Hi Everyone this is Kathi from Angel Messenger thanks for coming and listening and/or reading my blog Signs from Heaven. It has been an interesting month this month as it is the anniversary of my mother’s passing.

On the day that was the official year date of her passing, I was in route to a class with two of my soul sisters and we were going to a gallery event with John Holland and Janet Nohavec. John Holland and Janet Nohavec are two esteemed mediums in the area in which I live. To say that I was not expecting signs for my mom or messages from my mom would be an understatement. As I was getting ready for my friends to come and pick me up, I could feel the presence of my mom around. I could feel her energy around me and this brings me to what I want to talk about this month. Sometimes it’s not just visually what you’re seeing in front of you. Sometimes it’s opening yourself up just to be aware that someone in spirit is around you. Now for me, I am an empath which means that I feel things very strongly. I can feel people’s energy, I can feel people’s emotions, I can feel animal energy and I can feel universal energy shifts in the universe. It has always been my strongest gift. When my father comes around me (who is also in spirit) he has huge energy so I can always tell when he’s around. My mom had a very loving energy and later energy.

Got Squirrels-It was night as we started our drive to see John Holland and Janet Nohavec, so we ran into a bit of traffic. The traffic was stop and go, in front of me was a car that had a bumper sticker that read “Got squirrels?” and I started laughing. To give you a little bit of background, my mother loved to feed the birds and so she would always complain about the squirrels. The squirrels would come and knock the bird feeders down and at one point she was really frustrated and said, “You know, I think I’m paying more money to feed the squirrels than I am to feed the birds.”  It became a family joke that the squirrels had a conspiracy going to make my mom angry. We even bought my mom T-shirts that had funny squirrel sayings on them.  Mom was funny when she would talk about “her” squirrels. So seeing that bumper sticker made me chuckle because I definitely knew that was a sign from my mother

Now my mom was an amazing woman but she had to take it one step further. The car that the bumper sticker was on was a Kia Soul car. My mother always had a knack of liking cars that came in bright colors and they tended to be kind of, what I would call quirky cars. Back in the day she liked a Volkswagen “Thing”, it was voted one of the top50 ugliest cars, FYI. Mom’s reasoning was that it came in Bright Yellow or Orange. So when my mother went to purchase, what would be her last car, I suggested that she look at the Soul which I thought would be a good match for her. Mom ended up getting a Jeep, which was a ‘we all like you’ to my family so I actually have one now.

I laughed out loud and then explained to my friends how my mom not only sent the bumper sticker, how smart was she to put it on THAT car??  Spirits will astound you sometimes! My Mother KNEW I would get it! I tell you, I waited through the nights events for a message and it did not come, for whatever reason. I was a bit disappointed; however it is what it is.

We also took a medium-ship class with John Holland and Janet Nohavec for the next two days and I figured this is when the message would come through. It came to the last day and we had two hours left of class. John and Janet decided they would have us do an exercise. We had to split into small groups and give a medium-ship connection for someone in our group.  We proceeded around the group and it gets to the last person in our group, she stands up and comes to me. Sure enough it’s my mom leave it to her to wait to the last reading of the day. The woman says to me “for sale”, “for sale”, “for sale”, I keep hearing “for sale” what does that have to do with your life? I again laughed and I told her that my mother just gave me an answer to a very perplexing question that I’ve had, which is whether to stay in the house that I grew up in or to let it go. My mom’s opinion apparently is to let it go. I’ll be honest; I had a feeling that’s where it was going to go as the house is a little bit small for my family.

Sometimes in your life it’s just time to let things go, to clean out, to clear the energy, but still  keep the memories of the love that we had growing up here and let this beautiful house go to somebody else and their family so they can create new memories for them. I truly believe one of the signs that I was given when I first moved into the house after my mother passed away was to shift the land so that the animals could come back and start to feed off of the land again. We have had the most amazing sightings of animals in my mom’s backyard and I truly feel that it was a blessing to clear the energy here so that now others can enjoy what all of us, in my family have come to enjoy from this house.

My messages this month are sharing signs that I received in my own life but on a little bit of a different level. Sometimes it can be the bumper sticker that you see in front of you that makes you think of somebody, sometimes it can be that piece of a song like we’ve talked about in the past, sometimes it can be the gathering of animals that come to the backyard that make you think of someone or connect with someone, and then there’s just blatant connections where words will come through other people’s mouths. I will tell you as I’m typing this and recording this for all of you I look over at the clock and the time is 2:11.  You all know we’ve talked about the time being 2:11. 3:11, 11:11 before. That is still continuing in my life. I feel there is also a validation that I need to let the house go. Amazing signs all around us, what a blessing!

Watch for those signs in your life. Thank you all for reading my blog Signs from Heaven. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Until next we meet again, be well, be blessed, and see the signs!



About Kathi

Kathi has been doing psychic readings for over 10 years and is both a psychic medium and an animal communicator. She has trained with famous psychic medium John Holland and studied mediumship at Arthur Findley College in Stansted England. Kathi is also a Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Tarot card reader. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

"I asked for HELP and got it in a big way from Kathi. She was full of information, messages and helped me to see how my life unfolded, what I have completed and how to move forward with love and support from the Universe. She was right on with everything and I sure feel a lot better about my future. Thanks a million Kathi!"
~ Angel Messenger Client

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