Mother Earth, the Divine

Feminine, and Woman

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

At this current moment in time, our world is going through a major transition period. The feminine and the masculine – the yin and the yang (the two opposing forces of creation) – are in a major state of crisis.

Everything that exists within us also exists outside of us. Our body and our inner world is the microcosm while the outside world is the macrocosm.

In the outer world, Nature represents the divine feminine or yin energy. She has emerged from the void or nothingness (everything that exists is contained within this emptiness). This void represents the unmanifested universe – everything comes from it and dissolves back into it. This is the divine masculine or yang energy.

It is the masculine energy that makes us set goals, take action, and be assertive. In general, the masculine is associated with the concept of ‘doing.’ Whereas the feminine is receptive – she nurtures and sustains. She claims her power subtly and gently.

It is important to understand that neither of these two energies is good or bad – inferior or superior. They are both extremely powerful in their own ways.

Suppression of the Feminine

In our personal lives, we either identify more strongly with the feminine or with the masculine. This is just as true for homosexual couples as it is for the heterosexual ones. Polarity is the force that brings the feminine and the masculine together. Only by sustaining this polarity can a couple enjoy a harmonious relationship in which the needs of both partners are joyously met.

Unfortunately, in the last century, the feminine has been terribly misunderstood, subjugated, and ridiculed. She has been treated unfairly, and, at times, her existence itself has been denied.

First, she was made to feel inferior because she did not bring the same things to the table that a man did. Earning money by going out in the world came to be seen as far superior to the nurturing role a woman plays at home by keeping her family together and looking after their needs. Her contributions were treated with disrespect and contempt.

This led to the first wave of feminism. Things began changing as women began to enter the workforce. Women’s entry into the workforce was celebrated as an attempt at walking shoulder-to-shoulder with men. Over time, things like the art of being feminine, nurturing, homemaking, and everything that had been traditionally associated with women came to be perceived as derogatory.

Right now, society celebrates women who embody masculine traits. They are the ‘go-getters’ – those women who prioritize having a career over starting and looking after a family. Qualities like gentleness, kindness, softness (that come naturally to a vast majority of women) are no longer celebrated.

How Are We Treating Women and Mother Nature?

The way we are treating women is a mirror to the way we are treating Mother Nature. We don’t respect Nature for being the selfless loving mother who gives her all to sustain and nourish us. Instead, we see her as a resource to be exploited and manipulated for short-term monetary gains.

We fail to recognize the value that she provides to us and all the ways in which she enriches our lives simply because we have become too blinded by the idea of money and ‘economic development.’

Just like Nature is perceived as not adding any value in her pristine unexploited state, we don’t see the value that a feminine woman brings into this world.

In fact, there seems to be no room for a woman who wants to prioritize raising a family, nurturing and looking after them by doing whatever traditionally feminine roles might feel close to her heart.

All women are forced into the workplace even if that might not be their natural focus in life or in alignment with their heart’s true desires. We are so blinded by the idea that earning money is the only really valuable thing a human being can do that we have forgotten what is really important. After all, we don’t eat money but the food that is bought and prepared with love using that money.

The Modern Way of Oppressing Women

This is really just another form of oppression of women as there seems to be no place for gentle more traditionally feminine women in today’s ‘feminist’ society.

I think if we want to claim our real power, then we must become completely honest about who we intrinsically are and our heart’s truest desires.

Real feminism is about giving every woman the choice to live a life that is right for her. She must have the freedom to choose what comes most naturally to her without judgment, ridicule or any other kind of force.

If a woman finds satisfaction by working at an office and earning money, then so be it. If another woman, finds satisfaction in looking after her family by being a stay at home mother then that choice must be equally respected as well.

We must not forget that a stable society cannot exist without stable families. A woman who is committed to looking after her family is, hence, the backbone of every society.

We Don’t Value or Appreciate Mother Earth

Similarly, we have forgotten to value all the gifts that Mother Nature brings to us. She gives us generously and freely.

Not everything she gives us can ever be measured in terms of money. It is priceless and immeasurable. Hence, we have to stop seeing our Mother as simply a resource to be exploited.

Mother Earth silently bears all the transgressions we commit against her. When it becomes unbearable and she is no longer able to contain her pain within herself, she has no choice but to allow earthquakes, tsunami, and other natural disasters to happen. Nearly all natural disasters are a result of man’s overzealousness in trying to control and manipulate nature.

She doesn’t want to be controlled or manipulated. She wants to be witnessed, loved, respected, and rejoiced over. In the article, 11 Simple Ways to Create Beauty in Your Environment our team suggests ways you can start loving Mother Earth.

Let Us Connect with the Divine Feminine

I am urging you to connect with the feminine by allowing her to just ‘be.’ Instead of trying to control Nature, let us bask in the gifts of healing and rejuvenation she brings to us. Let us not err against her by being thoughtless in our consumption habits.

The greatest folly of humankind is to think that Nature is less than perfect and, hence, must be modified and manipulated.

She must be seen, accepted, appreciated and loved for what she is. This holds true for the divine feminine that is present everywhere in the manifested Universe (within all men and women), feminine women who identify strongly and most profoundly with the feminine energy, and, of course, Mother Nature herself.

Let us respect all women for who they are and stop trying to make them conform to the dominant social milieu. Every woman deserves the same kind of respect – it shouldn’t matter whether she chooses to be a stay-at-home mother who works hard raising a beautiful family or the CEO of a company who loves spending her time at work and enjoys life without domestic responsibilities.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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