Letting Go is a Powerful Tool for Gaining Emotional Freedom

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

When we believe in a power greater than ourselves, we eventually come to understand that we are not in charge of the world – that the world is, in fact, run by that “Higher Power”. Many of us grew up being responsible for younger siblings, housework for busy parents and other chores.  As we grew, we developed a habit of being in charge. That habit serves us well at times but at other times can do us a huge disservice.

Some of us were also raised in dysfunctional families where things were very much out of control. We came to feel that controlling things was a way to lessen the chaos around us. When it comes to the concept of letting go and letting Spirit guide our lives, we often have difficulty. We have controlled so much for so long that letting go is not an easy concept for us to adopt.

To help you with this concept, I have created a list of affirmations you can use on a daily basis to help you practice the habit of letting go and giving Spirit the room to work in your life. Believe me, when you do learn to let go, your life will flow so much more smoothly and your spiritual healing can truly begin. I suggest you pick the ones that resonate best with you, record them in your own voice, and play them back to yourself daily.

Expect miracles in your life when you consistently use these affirmations:

  • I let go of my need to control what happens around me.
  •  I let go of the limitations I have placed on myself.
  • I let go of the limitations I believe to exist in the universe and open myself to the existence of miracles.
  • I let go and breathe deeply and fully at all times – especially when things are tense.
  • I let go of the need to be perfect and allow myself to make mistakes.
  • I let go and take responsibility for my mistakes, making amends where possible.
  • I let go and allow myself to see, accept, and love myself exactly as I am.
  • I let go of feeling shame about who I am.
  • I let go of the need to judge others, realizing that what I dislike in those around me are my own disowned traits.
  • I let go and free all others around me to be precisely who they are, rather than trying to get them to conform to my standards.
  • I let go of the idea of the person I think I am supposed to be and allow myself to be 100% authentic me.
  • I let go and accept myself for who I am, a special spark of Spirit sent here to learn and grow.
  • I let go of the old messages that play in my head that tell me I am unworthy, not good enough, and not valuable.
  • I let go of fear, realizing it has no place in my life, unless there is an elephant charging in my direction.
  • I let go of the old, toxic anger I have carried for years, knowing that releasing it frees my body to be healthy.
  • I let go of the many criticisms I often make of myself, and I accept and love my body and personality just as they are.
  • I let go and allow my inner child to become a part of my adult personality.
  • I let go and re-parent my inner child, giving it the love and praise I wanted but didn’t get as a child.
  • I let go and allow myself to see the beauty that exists around me at all times.
  • I let go and establish and maintain healthy boundaries for myself.
  • I let go and remove myself from toxic situations and distance myself from the toxic people in my life.
  • I let go and own my feelings with ‘I’ statements, realizing nobody makes me feel anything and that feeling an emotion is a choice I make.
  • I let go and take back my personal power from others.
  • I let go and realize Spirit will give me all I need.
  • I let go and take responsibility for myself.
  • I let go and give up feeling responsible for others.
  • I let go and offer Spirit gratitude for the positive and negative things that happen in my life, realizing they are all for my growth.
  • I let go and do what I can do to make my life right and then turn the rest over to Spirit.

Letting go takes practice … lots of practice. But the reality is that control is just an illusion. We think we control ourselves, situations, and others – but in reality, we do not. What looks like control is actually something vastly different.

We can appear to be in control by causing others to fear us and do what we wish them to do, but we cannot do so without their complicit agreement to the transaction. We can appear to control others with our anger, manipulation, and other negative strategies; however, this is not true control either. Again, in order for these strategies to work successfully, there has to be compliance from the people whom we are attempting to control.

As I said earlier, control is just an illusion. Once you truly come to believe this, you will find it much easier to just LET GO. It is time to move on.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

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