Hi everyone! This is Kathi from Angelmessenger.net. Thank you so much for coming and listening, and/or reading my blog Signs From Heaven. I am always very grateful when you connect with me and share your experiences. I’m hoping that you will all start to come around more often. You can go to the comment section on the site, and by all means, share your signs!

So today we’re going to talk about a couple of things. I’ve had some questions coming in from students reading my online blog. So I thought I would share them, and I’d like to address these types of questions in case any of you have similar ones.

OK. So, the first question is how do I know where to look for signs? Well, it really comes down to you asking the universe, the Angels, God…or whoever you choose to connect with. Ask them to show you signs. You can be specific (like when I told you all about my Mother Mary story with the big white star in one of the past blogs) and of course…it will come. But you need to be open to seeing it, and in any form. For example, you might hear a song on the radio while driving and a line in a song pops out at you? That is a sign. Or, if you have a bird that you normally don’t see in your area and it just starts appearing in front of your face…and I mean blatantly appearing right in front of your face? That is a sign.

It’s kind of funny to me, because that’s one way my guides connect with me. I used to start with the premise that it took 3 messages from my guides for me to get it. And you know, now that I get that it might take 3 signs, or 3 ways, I don’t really need it anymore. So what I’d say is just be open. Be open. You don’t have to technically look anywhere for it.

So, if you ask for a large bird to fly over your head, then obviously you’ll stay aware for that (you’ll look more to the sky, watch for birds…etc). If you ask for a specific flower to fall in front of you, you need to be open to how it might come. You might be flipping through a magazine and that flower pops out at you. Or you might walk in to go grocery shopping and you see it at the florist. You need to be open to whatever way they’re going to bring it to you, because the thing here is that we don’t technically know. So personally, I find it exciting to see just how that thing will appear when I ask for it. That’s how I would answer that question.

Another question came in, from a woman who kept seeing a particular bird appear to her. So she asked me “do you think that’s a sign?” Of course was my response. “If you keep seeing this particular bird, then absolutely!” So I suggested she go and look up the healing properties of this bird, as in If it is a totem animal, what is the way it would connect with you? So she did. And it was funny, because we were at the center I work out of, and we grabbed the book Animals Speak by Ted Andrews. When she looked up that bird, it really spoke to her. It connected with her and also where she was at in life. So you can always do things like that.

Another question I wanted to talk about is what are the benefits to seeing signs? And again, I’m going back a little bit here to what I’ve already shared. There was a point in my life where I was in a really dark place, and I had mentioned to you that a song came to me. For those of you who haven’t read the previous blog, it was a song called Bridge over Troubled Waters. That really helped me during that period of time. It helped me to find the strength to start getting out of that dark place.

To me, that’s a major benefit to seeing signs, but there are many different benefits. One is to know you’re never alone; that there is somebody around you when you get in that slump, when you’re having that difficult time, or when the path isn’t always clear. I like knowing that there is someone around me, and it helps me continue to go forward. We know that we have the loving support of our family and friends – husbands, children, moms and dads, or whoever we have around – but sometimes when we get into a certain place its just not enough to pull us out of that place.

So what I’d say about that is it can be a huge benefit, if say, you see an Angel cloud in the sky, or birds or any animals that are trying to communicate with you. I get loving signs from my animals that I have here at home. It’s signs that come through them, but also those that come through your spouses and your children. Sometimes they say things that are just so poignant that I’m just like “Wow, where did you get that?” and I know that’s spirit coming through them. It’s pretty amazing once you just open yourself up to really allowing them to come. That’s really what it is here, just being open and allowing them to come…and of course, keeping your head out of it (you know, that left-brain that likes to analyze everything?) It can be pretty, pretty amazing.For Kathi Messages from your Angels blog

OK, so I want to share my signs of the month. I’ll share two big signs, and not that I didn’t have more than two. So, the first big sign was while I was teaching a class called ‘How to interpret your Angel Cards.’ I said to my students “now that you’re all connecting with Angels in this way you will feel them around you. It’s an amazing loving feeling, and that outpouring of love that comes through can bring me to tears during some readings. It’s definitely not like the love that we feel on this earthly plane.”

So I get in my car to go home after class, music is playing on my car radio, which is usually the case. It’s a CD that I had put in, and I think “wow that’s really pretty, I’ve never heard this song before.” Then I hear the verse that says “what about angels,” and it just blew me away. I had never heard this song before and it was beautiful. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road. I have a group text that I do with all of my students, and I sent a text to all of them telling of my experience. I said the message was for all of us, not just for me, and to be aware that the Angels were connecting with us that night. So, to take it a few steps further, like that’s not amazing enough on its own…

I tend to buy music on iTunes and I like to compile CD’s of different types so I can listen to them in my car. This was a CD I had made, but I don’t remember putting this song on the CD. So that alone was amazing. Then I decided I’d play it for them next time we had class. So now I had to figure out what number song this was. Now you know, if you’ve been listening to my blogs, I’ve talked about the number 11, which still is incredibly poignant for where I am in life. It is till showing up for me. So I go and look it up, and of course, the song is track 11 on the cd…which, again, kind of blew me away.

