Caressa Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Caressa is a card that many people misunderstand, so I’ve included Doreen’s exact explanation of this card below. The energy of this card is like the 9 energy in numerology. It is about endings, completions and things falling away that no longer suit our highest good. This is an energy of growth, both spiritually and energetically, which tends to manifest into physical changes in our lives.

For example, this energy is currently manifesting for my husband as the loss of a job that he has had for 12 years. It is a very difficult transition because the company itself was sold and basically dismantled, leaving all employees without jobs.

For my husband, this was a devastating blow because it wasn’t just about losing his job but also losing friendships, including one friendship that he has had for 14 years with a coworker who is more like a brother (and probably was in a past life). Although this change is difficult and a bit frightening, and perfectly depicted by the tower card in the tarot, it is also a washing away of the past.

For my husband, there are new and wonderful things on the horizon. He has been able to see them for a while, but this job was one thing that was holding him back. My husband has been a web-designer part time for a few years now and always dreamed of going full-time, but keeping a regular paying job with health benefits was a safer bet in a down economy.  He may never have left on his own, but this change that was forced upon him is also giving him opportunity for new beginnings.

So, when you see this card come up in your reading, do not despair. It is not a card about the end of life; it is a card about the end of the way things currently are in your life, and endings can sometimes make way for the most beautiful of new beginnings.

May you be abundantly blessed, cherished and protected by all of Heaven.

From the “Messages from Your Angels” Guidebook …

“You may feel sad, as if your heart is breaking, as a result of this ending. Allow yourself to cry and grieve, but know that we Angels are near you right now. When you are ready, we will gently show you how this ending brings new blessings into your life. But for now, the sadness that you feel may reveal new insights to you. It might inspire you to finish a project where you have been procrastinating, or to take better care of yourself, for example.

It is important for you to express your feelings during this time of transition. Either keep a journal, talk to trusted friends, join a support group, or discuss everything with us Angels. The more that you can release, the freer that you will feel. Watch out for self-destructive tendencies, which can arise from misguided guilt. I will help you take excellent care of yourself during this transition if you will call upon me. Whenever you need a hug, just ask, and you will feel me envelop you within my wings.”

A reader of the “Ask Sheri” blog column asked why there isn’t a warning about this card.  She had thought this card meant something negative.  Read here for Rev. Sheri’s reply.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri
Founder, Angel Messenger

This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

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