Daily Ritual for Manifesting Positivity

Into Your Life Now

by Deborah Fantham, guest writer for Angel Messenger

Intentions, Intentions, Intentions.  I know, we hear it all the time.  But it is the crux of everything else that follows. Your starting point of any journey is the attitude and expectation you give and it will generally end up being fulfilled.  As we know, we always have a choice. For instance, you get out of bed and stub your toe.  You hop about in agony and then either decide to breathe deeply and relax, trying to let the pain go. Or, you concentrate on the agony, get angry and annoyed then still in that energy take the pain out on others and or just stay huffy and aggravated. Whichever path you choose to take will have an effect on how your day pans out.  In the first instance, the toe stops aching and you can continue on your journey with a positive outlook and notice if it is sunny, smile and say ‘hello’ to those you pass. In the second instant, you may end up kicking the cat or having a terrible day which culminates in an argument.  The point of this being that whatever you focus your attention on you get more of. So set your intention, which enforces your will, which then shows up in your actions and have a blessed day.

Train yourself to a morning routine.

  1. Wake up grateful – Immediately say thank you for a new day, another day.  List your blessings like your bed, your sleep, friends, family, food, clothing, job, free time to pursue dreams/goals/ideas, anything.
  2. Pray – Pick a prayer, or make one up to set up your day and fill you with possibilities. They say if you keep your mind on God-Source Energy that it helps stop your worries… ‘You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!.  New Living Translation Isiah 26:3.

If you are having trouble thinking of a good prayer, below are some suggestions.

  • This one a friend taught me at a healing circle;
    Lord, let me be
    A willing instrument for thee.
    The sick and suffering may be healed
    And those with troubled mind
    With peace be filled.
    And, let the healing that flows through me
    Be given with love and humility.
  • Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
    Where there is hatred let me sow peace,
    Where there is injury let me sow pardon,
    Where there is doubt let me sow faith,
    Where there is despair let me give hope,
    Where there is darkness let me give light,
    Where there is sadness let me give joy.
    O Divine Master,
    Grant that I may not try to be comforted but to comfort,
    Not try to be understood but to understand,
    Not try to be loved but to love.
    Because it is in giving that we receive,
    It is in forgiving that we are forgiven,
    And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
  • Serenity Prayer – Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)
    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things, I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

Breathe it in deeply for a few minutes, calm your mind and feel the peace of the day.

In this peace, it is time to set your intention. What is it you want to work on today? Your physical strength? Your spiritual awareness?  Your relationships? Abundance? Life purpose?

Think about it. Mull it over in that peaceful state. Ask your higher self to help you set your intention for today for your highest good. State your short sentence of intention for the day fully trusting it is all there available for you. It will come. It will work out as it should. The universe will manifest this for you, through you, around you in a way that is for your highest good. Be happy, be excited about receiving it or something better. All the energy in the universe is now actively working to bring you what you need, know this and then let it go. Thank God Source Energy for hearing you and let it go.

Before you go to sleep….. you can write down what you have been grateful for that day and in those writings notice how the universe sent synchronicities, people, events, that conspired and will continue to conspire to bring you what you need.

Stay open, stay free.

Love and light brothers and sisters

Deborah Fantham

About the Writer:

Deborah is a working healer with the Healing Trust, which is the working name of The NFSH Charitable Trust Ltd (Charity No 1094702). It is a  non-religious organization, the largest and oldest membership organization of Spiritual Healers in the UK. Founded in 1954. She is also a powerful energy healer, Reiki Master & Life coach. She creates a sacred space for relaxation and healing enabling her clients to live a more stress-free and fear free life of joy.  The value of positivity in your life can be infinite.

Learn more about Deborah and visit her site:  http://healerdeb.wixsite.com/healerdeb

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