So its things like that. That succession that is just so amazing. And I’m so grateful that now my students are starting to share messages they’re getting. Miraculous. There’s no other way to put it.

OK my second sign: Now this week is a pretty high-energy week. I don’t know when you’re listening to this, but as I’m recording this it is March 19th. We’re in the week of the full moon, new moon, solar eclipse and also the equinox. So we have some pretty high energy that’s happening here.

I was doing a reading for somebody over the phone the other day, and giving her a piece of very important information to help her move forward on her path. Where I sit in my office there are windows on all sides of me except behind me. I tend to stare out the window in front of me because there is this beautiful tree with a bird feeder. Not that I’m technically paying attention to them, but it is nice to just watch…very earthy and beautiful.

So as I’m giving her this information – and I kid you not – there were about twenty or more red-winged blackbirds that flew to this tree. This tree was so full of them that it was just amazing. I actually stopped my reading mid-sentence and said to her “I have to tell you this. I don’t know if you know what red-winged blackbirds are (because she is from a different country), however they’re validating the facts that I’m telling you.”

Now I’ll share the interesting thing here with all of you. Again for those of you who have been reading you know that I’m going to take this one step further, and pull up the healing properties of red-winged blackbirds.

The blackbird awakens the mind with awareness as changes of perception are unfolding. He stirs psychic abilities and stirs to consciousness latent gifts and creativity. The blackbird shows how to move with determination, focus, and tenacity…and how to use your power to its fullest potential. At this time there is a magic of the unseen worlds coming forth that is paired with the balance of grounding within the earth as you walk your path. The blackbird will guide in this new awakening. He teaches use of intuition that will aid in understanding Mother Nature and the connection to all things. You are listening carefully to the seen and/or unseen worlds. Are you grounding and balancing your energy appropriately? The blackbird will teach much and bring new surprises when you least expect it. Pay attention and listen carefully.

There’s an interesting piece to this. Before I did the reading when I was clearing sacred space and getting ready, I heard this noise. I’m like what is this noise? I could tell was it was birds, but I had never really heard this all this commotion. It was very very windy here yesterday during this reading, so I thought “oh well they’re all in a tizzy because of the wind” and I didn’t really focus on it. I wanted to get into my space so I could get ready for the reading.

Then I read this piece: Blackbirds are known for their hypnotic song. Which is said to lull the waking mind to sleep, and to awaken the psychic mind. The blackbird teaches you how to use your voice for healing purposes. It think it is incredibly poignant, not only for this woman (and I emailed this material to the woman) and where she’s at in life, but I will tell you…with the energy we’re in this week with the solar eclipse, it was incredibly poignant for my life.

I recently had the stomach flu and it kept me down for five days. So, not that I was doubting my abilities, but I was definitely feeling like I wasn’t on my game. So yesterday’s reading was probably the first I had done since being sick, and I was still feeling the effects of low energy. It was interesting because once I started the reading my energy just amped up and it was incredible. The awareness of and connection with this woman were just amazing. So part of me knew that these blackbirds were sent to me for a reason…which I always believe anyway. Amazing, the universe is just amazing.

I hope that you all enjoy this blog for whatever way it touches you. And I so hope that you share your stories of any signs with us…big or small. I hope you continue to open to the signs around you. If you have any questions about anything, definitely click on the comments below! I do check them often so I will certainly connect with you.

Thank you all so much and may you see the signs on your path to enlightenment.

Many blessings. Until next month…bye for now.


About Kathi

Kathi has been doing psychic readings for over 10 years and is both a psychic medium and an animal communicator. She has trained with famous psychic medium John Holland and studied mediumship at Arthur Findley College in Stansted England. Kathi is also a Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Tarot card reader. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

"I asked for HELP and got it in a big way from Kathi. She was full of information, messages and helped me to see how my life unfolded, what I have completed and how to move forward with love and support from the Universe. She was right on with everything and I sure feel a lot better about my future. Thanks a million Kathi!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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2 replies
  1. Josie
    Josie says:

    Hi I am having a bad day today, my husband has lung cancer and brain damage from his treatment and my sister has a rare breast cancer. I asked the angels for a sign they were with me. I was going to the shop and Angels by Robbie Williams came on the radio. My heart feels a little lighter now

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Josie, I wish for you continued signs from Heaven so that you will know you are not alone on your journey. It sounds like you have quite a lot going on. I’m going to send some prayers your way. I pray that you are surrounded by love and kindness and that your journey (for you and your husband) will become a little easier. May help find its way to you both and to your sister. <3 Blessed be. <3 ~ Re


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