As you may know, a common Sign from Heaven is to see white feathers. I tend to see feathers myself, and it’s always at a time when I’ve asked for a sign or need some help.

Last March, I was in Toronto for the Angel Card Certification class with Doreen Virtue. The class followed a wonderful two day Hay House event, but that particular morning was not going so well for me. I had not realized the class was in a different location than the Hay House event. The cab had already dropped me off at the wrong location, and it was freezing cold outside – even colder than Michigan, and that’s really, really cold!

There were no more taxis, and my cell phone didn’t have international minutes. Needless to say, I was lost, alone and scared. I had this feeling to start walking in a certain direction, so I did. I tried to stop and ask a few people for help, but all three ignored me as they were too busy with their own Monday morning.

Feathers are Signs from AngelsAs I blinked back tears that would surely freeze to my face, I sent a silent prayer up to Heaven and asked for someone that would help me. As I came to an intersection, I saw this adorable elderly couple walking my way from another direction. I was drawn to them and wondered for a moment if I was supposed to go that way, but it didn’t feel right. Then I got the feeling I was supposed to ask them for help. But, as they approached, I realized the man was blind, and I felt really terrible bothering them … and then the old man smiled.

I reluctantly said, “Excuse me. I’m so sorry to bother you, but I’m lost and wonder if you might know where I can find this building.” The old woman was really kind and looked at my paperwork. She said, “You’re okay; you’re almost there. It’s that building right there across the street.” I looked over at the enormous building, thanked them both and wished them a wonderful day.

After entering the building, I was lost again. The building was absolutely huge and really confusing to navigate. The front desk gave me directions, and told me the location had changed to another part of the building. I followed directions as best I could, but this trek really could have used a map.

So, I ended up on this overpass type area that overlooked a convention going on on the ground floor, and I had absolutely no idea where to go from there or if I was even close to being in the right place. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I’m just not meant to take this class. I already know how to read Angel cards, but I had wanted to see how Doreen teaches and to be certified to teach the class myself.

There was no one up there, no one to ask for help. I took a deep breath and looked down. There on the floor of this balcony over the convention center was a single white feather. It was just ahead of me. What were the chances of that?

Right then, I knew I was meant to be there, and I started walking in the direction of the feather. As I turned the corner, I met a nice lady who only spoke French. Although I can speak a very tiny bit of French, I was in no way quick enough to understand, so she smiled and started speaking very slowly. After managing to understand basic terms, I thanked her (in French) and managed to find my way to the correct area.

If it weren’t for the guidance Heaven had given me that day, a the little white feather, I would certainly have given up and walked back to my hotel. It would have been a long, cold walk, but I did know where it was. 😉

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

P.S. This is the first post in our new Feathers blog category. As Feathers are Messages from Angels, we’re sharing some of the beautiful and inspirational Angel messages/posts that we’ve created for Facebook in this blog because we know not everyone has Facebook. We hope you enjoy these new posts! 🙂

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  1. whitefeather
    whitefeather says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Blessings and Love to you all!
    Of the many beautiful signs from heaven that I have received 2 stand out in particular.
    I was about to board a ferryboat one morning when I saw a crowd.A woman had suffered a heart attack.My instinct was to rush back and administer healing but when I saw her outstretched hand on the ground I knew she had chosen to depart.It still bothered me..a week later I returned to board the ferryboat at the same time and paused to glance at the spot on the ground where she lay wishing I could have helped. Suddenly the wind started and as I stared at the ground a tiny white feather was tossed by the wind in my direction and landed at my feet!I knew it was a sign from her thanking me for my prayers.
    Birds fly some say so feathers are everywhere…. but nothing explains my next experience.
    Despite being deep in grief for months after my dad crossed over, I had decided to visit a friend on her birthday.Her gift, a silk scarf was in a gift bag which I had placed on the seat next to me.Just before my stop the bus jerked and the gift bag fell to the floor.I hastily picked it up,and opened it to make sure the gift was still in it.AS the bus approached my stop I had a nagging feeling that I should look under my seat again.Logic told me that nothing had fallen out of the bag so there was no reason to look under the seat but the feeling persisted so just before the bus could pull up to my stop I looked again feeling foolish as I felt there would be nothing. Intuition told me to put out my hand and low and behold my fingers touched a delicate soft white feather!I knew then the Angels were telling me they were looking out for me!!! To this day very few believe I found a white feather under the seat on a bus!
    Love and Light

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    So here is a perfect example of divine synchronicity…I just happen upon your blog Sheri (mind you, I do use your website constantly, however, I typically only use the angel card reading section, occasionally I veer off to the sister website for a tarot reading, regardless, the point is, I very rarely read the blogs. But, the Universe brought this particular blog to my attention, screaming loudly at me to read it, and decided to leave a reply because it touched base with me; as I have been receiving messages from heaven through feathers in abundance, through out my life. So, with that being said, I have been in the need of, as well as, I have asked the divine for assistance to help myself to settle an inner spiritual dilemma, and sure enough as I stepped out of my house to leave this morning there was a large white feather right at the threshold. I picked it up, I smiled, because I knew instantaneously what it was, and I took it with me…that combined with the blog, and I was all ready convinced that I knew what the answer was…the advice, the help I needed from the Universe…the clarity is brilliant. However, the story does not stop there…you are not going to believe this, but after I returned home, three hours later, can you guess what was on the ground at the threshold of my front door?…that’s right, another lovely large white feather. The feathers must have been from the Seagulls, we have them in the area; I do live in the Ocean State. Thank you for writing this blog Sheri. Thank you for doing God’s work. I appreciate you.

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Thank you, Sarah. That’s a great experience! Thank you for sharing! It always means a lot hearing stories like this. I just love all the ways Heaven can find to connect and communicate with us. 🙂

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Love, love, love, this story…
    I will go as far as to say that all birds with their feathers, are messengers from heaven…
    I have a red bellied robin, and a blue jay that just seem to pop up, where ever I may be, when a God wants me to receive a message. My animal guides…for at least two years. The symbolism is uncanny. And, Sheri, you are correct that all you need to do in a time of panic is ask God for help and you will receive the help you need each and every time.

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