Would you like to be able to maintain your composure in the most stressful situations? You know that meditation is one of the keys to achieving this goal, but also that reaching that first rung on the ladder of harmony and balance is made more difficult by the stress you are currently under. The Ennora Balance Pack is for those who wish to dissolve stress and regain harmony of mind, body, and soul.

The balance pack contains Chakra Balance and Recharge & Refresh both of which are engineered to alleviate stress and restore balance. Chakra Balance does this through stimulating and invigorating the Chakras, your natural energy centers. Stress is the result of blockages or sluggishness in the Chakras. Recharge & Refresh centers your awareness internally, allowing you respite from the external sources of stress.

When used in combination and over time these two recordings strengthen both your inner sense of balance, making you less permeable to stress, and invigorate your body’s energy system, making you more energetic and creative. If you would like to face challenges with a clear and invigorated mind, the Ennora Balance Pack is a valuable stepping stone in helping you reach that goal.

Article from the Ennora website.  Angel Messenger is an affiliate of Ennora.com.

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