Exclusive Personal Journey with Reiki & Past Life Regression

Exclusive Personal Journey

with Reiki & Past Life Regression

by Heidi, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

I was first introduced to Reiki in 2008, which has helped awaken me to explore more about Spirituality and how we evolve as a soul.  Through Reiki, I began to learn more about my Guides that were with me.  My Guides helped me explore the many layers of energy we have, along with discovering how our soul carries information from many lifetimes, constantly evolving.  Sometimes, the lessons we are to learn can be difficult, but extremely powerful.

In 2014, I had gone through some challenging experiences, which led to many setbacks in my life.  Things started to spiral downwards and it happened very fast, all at once.  I first had gotten severe food poisoning, and then a month later, I had been exposed to poisonous gas fumes leaking from my car’s engine.  And then another month later, after moving to a different apartment, I began to get very ill.  I was having severe breathing problems while living in that apartment and was admitted to the hospital.  A Homeopathic Practitioner tested my saliva and found I had very large amounts of toxic chemicals in my body, which were affecting my organs.  After moving out of that apartment, I spent months detoxifying my body and had to close my private Reiki practice.

I began to question everything in my life.  I wanted to know why there were repeating patterns, especially of the poisonous things I had been exposed to within a three month period.  I questioned why I was having difficulties in certain areas of my life, that no matter how hard I tried to ‘fix’ it, somehow these issues always seemed to surface again and again.  It was a very dark time in my life and I asked my Guides for help.  I wanted to get a deeper understanding of my soul, and what purpose these hardships had.

My Spiritual Guides encouraged me to explore my past lives, which would help me understand the difficulties and challenges in my current life.  I kept getting these nudges, and once I began to feel better, I was ready to take action.  I found an intensive 3 day, on-site Past Life Regression course near my home and immediately signed up.  The students were going to have an opportunity to conduct a Past Life Regression and to experience a Past Life Regression.

The week before training began, I had asked my guides to show me a specific past life during the training that could help me understand why I was exposed to so many poisonous things in my current life.  I had a strong sense that the past life I was going to be shown was going to be difficult to view, and I asked my guides to help prepare me for it.  I felt emotional on all three days of the training, knowing that there may be something traumatic that was going to be revealed to me, but I felt relief knowing it could help me move on in my current life.

When it was my turn to be regressed during training, my Guides showed me a past life I had in Southeast Asia, in 1710.   I discovered I was an abandoned baby girl and was a burden in that life.  I didn’t have any caretakers or any family.  I was shown one man that abused me throughout my young life.  By the time I was 17, I was severely beaten, neglected and left to die in a hole underground with my feet chained to the ground.

At the death scene during my regression, I had a very difficult time leaving my body.  I saw the etheric chains on my ankles as my body crossed into spirit.  In that past life, I willed myself to die at 17.  It was a life of suffering, neglect, torture and abandonment.  I had become very angry and was full of blame and resentment.  But once I finally crossed over, there was so much unconditional love I felt from my guides.  They told me I came to earth to learn how to forgive.  They asked me to seek compassion and forgiveness in that lifetime.

When I had woken from that regression, I had tears pouring down my face and my body was trembling.  It took time for me to process what I had just discovered.  That particular regression took me to a past life that I was ready to explore so I could heal some deep wounds that I was carrying in my current life.  I could relate to the poisonous things I had been exposed to in 2014 because I held very deep, poisonous emotions inside of myself for years; feelings of unworthiness, feelings of not being good enough, and difficulty with trusting others.  Being exposed to the toxic environments in 2014 forced me to detox- which was a purging and shedding of deep pain (poison) I carried.  I learned from having that Past Life Regression that I needed to work more on forgiveness in this life.

I have carried over so much anger and pain from that past life (which was over 307 years ago!) and needed to let that go.  I immediately thought of distant Reiki and knew that could be utilized in healing this old trauma.  I began to do self-healing and distant Reiki treatments after the Past Life Regression, sending distant healing to the past life I was shown.  I began to sense the etheric chains around my ankles disappear; knowing the trauma I carried was now fully healing.  Reiki was a valuable resource to help me release the past, to send healing and forgiveness so I could completely let go and move forward.  I no longer sensed carrying any ‘chains’ from that past life.

Past Life Regression has become an important part of my own personal healing journey.  I have found this work so significant in helping heal very deep levels of my own emotions that were due to unresolved challenges from a past life.  With the help of my guides, they brought forth information from a significant past life to help me relate to and heal my life today.

If you feel guided to look into Past Life Regression, I encourage you to explore it further.  There are many qualified practitioners who are trained in conducting Past Lives, as you may discover by doing an online search.  Your soul is unique and gains wisdom from each life experience.  It’s an incredible journey!

Angel blessings,

Heidi Mentink

About Heidi

Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and has been a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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