We have been making some changes here at Angel Messenger, and one of those things is to create a really solid team of psychic practitioners.  As you probably know, I have personally extensively interviewed and tested all the readers who work with me here, and I take my work very seriously.  We are now adding one more element to our team.

Help me welcome our newest practitioner – psychic medium, Kathi!

KathiKathi is an incredibly gifted psychic medium who trained at the prestigious Arthur Findley College in Stansted, England.  Oh, did I mention she also did some training with famous psychic medium John Holland?  Yes, Kathi is pretty wonderful, and we are really happy to have her on our team.

If you recognize her name, that may be because Kathi was offering readings on our sister site, Free Tarot.  But, I’ve decided that it is way too difficult for me to personally run two different high traffic websites that both offer private, one-on-one readings.  We’re making some changes to that site, and we’ll be offering on-demand readings only over there.  Kathi will be offering on-demand readings on our Tarot site as well (when she’s available), but she has so much to offer that we knew she needed to be added to Angel Messenger as well.

Welcome Kathi!  Thank you for joining our team!

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

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