How to Overcome All Relationship

Struggles Starting Now

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

There’s nothing good or bad – life is really just a series of lessons that our soul has chosen to learn through this temporary earthly existence. Relationships are the classrooms in which the most important lessons of life are facilitated.

The age-old adage, ‘no man is an island,’ is, therefore, very true. None of us exist in isolation. No matter how much or how little of a social life we have, we always have some kind of relationships with other people. It could be a dysfunctional relationship but, nevertheless, there is always a relationship of some sort.

Since no two people in this world are exactly alike, friction and struggle in all relationships is also inevitable. How we deal with relationship challenges determines how functional or dysfunctional our relationships are going to be in the long run.

At the same time, we must not run from one relationship to another seeking refuge in a new person every time. Every single relationship will have some inherent challenges that you will have to overcome. Therefore, we must use the relationships in our life to evolve and grow into our highest potential.

Your Relationships with Others is a Reflection of Your Relationship with Your Own Self

This material world is nothing but a magnified reflection of our inner world. In reality, how we relate to others is very similar to how we relate to our own self. If you feel that others are constantly criticizing you, backbiting you or taking advantage of you, then let me urge you to take a hard look at your own self.

How do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself unconditionally or are you constantly criticizing and finding faults with yourself? If you feel that no one loves you, then let me ask you this: do you really accept and love yourself unconditionally?

Depending on what you believe to be true about yourself and your life, you emit certain vibrations. People and circumstances are attracted to you based on the vibrations you are emitting. The fastest way to change your life and circumstances is by transforming your own self.

If you want others to think well of you, then, first, think well of yourself and love yourself unconditionally. If you want others to appreciate and compliment you, then begin to do the same for yourself. In short, however, you want other people to treat you, first, begin to treat your own self in the same way. Of course, it will take persistence and patience before you begin to notice a difference in your outer reality.

You must realize that you are one hundred percent responsible for everything that is happening in your life. You might find this very hard to accept but this is the truth. It’s a liberating belief as now you understand that if you can create negative and unwanted situations for yourself, then you can also turn all your dreams into reality.

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

The idea of the ‘other’ is only an illusion. Just like millions of cells function together within one human body, each one of us is a drop in the ocean of infinity. There is no division or separation. It’s the ego that makes us believe that we are separate from others. We are all inherently the same. There is no place where ‘I’ end and ‘you’ begin.

Once you begin to identify yourself and others beyond the veil of the ego, it becomes hard to have issues with other people.

Look at all happenings in this world as the events of a grand cosmic drama. Just as you would not hate your best friend for saying harsh words to you in a drama you were both participating in, why would you despise that same behavior in the ‘real’ world from someone close to you?

Witness every incident of your life without judgment and with complete emotional detachment. Just remember that any person who seems to not be very nice to you is simply playing a role in this grand opera of human life.

Let Others Walk at Their Own Pace

One of the greatest mistakes we make is that we think that our happiness depends upon others. We often think, “if only he or she would change, then I would be happy.” You must understand and always remember that everyone has their own soul agenda. Each person has a different curriculum in the school of life based on the lessons their soul has chosen to learn. You must let everyone walk on their own path.

This also means not offering unsolicited advice or unnecessarily correcting other people no matter how much you love them. If someone asks you for help or advice, then you surely can lovingly offer your solutions and perspectives.

However, retain your focus only on your own self at all times. You must learn to be happy and blissful within your own self no matter what is happening in your life or around you.

Bliss is the true nature of the Soul and we can rejoice in the realization of divine bliss only through meditation.

Detachment and Unconditional Love

Give up on your expectations from others. Focus on the fountain of unconditional love that flows in your own heart. Love others unconditionally and without any hidden agendas. No one is responsible for your happiness other than you. At the same time, no one can fulfill you completely no matter how much they love you.

Hence, you must meditate and train yourself to retain that sense of bliss and peace through each day. When you’ll begin to go into deep meditation, you will realize that place within you which is free from all afflictions – that inner self – which is nothing other than pure bliss.

Appreciate and Bless Everyone

Learn to bless everyone no matter how they are treating you. Everyone is on their own individual journey and their view of the world has nothing to do with you. In fact, their worldview is based on their own past experiences, their conditioning, and prejudices. It helps to also remember that everyone is doing the best that they are capable of with the understanding and knowledge that they have.

If you will allow yourself to become negatively affected by the words and behavior of other people, then it will taint your own inner landscape. Keep your heart pure and blissful irrespective of whatever might be going on around you.

Therefore, in your heart, silently but constantly bless others. Be liberal in your appreciation of others – choose to see only the best in everyone and never criticize anyone. If you must correct someone, then do it in the gentlest and most loving way possible.

Once you begin to truly implement all this wisdom in your life, you will realize that the people around you and your relationships with them have also transformed.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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