How to Stand in Your Truth

When Those Close to You Disagree

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

One problem that most of us on the spiritual path have faced at one time or another is the issue of feeling lonely when those we love seem to not be able to understand or support us. It is true that spirituality can sometimes feel like a very lonely path. As humanity remains asleep in a slumber of ignorance, only a few souls choose to awaken to the truth. Sadly, our loved ones might not opt to join us on this noble journey of enlightenment. It’s a rather painful thing to deal with. However, we must accept their choice while standing true in our own decision to follow our heart’s calling.

How to deal with it when family members are antagonistic to your spiritual choices?

In a way, this is truly a test of our commitment to the spiritual path. Can we remain firm in our decision to follow it even when those dearest to our heart is opposed to it? It is certainly hardest to deal with this when the antagonism comes from our intimate partner.

The only way you can stay firm in your decision is by understanding and believing that you are going in the right direction no matter what anyone else says. Don’t try giving explanations when your partner says something antithetical to your own beliefs. It is highly unlikely that they will change their own beliefs when you present your own. It is best to avoid getting into an argument at all costs as it can only beget negative energy. It’s best to subtly change the topic when difficult situations like this occur.

It is also natural to want to distance yourself from the loved ones who don’t agree with your newfound way of life but you must resist the temptation. Instead of casting them out of your life, pray for the healing of their heart. Understand with empathy that their vision is clouded with the veil of ignorance that can be lifted only through the loving touch of unconditional love.

Developing Emotional Tolerance

The further you move along the spiritual path, the harder it can seem to be forgiving of other people’s ignorance. You must not forget that the biggest test of love lies in accepting others for who they truly are without any desire to change them to better suit our own personal agendas.

Focus on the path that you have chosen. Don’t ask for your circumstances to become easier because each hardship is a test that can take you closer to your own truth if you choose to accept it with positivity.

Practice Love and Acceptance

All problems in life are due to a lack of love. When you shift your focus from what you are not getting to what you are not giving, most of your problems are resolved. Give space to others to be themselves even if their ideas and beliefs are antithetical to yours. Focus on giving love, especially when it gets hardest to remain loving in a particular situation.

Most importantly, love yourself enough to remain self-assured that the path you have chosen for yourself is indeed the right one. Love others unconditionally to allow them to differ with you. Resist the temptation to judge them no matter how ignorant their ways might seem to you.

As hard as it is, don’t try to change others. Everyone has their own soul agenda and sometimes we have to let the people we love most go through difficult experiences so that they can learn the lessons they have chosen to learn in this life.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    When you are first starting out on your path to enlightenment practicing love and acceptance can be so hard. I love your thoughts here on how to go about this the right way. Great post!


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