To Stay or Leave Your Relationship, The Ultimate Choice

To Stay or Leave Your Relationship,

The Ultimate Choice

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Should you walk out or should you try harder? This is probably one of the most difficult dilemmas most of us face at some point in a relationship.

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer to this question – no matter what your ultimate decision, in the end, it is simply a choice. However, every choice has consequences – both pleasant and unpleasant. Therefore, the real question here is about what you are willing to live with and what you are not willing to live with.

When You Want to Make it Work

When You Want to Make Every Possible Effort to Sustain a Relationship but Your Partner Thinks There is No Hope. This is certainly a deeply heartbreaking situation. Your partner, for some reason or the other, has changed towards you. They might have loved you very deeply once or perhaps they still love you. However, at this moment, they feel that something has permanently changed between the two of you and it is no longer a good idea to stay together.

Let us first discuss what not to do

The one thing you must not do is try to persuade them to change their mind. Quite ironically, the harder you try to win someone over to your point of view, the more resistant they get to accepting your way of thinking. Worse still, you might win them over with your reason and they might decide to stay on a little longer only to feel later that they chose something their heart did not truly agree with.

Now, let us come to what you should or can do: Try to see their point of view – acknowledge it and show respect for it. Tell them that you understand how they are feeling and that you agree with their perspective. Thereafter, you can add how much you still love them while mentioning that if things had been different between the two of you, you would have done everything you possibly could have to make it work.

This will automatically melt the wall of defensiveness they have built around themselves. It might also make them reconsider their stance as they begin to see the possibility of permanently losing you.

The bottom line is that no matter how bad you want to retain a relationship, don’t let your partner take you for granted. You must also understand that if it meant to be, then it will be. Sometimes if people choose to walk out of a relationship no matter how deeply you love them, you just have to let them go.

It is really not worth compromising your dignity and self-respect for anyone. Trust that the only reason why that relationship had to end is because there is something better waiting for you.

Also, at a deep spiritual level, you will always be connected even if it no longer serves either of you to remain connected in the physical world.

When You Feel it is Time to Leave

When You Feel That the Relationship Has Run its Course and Leaving is The Best Choice But Your Partner Wants You Both to Stay Together. While I truly believe that we should always make commitments with the intention of keeping them at all costs. There are certainly a few exceptions to the rule. Sometimes you don’t really know exactly what you have gotten yourself into until much later. It could be that your partner is abusive or disrespectful. Perhaps there are irreconcilable differences between the two of you as both of you seem to dance to completely different tunes. If you needed to end it you will still need to take time to heal.

When to Stay

If you have deeply loved your partner at any point and feel that something has gone missing from your relationship over the course of time, then it is definitely worth sticking around. You must understand that a relationship is a separate entity – very much like a baby – that needs to be fed and tended to. If you want to have a fulfilling relationship, then make efforts to turn it into what you’d like it to be. If your partner wants to keep the relationship, then they should be more than willing to work with you on this. Communicate how you feel in order to come up with mutually agreeable solutions.

Perhaps, you both need to spend more time alone in each other’s company or go on regular dates. Do things to make each other feel special: help your partner by telling them what you’d like them to do to make you feel special.

It is crucial to keep the channels of communication open. Don’t be afraid to share all your thoughts and feelings with honesty. Romance and passion can always be rekindled. If your partner really loves you, then it is worth staying and giving them and your relationship a chance.

You should certainly walk out if your partner:

  • is abusive and disrespectful
  • makes you feel bad about yourself to the point that it is negatively affecting your self-esteem
  • does not trust you and is constantly acting in a suspicious manner
  • is physically violent
  • has goals and dreams completely different from yours to the extent that you both find it impossible to see things from each other’s perspective
  • repeatedly lies to you and cheats on you in any way

Healing Meditation for Your Relationship

One of the two things will happen when you start doing this meditation: In the first scenario, the differences and issues in your relationship will get resolved and both of you will come together in a deeper bond of love. In the second scenario, the differences and issues in your relationship will get resolved and both of you will grow apart.

Neither of this means that the relationship failed. Sometimes it is just not in our highest good to stay with someone and the Universe knows this. However, the really important thing is to resolve the karma that you both share so that you don’t have to be brought together again in another place and time for difficult lessons to be learned.

How to Do the Meditation

  • Sit down in a quiet and peaceful spot. Close your eyes.
  • Take your attention to your breath – notice the inflow and outflow of breath as you continue to breathe deeply.
  • Relax your body and your mind keeping your focus only on your breath.
  • Now, take your attention to the center of your heart where there is a beautiful pink ball of light.
  • As you continue breathing deeply, your heart contained within the pink ball of light is getting filled with the unconditional love of the Universe – you feel tremendously loved and infinitely loving.
  • This ball of light is expanding and now it has become larger than your body.
  • Stay inside the ball feeling the warmth and love contained in it.
  • Slowly, step outside of this ball and ask the Universe to take it to your beloved and settle on their aura bringing back whatever love they have for you (you must understand that this isn’t going to make them love you if they don’t already love you. It will just remove any negativity from your relationship helping the love they have for you to shine in its pristine beauty).
  • Watch the pink ball of light settle on their aura. Give them a hug – the pink ball of light has expanded to contain both of you now in a bond of pure unconditional love.
  • Slowly bring your consciousness to the present moment while retaining the unconditional love and beautiful warmth you were feeling.

Do this meditation every day for at least 21 days.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Angel Messenger

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    I still love my husband and I want our family dynamic back. We definitely did not feed our relationship. I gave all to the children. He is now having an affair and I’m deeply hurt. I always thought I’d have a life partner, but now I’m feeling overly distraught of the situation. What should I do?


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