I found this on Susan Kramer’s website and really think it’s great.  If you like it, check out her site at http://www.susankramer.com/spirituality.html#Meditations.  She has a book on meditations for children that you can purchase or download.

Have a blessed day!

~ Sheri


Quiet Time
Feeling Fine

Take time for a restful timeout in meditation whenever you need it.

When you are swamped with homework, when you’ve had an argument, take time to find the place of rest within yourself, as you deeply relax your body.

And perhaps, when you get up and become active again, some new ideas will come to solve problems.

This is true at any age.

Meditation, quiet time, with a relaxed body and beautiful thoughts is a natural way to make space for problem solving and moving in the right direction.

1. Sitting Meditation

2 to 10 minutes

Sit cross-legged, back held straight, and face forward. Clasp your hands and let them rest in your lap. Close your eyes.

Breathe easily and evenly, in and out. Silently count each breath in as one count, and each breath out as one count, till 50 counts, or another even number.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

Now, while continuing to breathe evenly, think about ways you can show appreciation for the people in your life that you love.

To finish the meditation take a final deep breath in, slowly let it out, open your eyes, stand up, and stretch.

2. Walking Meditation

At least 2 minutes

This meditation has 2 parts that combine to energize the body and coordinate mind-body (thinking-moving):
1. Even breathing.
2. Walking with arms and legs in opposition.

Walk briskly while swinging arms easily back and forth. When the left foot steps forward, the right arm swings forward. And, when the right foot steps forward the left arm swings forward.

While walking concentrate on breathing evenly in and out. Concentrating on breathing evenly is a way to learn how to concentrate on other activities.

If you are feeling out of sorts take a long walk; it helps bring more energy into your body so that when you get back you are refreshed.

To finish the walking meditation, stretch arms overhead and then down to sides; resume other activities.

3. Lying Down Meditation

2 to 10 minutes

Lying on a piece of carpet or other comfortable surface stretch out on your back.

Close your eyes, let your body relax so much that it feels like you are melting into the floor. Breathe evenly in and out.

Count 1: breathe in
Count 2: breathe out
Count 3: breathe in

Lying so still and relaxed, keeping your eyes closed, visualize walking through the forest on a warm breezy summer day.

In your mind, see yourself standing still looking around, then notice the tops of the tall trees swaying gently in a regular rhythm, over and over again, just as your breath is coming in and flowing out regularly and evenly.

Enjoy the relaxed feeling in your own body that is lying so limply and undisturbed while watching the wind gently blow the tree tops back and forth. Let yourself feel whole and comfortable in your resting body.

After some time, begin to come back to your every day active self by taking a deep breath, opening your eyes, stretching out your arms and legs, and sitting up.

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