How to Live Spiritually amongst Skeptics

in Today’s World

by Elizabeth Hudson, guest writer for Angel Messenger

As a young teen growing up in a small southern town on the east coast, my parents used this weekly phrase to remind me of my lack of order “until this room is completely clean, you aren’t going anywhere with your friends!”  I can’t help but wonder how many of you experienced a similar parental tactic.   Does that method REALLY make you want to clean up your room?

For me, it stirred up a spark of rebellion, such as creating shortcuts like stuffing items under my bed or in the bottom of my closet so that I didn’t have to practice the cleanliness they were demanding.  I would even grit my teeth and wait until the last moment to clean it before venturing out, maintaining a steady hold on procrastination.

Do you see any similarities in you or your own children?   As an adult, I can appreciate that my parents wanted to instill a sense of responsibility and structure in my life so that I didn’t end up being a total slob.  Many teens and parents go through this similar process of growing, learning, and instilling necessary values along with the frustrations experienced on both sides.

There is a striking comparison between living as a teen and parent under the same roof and living as a spiritual person in a world amongst skeptics in a metaphorical sense.  Discord tends to happen when the spiritually enlightened person begins to feel it is their responsibility to change the skeptics by making them “see the light”, as I have heard referenced before, or vice versa when the skeptics impose their view of what “isn’t real” onto those of spirituality.   I have seen it on both sides, which in most of these cases, ends up in a forceful and inflamed dual with both parties departing in anger and defensiveness.  It even took me many years to learn the most valuable lesson from this.

I know what it feels like to have anxiety as the only spiritual person in a room full of skeptics, where you want to shrink away in the corner because of laughter and ridicule.   I have also been the one who adopted the stance as the overly-domineering voice of my beliefs projected onto others, where I become the spectacle in the room (and not in a good way).  Neither of these mindsets were serving my greater good in terms of my spiritual growth.  You cannot grow spiritually if you are always afraid of what others will think or if you are angrily arguing away with those who don’t want to hear any of it.   The universal law of free will that God created prevents him from forcing us to become spiritual robots, just as people, in our own living world we meet every day are not going to accept anything that THEY are not ready for.  We all have a choice, which is what Free Will is all about.  Feeling frustration, anger, and tension towards those that are not ready to accept the spiritual path only inhibits your own spiritual growth because you are holding onto a mindset of judgment and negativity towards those “not in your league”.   Instead, bless them, wish them well, pray for them to be enlightened when it is their time and do not allow yourself to become “out of sorts” because they don’t embrace your beliefs.

Angels are not known for holding people up against a wall and refusing to let them leave until they decide to believe in God.   They certainly communicate with us and leave many hints but it is up to each individual to choose.  If you truly want the world to wake up and become a better place for all, then lead by example.  We are living in times now where the world needs to see the best examples of love and compassion amidst confusion and chaos.  Skeptics often say “I need to see it to believe it” to be convinced.  We are all here to Coexist.  Show them then, that you are committed to being a living example of God’s infinite love.

Elizabeth Hudson

About the Writer:

Elizabeth Hudson is a southern “girl” raised on the coastline of North Carolina. She is an advocate for human and animals rights, she enjoys using products that are Vegan or Cruelty-Free.  She believes every little effort makes a difference and it is rewarding to grow an audience that shares the same views.  Elizabeth created the website La Vie Angelique to inspire love and creativity through art and writing, you can learn more about her and visit her site: http://www.lavieangel

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