of me was left.

Believing that God truly was my Savior and that He wanted nothing but the best for me, was still a distant truth in my own fear-filled Mind.

I was six months into a corporate job, which stirred nothing in me but angst, depression, and loneliness; even amongst a group of about 75 employees or more.  Waking up was an activity forced upon me, as though I was attending my own funeral, day after day.

Walls were up and everyone around me feared me.  I trusted no one.  A pattern is woven into my personality, which had become my best defense mechanism.  I refuse to let you in because I know you will hurt me.

As I lay on my couch of what became my comfort, behind the walls of my self-made prison-like domain, I heard a small but significant voice.  The voice did not come once, or twice, but repeating in what became a full blown choir of repetitive song: “Go to the Angels, Go to the Angels, Go to the Angels!!”

I have had those small voices come before (relating to the “thing” I needed to do in my life at that very moment), where I had listened and moved to their rhythm.  Motivating me to take action – spiritual action.  This action of not knowing the how, the why, or the what – just do it!

As I slowly rose from this seat of despair, moving to the one thing I had on hand whenever I needed to find “whatever” answer, I reached for my laptop.  I tapped on the “Google” Windows page, and typed in the familiar search bar: “Angels.”  A plethora of choices came up, but somehow, I needed to find something local; somewhere that I could go to.  After all, they were telling me to “GO TO THE ANGELS”.

I continued “Googling” and the right string of words came to mind as I typed in: “Angel Healing Center”, which delivered a listing of a location right in my own backyard.

This gem of a Metaphysical shop drew me in.  The first sentence in their description simply read: “crystal and rock shop and a healing center.”  Click on the link, Michelle – go ahead, do it!  (It’s interesting to note, no sign of “Angel” appeared, but I was DRAWN to continue).

I entered the site.  I clicked on each tab with curiosity and wonder and excitement.  And there it was. The tab of light, calling to me as if my life depended on it (and it did): Ongoing Classes and Discussions.  Click: I’m in.  (Again, notice no sign of “Angel” appeared on the tab, but I was DRAWN to keep going!!).

The offer before me would change my…everything.  Everything I was believing about myself and everyone around me, everything about my job, everything about my life and everything about where I was headed.

These exact words on their web site reeled me in like a life-long sea dweller, ready to be hooked and brought to the surface:

ANGEL HEALING CIRCLE (Bam! There it is!!)

“The Angel Healing Circle is a peaceful time designed to help you relax, meditate, and connect with your Angels. Come and experience the love and healing power of the Angels. Through meditation, we will connect to the non-denominational energy of the Angels to receive personal healing and wisdom. You will also receive a personal mini Angel Oracle Card Reading by Mary. The Angels love sharing their uplifting messages and will bless you with abundance, harmony, and joy. Come as you are, bring a friend, meet new people, and experience the powerful energy of the Angels”.

The shift began.  My bottom was planted on a seat in this amazing, Divine-inspired, love-energy filled room the second and fourth Wednesday of every month (however, a few missed due to work obligations).

The power of the very first meeting literally brought me to tears.  Here I am, a 56-year old woman who has been searching all of her life for purpose, peace, validation and a real sense of belonging.  I was home.

I could not keep this experience a secret.  This brilliant, white light of a life-inspiring forum had to be shared with others who I knew could receive and gain from this blessing, just as I have.

So, together with my friend who had just lost her husband, her daughter who just opened a new business, a previous co-worker who just lost her job, and me who was aching to get out of her toxic, corporate environment, received our divine messages pressing us onward.  I will reveal our outcomes in a few…

In the meantime, I’m going full force working with the Angels daily, each morning before my butt gets out the door.  I even went so far as to take Doreen Virtue’s Certified Angel Reader Course, to go even deeper with my connection to the Angels.

A day did not go by where I hadn’t sat down in my designated Angel chair at home, pulling one card (sometimes more if they chose to “pop” out), from one of the four Doreen Virtue Angel inspired card decks I have on hand.  This, combined with reading and focusing on one scripture from the Bible each day, was all that was needed to manifest what is nothing short of a miracle; for myself, and my friends.

Dedicated to my daily ritual, my heart softened.  Nothing that happened at work, cut me to the core like it used to.  I wasn’t worried or anxious anymore.  A blanket of inner peace enveloped me like I’ve never experienced before.  I was frustrated, yes, and was still defending myself when needed (this gal ain’t no push-over!).  But wanting to self-sabotage myself wasn’t even in the equation.

Everyone who came against me, I did not retaliate or have any bad words towards them.  I started to see their humanness, their pain, and their fears. And my pain and fears just melted away.  My co-worker was absolutely SHOCKED at the transformation that had taken place within me.  Yet, it happened before her very eyes, mine, and everyone who knew me.

So, what happened to my friend who lost her husband leaving her without financial security?  She was able to sell her house, take a much-needed retreat to Europe to heal and process her grief.  Something she just couldn’t believe had manifested but did.

Her daughter who opened her new business and was worried about its success?  Is thriving!  The Angels with beloved care were able to assist in removing an unstable, toxic partner who she took under her wing, who ended up ruining possibly the best chance she had at her own success.

My ex-co-worker who was fired from her job?  Was able to take care of her ailing mother, go to Alaska, and share with me that she is focusing on becoming an Esthetician, where she can bring out the beauty in others and herself, on her own terms.

And me?  My Angelic wish was granted!  I left my toxic, soul-sucking, corporate job five days ago!  HELLLLO!!  The Angels told me that I have an important message to send out into the world.  Guess what?  I just did…

Angel blessings to you all!

May their shining lights,
Powerful messages,
And gifts of Hope
Provide you the FAITH to BELIEVE that if you ASK, they will DELIVER their wish to you from our Heavenly Father.

Michelle Lynn

About the Writer:

Michelle Lynn is an aspiring Freelance Writer. After spending 30 years working for others, she is now designing a life of purpose for herself and others, in a big way. She lives happily on the Central Coast of California, inspired daily by its beauty.

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  1. Roy
    Roy says:

    Magnificent! how, if we are willing to connect to the divine, and listen to our true self, and see how the true manifestation of life is able to take hold, and bring us to why and where we are supposed to be.
    thank you for sharing.


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