How to Tell if It’s True Love

and Keep It Alive Forever

from our Angel Messenger Creative Team

Love is indeed the ultimate truth of our existence. Sadly, popular culture reduces this sacred phenomenon to some kind of power play. We enter relationships with pre-conditioned ideas of what love should be like and how our lover should act.

We must understand that the purpose of love is not to keep bodies together. Instead, it is meant to catapult our own growth. Love is the sacred glue that holds the universe together. There is nothing like true or false love – the problem is that we often confuse the ego’s need to control as love.

On the physical plane, the sacred drama of romantic love often plays out in certain stages. The enlightened soul embarks on this noble journey well equipped with the knowledge that it’s not meant to be easy but it surely is worthwhile.

The Magic and the Enchantment

The initial courtship period is laden with romance and enchantment. The world suddenly becomes a happier and more magical place to live in. You are so happy that everything feels perfect. You want to hold on to this magic forever but there’s that creeping fear deep inside your heart that everything will soon die. Indeed, it will eventually die but that can also mean it will transform into something deeper and far more beautiful.

Unfortunately, most people are so addicted to the initial high of falling in love that they run from partner to partner trying to retain this elusive feeling.

The Beginning of Intimacy

As the magic starts waning, you start realizing that your partner is just as human as everybody else. For many people, this marks the end of love. They walk away accusing their partners of becoming someone they hadn’t signed up to be with. However, this is also where the real work of love begins. How can we truly love someone unless we have seen their darkness and shared our own?

We have to accept our partner for who they truly are and that also includes those parts of themselves they have long refused to own. There is heartache, there is disappointment – but the mature soul knows that all this is because ‘the other’ is holding a mirror to our own self.

The Mirroring

The deeper the relationship grows, the more it starts bringing to the surface aspects of ourselves we have long refused to own. Most people are too frightened to understand this holy rite of passage. They walk away saying their feelings have changed.

What they don’t understand is that they have missed a great opportunity to heal their own psychic scars. Our most unwanted emotions and behavior patterns come out in a relationship where they can be safely acknowledged and healed. Disowning them is similar to hiding all the clutter in a closet. One day the closet is going to burst open again and it might be a far more disastrous scene.

Taking Responsibility

We must understand that the purpose of love is not to lull us into a sense of oblivion. Love is a Divine Fire that awakens us to our own inner Truth. Love is always true as it’s the essence of our soul. We must steer clear of the ego’s trappings by understanding that the beloved hasn’t come in our life to make us happy but to teach us something that our soul has long yearned to learn.

The partner we choose is someone who can facilitate our growth the most. True love forces us to look inside – it’s your choice to do your inner work and to heal your own wounds. If you choose to do it while honoring your bond with another by giving them space to do their own inner work, then the kingdom of Heaven will be opened up to you through the portals of romantic love.

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

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6 replies
  1. Charmaine White
    Charmaine White says:

    It was very helpful insight that I knew on one level but have struggled to grasp in my present situation. “We have to accept our partner for who they truly are and that also includes those parts of themselves they have long refused to own.” Such a powerful message and guidance that helps soothe my troubled soul. Thank you.


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