7 Signs the Universe is Telling

You to Pursue Your Dream

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Do you have a long-held dream? Something you want to bring to fruition? If you’re like most, there are two big things holding you back: fear and uncertainty. To push past your fear and pursue your dreams, it helps to have a clear and irrefutable sign from the universe. And there are certainly many signs out there – in fact, the abundant universe is limitless. The only problem is, you may not know how to recognize them. So, if you’re looking for a sign, keep your eyes peeled for these five – they’re a good place to start!

Unexpected opportunities

We do our best to plan our lives, but sometimes we get in our own way. And it’s at times like these when the universe intervenes by dropping something unexpected into our laps. These surprises can seem irrational, completely random, or even shocking.

But once you get past the unusualness of it all, you may detect a message that feels as though it’s intended just for you. So, if something happens or strikes you, stop and get curious about it. The universe may be giving you a sign.

A gut feeling

We often refer to our own inner knowing, or our own intuition, as a “gut feeling”, and it shouldn’t be ignored. It’s one of the most basic ways the universe speaks to us. So, if your gut keeps telling you to do something, consider doing it.

And a word of warning: you may not like what your gut feeling tells you, but that’s not because the universe is wrong. Instead, it could be that your ego or desires are not in alignment with the bigger picture, and what’s best for you.

Conversations you overhear

The best time to start eavesdropping might be now – politely, of course. That’s because the universe sometimes speaks through other people. So, that profound statement you heard in passing? Or while you were waiting at the grocery store? Don’t brush it aside. Sometimes, the universe speaks through other people.

A crystal clear sign

The universe doesn’t overcomplicate things so, when you receive a sign, it’s usually loud and clear and unmistakable.

On the other hand, if you spot a potential sign, but there’s lots of doubt and confusion involved, or it doesn’t sit right in your gut and it just gives you the wrong vibe, then look elsewhere. This is how the universe tells you when something isn’t right.

Musical Cues

We associate powerful memories and emotions to the music we’ve listened to throughout our lifetime. And the universe taps into this resource when trying to communicate with us.

If you hear a song you haven’t heard in ages, and for whatever reason, it resonates with you in a powerful way, stop and listen. The universe may be singing to you.

You Notice more Synchronicities

The human brain is wired to seek out patterns. It’s what gives order and sense to our daily lives. So, we create patterns and stick to them.

The universe knows this. But it also knows how to get our attention: by breaking these manmade patterns and expectations with synchronicities.

These clever interruptions from the universe create a break in our ego-centric conscious thinking, and in our secure sense of rationalism. They shake us up and wake us up, reminding us that there is a greater Intelligence at work.

So, if you start to notice (more) synchronicities in your life, welcome them and see where they point to.

Animals as Spiritual Messengers

Animals can act as powerful messengers on behalf of the Universe. And sometimes, the animals who carry messages to us are the very ones we feel akin to.

For example, did you have a favorite animal growing up? Or, an animal that fascinates you still? If you spot this animal physically or even see an image of it, this can serve as a powerful message.

But even if you don’t see your favorite animal, there are other ways in which they transmit signs from the universe. Take birds for example. If you see a flock of birds flying together, it may be the sign to spread your own wings and pursue something new. An eagle spotting, which occurs at a time of great change and transition, can encourage you to move forward with renewed confidence and strength. And if you spot a red cardinal, check in and ask what you were thinking of, or feeling at the time. These striking birds are recognized as spiritual messengers. What are they telling you?

The universe speaks in many wonderful ways to affirm, reassure and encourage us. If you want to pursue your dreams, be open to receive these seven signs. They may be just what you need to take the next step with courage and grace.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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