How to Raise Your Vibration in a Toxic Environment

by Heidi, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

Would you believe that you have a very powerful resource inside of yourself that can be used instantly to help improve the quality of your life?  This resource is your own personal energy!  We all carry a vibration to our personal energy field.  However, it’s up to us to be aware of what ‘vibes’ we’re putting out into the world.

Have you ever been in a space where an argument had just taken place, or where people were gossiping or complaining and you started to feel ill or tired?  That type of energy is typically low, toxic and draining.  It can be very easy to absorb energy that’s floating around, especially if you are highly sensitive.  With awareness, you can still maintain a high vibration of your own energy even in a toxic environment.

I had many years of practice by learning how to do this, and it wasn’t until I fully understood that I didn’t have to lower my vibration to fit in or absorb any low energy that was floating around.  I learned how to hold my own space by separating myself energetically from any toxic energy I found myself in and want ed to help others do the same.

A few years ago, I worked with a group of people in a small setting.  One particular day I was paired to work with a co-worker who was visibly unhappy.  We only worked together for a total of 30 minutes, but in this short period of time, this co-worker complained non-stop about many problems in their life.  They didn’t want any solutions, they only wanted to focus on their problems and complain.  I remember going home after work that day completely wiped out.  All I could do was sleep because I had absorbed their negative energy.

The following day, I was again paired up with this particular co-worker, but I remembered that I had a powerful resource to protect myself- it was how I was going to use my own energy in this challenging environment.  Sure enough, just minutes into the workday, this person started to complain and repeat everything they said the day before.  But this time, I became more aware of how I was going to respond.  I chose to focus on my work and not on their negative energy.

After several minutes of staying highly focused on my own energy and work, the co-worker got bored and stopped talking to me because I wasn’t taking the bait.  As the day went on, my co-worker was visibly irritated with me.  I refused to lower my energy to match theirs, and would only talk about things that were on a positive scale.  A little later that day, my co-worker hadn’t returned from break and I found myself working alone for quite some time.  I learned that this person was let go that afternoon due to poor work performance.

We do hold the power of how we choose to respond to life’s challenges and uncomfortable situations.  Had I chose to match that co-worker’s vibration and lowered my own energy, I may have gotten myself fired too!  But I knew better.  Although it was a very uncomfortable situation to work with someone who was visibly annoyed and angry, and then spewing that energy at me when I didn’t want to participate, I knew I had to raise my vibration to repel that negative energy.

If you are sensitive to energy and are finding yourself getting drained in toxic environments, you do hold the power to change your situation.  The very first thing I recommend doing is becoming aware of your own personal energy field and the kind of vibration you are carrying.  Do you find yourself lowering your vibration to match the energy that you’re in?  One way to know is if you feel drained, tired, or exhausted more often than not.

Keeping awareness of your own energy is crucial.  Here’s a quick exercise to know what level you’re energy is vibrating at;  What are you focusing on?  Pay attention to your thoughts!  If you are thinking negatively, your energy vibration is going to be lower.  If you are thinking about something that makes you happy, your energy is going to be vibrating much higher.

If you want to have a higher energetic vibration, simply pay attention to what you are focusing on.  If you find yourself focusing on problems, try to train your thoughts in choosing how to find solutions.  That will raise your energetic vibration instantly.  If I’m focusing on problems, I remind myself that I choose my thoughts, my thoughts don’t choose me- and I then instead choose to focus on solutions.

Another way to keep your energy on a higher level is by grounding it daily.  I notice when I don’t ground my energy, it’s easy for me to pick up ‘foreign’ energy that’s floating around.  Other’s thoughts, emotions, and opinions can get absorbed into your own personal energy field and you may mistake them as your own.  I offer a free grounding meditation here on Angel Messenger that is quick and easy to do.

Here are some tips on how to raise your vibration in a toxic environment:

  1. Do NOT lower your vibration to match the lower energy. If you find yourself in a toxic environment, become aware of keeping your energy level high.  It may be uncomfortable at first, but you will do more harm to your energetic field by lowering your vibration if it’s a toxic environment.  One new rule I now live by is that I will never lower my vibration to match another person or by trying to please someone.  In the past, when I had lowered my energy to try to fit in or please someone, it has always caused damage to my own energy.  I now refuse to do that to myself.
  2. Imagine yourself in a protective bubble of bright, white light. Imagine that this white light is shielding you from toxic energy.
  3. Take this bubble of white light another step further by visualizing a mirror on the outside of the bubble. If someone is spewing toxic energy, it will reflect off the mirror and sent back to the sender.
  4. If you are sensitive to energy and want to clean the space your in, imagine a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up the toxic energy, clearing your space.
  5. Remove yourself from the toxic environment if possible. It may mean finding a new job, leaving a relationship, or saying no to someone who is draining you.  Remember, there are always choices.

Angel blessings,

Heidi Mentink

About Heidi

Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and has been a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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